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  中国石化新闻网讯 据烃加工新闻10月20日消息称,NOVA化工公司已同意将其可扩展的苯乙烯业务出售给Alpek公司的子公司。双方预计将在第四季度完成交易。


  NOVA化工公司总裁兼首席执行官Luis Sierra说:“这项交易使我们能够立即产生现金,以进一步加强资产负债表,并专注于安全、成功地完成并启动在加拿大安大略省正在建设的世界一流的Advanced SCLAIRTECH?技术设施。我要感谢我们的员工的辛勤工作和奉献精神。我相信,我们的人才、资产和技术将使Alpek得以发展和改进该业务,从而更好地为整个美洲的客户提供服务。”

  Alpek首席执行官Joséde Jesús Valdez表示:“作为美洲可扩展苯乙烯业务的领导者,Alpek看到了与此次收购相关的强大商机。我们期待着欢迎新的团队成员,并利用现有的势头为股东创造价值。”


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  NOVA Chemicals sells expandable styrenics business

  NOVA Chemicals Corp. has agreed to sell its expandable styrenics business to a subsidiary of Alpek S.A.B. de C.V. The parties expect to close the transaction in the fourth quarter.

  The sale of its expandable styrenics business is an important step in NOVA Chemicals’ plan to focus on its olefin and polyethylene business, which includes additional investments to advance a global circular economy for plastic.

  “This transaction provides us with immediate cash generation to further strengthen our balance sheet and focus on the safe and successful completion and start-up of our, world-class Advanced SCLAIRTECH? technology facility under construction in Ontario, Canada,” stated Luis Sierra, president and CEO of NOVA Chemicals. “I’d like to thank our employees for their hard work and dedication. I’m confident that our talented people, assets and technology will allow Alpek to grow and improve this business to better serve customers throughout the Americas.”

  “As a leader in the expandable styrenics business in the Americas, Alpek sees strong business opportunities associated with this purchase,” stated José de Jesús Valdez, Alpek’s CEO. “We look forward to welcoming our new team members and capitalizing on the existing momentum to create value for our shareholders.”

  NOVA Chemicals’ expandable styrenics business consists of two product lines, expandable polystyrene and ARCEL? resin, with manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania and Ohio, along with commercial operations in Asia.

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