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KR20160119404 A 2016-10-13 [KR20160119404] / 2016-10-13
2015KR-0047699 / 2015-04-03
(KR20160119404) A method of preparing baguette added with gorgonzola cheese and cream of the present invention comprises the following steps: inputting and stirring 1.5% by weight of salt, 1.5% by weight of sugar, 65.5% by weight of water, and 0.6% by weight of yeast with respect to 100% by weight of flour by using a spiral mixer for three minutes respectively at fast speed and slow speed, adding 7.5% by weight of olive oil to the mixture, and stirring the same for one minute at fast speed when the dough is not torn apart; firstly fermenting the dough in a fermentation chamber at a temperature of 32°C and humidity of 80% and repeating the first fermentation until the dough is stretched like a spider web when the dough is swollen twice but is not stretched like a spider web; kneading the dough into a rugby ball when the dough is swollen twice and stretched like a spider web and keeping the dough at room temperature of 24°C so that the dough does not dry; forming the dough into a 30 cm long stick shape, secondarily fermenting the dough at a temperature of 32°C and humidity of 80%, making cuts stretching from a center portion to an end of the dough, and keeping the dough at room temperature of 24°C to complete the dough making for baguette, wherein the cuts are made in one direction; whipping 100% by weigh of cream cheese and 28% by weight of butter by using a hand mixer set at the five speed for three minute, adding 16.8% by weight of sugar to the mixture and whipping the same until the added sugar is melt, finely grinding and stirring 2.6% by weight of gorgonzola cheese with the mixture, storing the mixture in a forcing bag, and keeping the bag at a room temperature, wherein the bag needs to be kept at room temperature for two hours before use; squeezing the contents out of the forcing bag onto the dough with cuts which was kept at a room temperature of 24°C without making a cut; and placing the dough in a deck oven with four stone plates in three stages and baking the dough for ten minutes, wherein the temperature of the bottom oven is set at 210°C, and the temperature of the top oven is set at 240°C.  COPYRIGHT KIPO 2016
2015KR-0047699 2015-04-03
(KR20160119404)  1. Selects, begs, in the baguette and the cream manufacturing method are, Wheat flour 100 weight % based on salt 1.5 weight %, sugar 1.5 weight %, water 65.5 weight %, yeast 0.6 weight % the spa about under using 3 minute low speed and high speed for 3 minutes agitated like this mixer, tore out tried a dough, when to make longer, at the high speed to be cut off suddenly, for 1 minutes agitate, The dough did not break, olive oil 7.5 weight % put in, at high speed for 1 minutes agitated, degree Celsius taking effect room temperatures 32, from humidity 80.deg.C 2 hours first and after taking effect, the dough got bulky at 2 times, when tried to make longer, the spider's thread is not visible, when becomes First taking effect which described minutely until the spider's thread will be visible, after taking effect repetitively, the dough got bulky at 2 times, when tried to make longer, the spider's thread be visible and the dough which becomes with the rugby ball shape after re-kneading, for 10 minutes the dough not to dry, keep from room temperature 24.deg.C, Length of dough 30 to form with the long stick shape, degree Celsius temperatures 32, after for 30 minutes secondary taking effect from humidity 80.deg.C, dough to the end with the center at date the sheath, room temperature 24.deg.C to put keep, Cream cheese 100 weight %, butter 28 weight % the hand mixer about under using for 3 minutes [hwi] after one, sugar 16.8 weight % puts in until melts, [hwi] to be dizzily, select, beg, 2.6 weight % small pulverization and agitate, to the pocket which will form and put in after refrigeration custody before 2 hours which uses to room temperature keep dizzily from 5 grades, Like minute description and the sheath will put in to dough, active substance of the pocket which will form to the sheath of room temperature 24.deg.C custody middle ear Dunn dough without cutting, after to be salty, Lower to put in to the deck oven where the stone slab was spread with 4 every 3 grades fire 210.deg.C, upper from fire 240.deg.C for 10 minutes war zoom selects 9 with feature, begs, the baguette and cream manufacturing method.
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