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US2016082536 A1 2016-03-24 [US20160082536]US9744611 B2 2017-08-29 [US9744611] / 2016-03-242017-08-29
2015US-14955182 / 2015-12-01
(US9744611) A method for recovering solder from solder coated scrap pieces includes a step of containing a quantity of solder coated scrap pieces within a centrifuge receptacle of a first centrifuge.  The centrifuge receptacle has perforation holes and is rotatably mounted about a first centrifuge axis.  A solder collection container surrounds the centrifuge receptacle.  The method further includes the steps of heating the solder coated scrap pieces and melting the solder thereon with a heater surrounding the solder collection container and with a drive system, rotating the centrifuge receptacle while the first centrifuge axis is in about a horizontal position at a low speed and tumbling the scrap pieces along a longitudinal length of the centrifuge receptacle, and later rotating the centrifuge receptacle at a high speed for centrifugally extracting molten solder from the centrifuge receptacle, radially outwardly through the perforation holes into the solder collection container.
2013US-14023714 2013-09-11 2015US-14955182 2015-12-01
(US9744611) 1. A method for recovering solder from solder coated scrap pieces, comprising the steps of: containing a quantity of solder coated scrap pieces within a centrifuge receptacle of a first centrifuge, the centrifuge receptacle has perforation hol
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