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1966FR-0079880 1966-10-13
(FR1500462) 1. Claims machine translated from French [1.500.4621 - 8 - Centered of Aldrin and 2,5 parts of the concentrate obtained in aqueous phase are about some unifurent mixed with 97,5 parts of the solution t-pieces %. Dispersing compositions of the invention of fertilizing agent 7-21-7. the production of stable emulsions me- As Other examples of production of me under the environmental conditions strongly consolutions of toxic concentrate of agent allow and of iron traires, of strong salt concentrations strongly Misant, one can mention that 2,5 ionizable parts of the idiot. They can also be used centered of toxic agent of the example has are melan- in the production of agents of cleaning in emulgees under agitation with 97,5 parts of each one Sion in an organic solvent. Of the three normal solutions of agent fertilizing the toxic agents insoluble biocides in liquid water, namely: mentioned the toxic agents biocides 1 Include. ° a phosphate solution of diammonium which is insoluble in water just as those 8-24-0, solution at phosphate 43,2% of diammo- which are insoluble in the fertilizing agents nium; Liquids in themselves, whatever them soIu- 2. ° the "Uran-32", solution of 44,3 parts of nor bility in water in oneself. Ammonium trate and 35,4 parts of urea in 20,3 esters of phosphoric acid and Ies radicals started from water; and of sulfonic acid, sulphuric and phosphoric men- 3. ° the 4-10-0, solution of 18,1 parts of phosphate tionnes correspond to a terminology intended of ammonium, 1,5 part of urea and 16,4 parts to cover Ies esters of phosphoric acid not potassium neuchlorure in 64 parts of water. In tralized with at least partially neutralized and the another typical example, 3 parts of the concentrate free radicals of sulfonic acid, sulphuric and of toxic agent of the example B are mixed Phosphorique just as their salts. With 97 parts of "Uran-32". There still, 3,3 parts SUMMARIZED Of the toxic concentrate of agent of the example C are mixed with 96,7 parts of "Uran-32". Of nou- The invention concerns calf, 3 parts of the toxic concentrate of agent of I. a dispersing, remarkable composition nol' example D is mixed with 97 parts of one tamment by the following characteristics, consiagent liquid fertilizer 4-10-10 (urea solution, of derees separately or in combinations diammonium and of Po 1 chloride phosphates . ° the composition contains tassium) and 3,2 parts of the concentrate of agent toxia. An ester of phosphoric acid easy to disperque of the example E are mixed with 96,8 ser parts in water of at least a member of the group of liquid fertilizing agent 9-9-9 (urea solution, including/understanding: phosphates diammonium and chloride potas 1. Aliphatic ethers and thioethers in Ci E sium). Other examples of the trade of solua C26 of the polyoxyethyleneglycols; and liquid gifts fertilizing with which idiot 2. Ethers of polyoxyethyleneglycol of phecentres of agents - poisons biocides of the invention nols alkylated of which it or Ies radicals alkyls contain a total from 7 to 24 carbon atoms, rivetted ammonium phosphate, chloride of can be used include/understand the "8-8-8" (counts ethylene oxide groupings of mopotassium and urea) and the "10-20-0" (derivative of the lecules of the compounds has entering the range phosphates ammonium and urea). Like one from 4 to 30; and mentioned it above, however, principal the vab. A soluble surface-active polyacid compound in their of the invention resides in the production of an organic solvent containing at least a radicombinaison of solutions of toxic agent biocide cal chosen in the group including/understanding the radicals of sulfonic acids, sulphuric and phosphoric. And of water-soluble fertilizing agent in which the latter are refractory with the production of 2° the ingredient B is an acid compound dicarbonnes dispersions being able to be used in boxylic the surface-active soluble one in a solvent orgacommerce. screw containing a radical of sulfonic acid. Although the dispersing compositions of in 3° the ingredient has is an ester of acid phosphorivention have a particular utility like men- that water-soluble with easily dispersible in tionne above, they broader extended water of an aliphatic ether out of C, 2 with C, 6 of a polyd' utility to know in relation to the production oxyethylenegIycol container from 9 to 15 groupings of stable emulsions of oily matters and aqueu- of oxide of ethylene. Its, in particular in the presence of strong 4° the ingredient concentrated has is an ester of acid phosphoritions of ionizable matters, in particular salts that not neutralized with at least partly neutralized inorganic. II is well-known that the soluble presence with easily dispersible in water under ionizable matters such as chloride of the shape of a product of reaction of P205 with sodium, sodium sulfate, my additive chloride of ethylene oxide of a algnesium, the Epsom salt and other laid-back aliphatic out of Cm with C26, the monovalent or general-purpose inorganic number of grousels, in ethylene oxide pements in the molecules as of the systems of water and oil emulsions, affects made up has entering the range from 4 to 30. Very severely stabilities of these emulsions, 5° the ingredient has, namely aliphatic alcohol, in particular when the concentrations of these salts contains from 12 to 16 carbon atoms and the name - 9 - [1.500.462] Bre of ethylene oxide groupings enters 13° the total of the ingredients has and B of the compola range from 7 to 20. dispersing sition constitutes from 3 to 30% in weight 6. ° the ingredient has is an ester of acid phosphori- toxic concentrate, this one suited, by meque being not neutralized with at least partly neutra- lange with aqueous solutions containing juslise soluble with easily dispersible in water that to 20% of fertilizing ingredients, to form in the shape of a product of P 2 0 5 with a product homogeneous dispersion which can be used during addition of ethylene oxide of an alcohol aliphati- of the periods of at least several hours. that with chain ramified in C12 with C, 6, the number of 14° the ingredient has dispersing composition ethylene oxide groupings in the molecules is an ester of soluble phosphoric acid with faciledes made up has entering the range from 9 to 15. lies dispersible in the water of an aliphatic ether 7. ° the ingredient has is an ester of acid phosphori- in C12 with C16 of a polyoxyethyleneglycol container that not neutralized with at least partially neu- from 9 to 15 ethylene oxide groupings. tralized soluble with easily dispersible in water 15° the ingredient has dispersing composition in the shape of a product of reaction of P205 is an ester of phosphoric acid not neutralized with an additive of ethylene oxide of to at least partially neutralized soluble with facialcoylphenol whose radicals alkyls idiot lement dispersible in water in the form of one hold a total from 7 to 24 carbon atoms, the product of reaction of P205 with a product of addinombre of the ethylene oxide groupings in ethylene oxide tion of an alkylphenol whose molecules of the compounds has being included/understood in the radicals alkyls contain a total the range from 4 to 30. from 7 to 24 atoms of carbon, the number of the grou- 8. ° In the ingredient has, the radicals alkyls pements of ethylene oxide in the molecules of contain a total from 9 to 12 made up carbon atoms has entering the range from 4 to 30. and the number of ethylene 16° oxide groupings the toxic agent biocide forms in combinaientre in the range from 7 to 20. its with a fertilizing agent (inorganic salt hy- 9. ° the grouping alkyl is the radical nonyl. drosoluble) a composition containing a phase 10° the compound B is a sulfoccinate of an aqueous amide which consists of a solution in the water of fatty-acid in C12 with C15 of an alkanolamine selected of at least 20% of water-soluble inorganic salt between the monoethanolamine and monoisopropaformant it the fertilizing agent and an oily phase nolamine. 10. Normally not - miscible with water consisting of 11. ° the ingredient B is a slightly salted cream-cheese of alkaline metal, and isopropylamine of ester of acid sulfosucune solution in an organic solvent of the toxic agent biocide, the composition being an appreciably homogeneous emulsion which is mixed with the compropanolamine. cinic of oleic amide of acid of the monoiso- 12. ° the report/ratio of weight of the ingredient B with in dispersing position, the total of the ingredients has and B gredient has goes from 3 to 10 of b: 1 of A. of the dispersing composition representing of 6 II. A concentrate of consistent toxic agent in at 20% in weight of the nonmiscible oily phase a solution in an organic solvent of one agent to water. Insoluble poison organic biocide in water and containing in dissolution the composition disper- Company known as: health conforms to paragraph I, characterized by WITCO CHEMICAL COMPANY, Inc. Following characteristics, taken together or By procuration: separately. Cabinet MADEUF For the sale of the booklets, to address itself to the HMSO, 27, street of Convention, Paris (15 ').
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