An empirical analysis of environmental pollutants on building construction sites for determining the real-time monitoring indices 机翻标题: 暂无翻译,请尝试点击翻译按钮。


Environmental pollutants emitted by various construction work and heavy equipment from construction sites, not only undermine the human living environment but also cause conflicts with residents near the construction sites. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the realtime monitoring indices of environmental pollutants in building construction using the datamining technique for managing the environmental pollutant emissions inside the construction site and reducing the ambient pollution levels that can impact on the residents near construction sites. Based on the realtime empirical data measured from sensors at a construction site every five minutes during earthwork, this study determined the key impact factors affecting the noise, vibration, and dust in construction sites, as monitoring indices. Then the feasibility of using the realtime monitoring indices for each environmental pollutant was proven through the application of the current relevant policies. The results of this study showed that by controlling the monitoring indices of environmental pollutants in construction sites, the proportions at which the levels of noise, vibration, and dust exceed the current policies can be reduced by up to 61.7%, 3.4%, and 81.2%, respectively. By using the methodology and results of this study, construction companies can systemically plan their construction work considering the key equipment to be used and can effectively manage the pollutants inside the construction sites.


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