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CH510398 A 1971-07-31 [CH-510398] / 1971-07-31
1969CH-0004214 / 1969-03-20
(CH-510398) 1,262,123. Pesticides bonded to carriers.  MINNESOTA MINING & MFG.  CO. 20 March, 1969 [21 March, 1968], No. 14778/69.  Heading A5E. [Also in Division Cl] A pesticidal composition for use in water for combating undesirable plants or animals therein, contains a biocidal ionic toxicant bonded by reversible ion-exchange to the surface of a water-insoluble, particulate, inert carrier, whereby the composition when dispersed in water is confined to local areas and the biocidal substance is desorbed by ionexchange to provide localized concentrations biocide.  Specified toxicants are endothal, 2,4-D, silvex, TCA, dalapon, picloram, arsenites, diquat, paraquat, cupric compounds, antimycin A, pentachlorophenol, amitrole, 2,4,5-T, 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol; 3'-chloro-3-nitrosalicylanilide; 2',5-dichloro-4'-nitrosalicylanilide; and N,N-dimethylcocoamine.  Carriers which can be modified (e.g. coated) to provide ion-exchange properties are hydrobiotite, vermiculite, sand, talc, kaolin, titanium dioxide, clays, bentonite, mica, light SiO 2 , glass microspheres, perlite, and Al(OH) 3 modified clays, micas and vermiculites.  Ion-exchange materials specified are aluminium, magnesium, zinc, ferric and copper hydroxides, the basic salts of calcium and barium, and cross-linked polymeric quaternized polyvinyl pyridines and aminostyrenes.  Optional composition ingredients are dyestuffs, binders, herbicides, and coatings to delay release of toxicant (examples 6 and 7).  In use, expiration of CO 2 by plants and/or the pH of the aqueous medium aid(s) in release of toxicant by ion-exchange.  The biocidal effect, however, is localized and the rest of the aquatic environment is uncontaminated.  (From GB1262123 A)
1968US-04714755 1968-03-21
(CH-510398) 1. PATENT CLAIM 2. Pesticide for the Use in Water for the Fight against unwanted [Pflan] 3. 5 4. 10 5. 15 6. 20 7. 25 8. 30 9. 35 10. 40 11. 45 12. 50 13. 55 14. 60 15. 65 16. 25 17. 26 18. 510,398 19. [Zen] or Animals in this, with which chemical Compounds with Carriers, effective against Parasits, are combined, thereby characterized that it exhibits the effective Ions at least a water soluble active Substance in ionic Connection on one [wasserun] s soluble, purify-hasty Carrier, which consists of an Ion Exchanger or contains this. 20. [UNTERANSPRUCHE] 1. Means in accordance with Patent Claim, thus [gekenn] IO draws that the purify-hasty Carrier is Aluminum Hydroxide. 2. Means in accordance with Patent Claim, thereby characterized that the Ion Exchanger is on an water-insolvable, purify-hasty, inert Carrier Medium. 3. Means in accordance with Patent Claim, thereby characterized that the Ion Exchanger is a Hydroxide of a multi-valued Metal, like e.g. Aluminum Hydroxide, Iron Hydroxide, Zinc Hydroxide, [Calciumhydroxid] or Magnesium Hydroxide. 4. Means in accordance with Patent Claim, thereby characterized that the Carrier from the Grains covered with an Ion Exchanger water-insolvable, inert Material, as [Bentonit], expanded Mica or Sand exist. 25. Minnesota [Mining] and Manufacturing Company Representative: E. [Blum] & CO., Zurich 26. Note of the [Eidg]. Office for mental Property 27. If Parts of the Description with the Definition of the Invention given in the Patent Claim Should Not stand in Agreement, then it is reminded of the fact that in accordance with Art. 51 of the Patent Act the Patent Claim for the material Scope of the Patent is determining.
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