Preparation of graphene oxide-loaded Ag3PO4@AgCl and its photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and O2 evolution activity under visible light irradiation 机翻标题: 暂无翻译,请尝试点击翻译按钮。

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2000 / 40 / 2
Elsevier B.V.
Muhan Cao 1;Peifang Wang 1;Yanhui Ao 1;Chao Wang 1;Jun Hou 1;Jin Qian 1 1 Key Lab. of Integrated Regul. & Resource Dev. on Shallow Lakes, Hohai Univ., Nanjing, Hohai University, Key Laboratory of Integrated Regulation and Resource Development on Shallow Lakes, Nanjing, 210098, China;
A series of GO modified AgCl/Ag3PO4 composites were prepared by a simple method. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), UV–vis diffuse reflectance spectra (DRS) analysis and Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) specific surface area analysis. The photocatalytic performance of the samples was measured by the degradation of dye methylene blue (MB) and O2 evolution under visible light irradiation. The results indicated that the couple of AgCl and GO could effectively enhance the photoactivity and stability in comparison with bare Ag3PO4. From the analysis, it can be inferred that GO sheets could accelerate the separation of electron–hole pairs and also improve the light absorption ability in comparison with bare Ag3PO4 and AgCl/Ag3PO4. Additionally, an optimum amount of GO added in the composite was obtained. [All rights reserved Elsevier]. E. Pelizzetti, C. Minero, Mechanism of the photo-oxidative degradation of organic pollutants over TiO2 particles. Electrochimica Acta. 38 (1993) 10.1016/0013-4686(93)80009-O W. Holzer, J. Shirdel, P. Zirak, A. Penzkofer, P. Hegemann, R. Deutzmann, et al., Photo-induced degradation of some flavins in aqueous solution. Chemical Physics. 308 (2005) 10.1016/j.chemphys.2004.08.006 V. K. Gupta, R. Jain, A. Mittal, T. A. Saleh, A. Nayak, S. Agarwal, et al., Photo-catalytic degradation of toxic dye amaranth on TiO2/UV in aqueous suspensions. Materials Science and Engineering C. 32 (2012) 10.1016/j.msec.2011.08.018 D. Tassalit, A. N. Laoufi, F. Bentahar, Photocatalytic deterioration of tylosin in an aqueous suspension using UV/TiO2. Sci Adv Mater. 3 (2011) 10.1166/sam.2011.1243 Y. Ohko, I. Ando, C. Niwa, T. Tatsuma, T. Yamamura, T. Nakashima, et al., Degradation of bisphenol A in water by TiO2 photocatalyst. Environmental Science &Technology. 35 (2001) 10.1021/es001757t A. Fujishima, K. Honda, Electrochemical photolysis of water at a semiconductor electrode. Nature. 238 (1972) 10.1038/238037a0 M. I. Badawy, M. Y. Ghaly, M. E. M. Ali, Photocatalytic hydrogen production over nanostructured mesoporous titania from olive mill wastewater. Desalination. 267 (2011) 10.1016/j.desal.2010.09.035 X. Zong, G. Wu, H. Yan, G. Ma, J. Shi, F. Wen, et al., Photocatalytic H2 evolution on MoS2/CdS catalysts under visible light irradiation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 114 (2010) 10.1021/jp904350e Y. Hou, F. Zuo, Q. Ma, C. Wang, L. Bartels, P. Y. Feng, Ag3PO4 oxygen evolution photocatalyst employing synergistic action of Ag/AgBr nanoparticles and graphene sheets. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 116 (2012) 10.1021/jp303219j
carbon compounds;catalysis;composite materials;graphene;materials preparation;photochemistry;reflectivity;scanning electron microscopy;silver compounds;ultraviolet spectra;visible spectra;X-ray diffraction;