Crashworthiness Analysis and Enhancement of Aircraft Structures Under Vertical Impact Scenarios 机翻标题: 垂直撞击下飞机结构的耐撞性分析与强化


This research focuses on the crashworthiness study and enhancement of commercial aircraft structures by developing crushable energy absorbers to work as vertical struts (stanchions). To assess their contribution on a representative crash scenario, a numerical simulation of a Boeing 737-200 drop test developed and verified with experimental data is used as a benchmark. The numerical model is then enhanced with four hybrid energy absorbers designed for programmed and progressive collapse, which are added in the cargo compartment connecting the floor beams and the frames. These devices are composed of a square aluminum tube filled with a composite skeleton and foam extrusions for maximized energy absorption. The enhanced aircraft is later simulated under hard-landing and water-ditching scenarios, analyzing the benefits resulting from the absorbers according to structural efficiency and biometric criteria. The results show increased plastic dissipation values by the main structural components given the modified collapse mechanism obtained when adding the crushable absorbers. Peak acceleration values are also reduced, consequently lessening the passenger injury prediction at the studied locations.


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