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中国石化新闻网讯 据烃加工新闻10月27日消息称,BP宣布其最新开发项目“埃及海上项目”开始生产–位于北达米埃塔海上特许权的卡塔迈亚气田。


BP北非区域总裁Karim Alaa表示:“通过BP在埃及海上大量重要资产和基础设施,我们能够高效、经济地开发卡塔迈亚。通过高质量、高效的油气开发创造价值是BP战略的关键部分。我们认为这是恢复碳氢化合物开发的一个很好的例子。




曹海斌 摘译自 烃加工新闻


BP begins production at Qattameya field

BP has announced the start of production from its latest development ?offshore Egypt – the Qattameya gas field in the North Damietta offshore concession.

Through BP’s joint venture, Pharaonic Petroleum Company (PhPC), the field, which is ?expected to produce up to 50 million ft3/d of gas.?

Karim Alaa, BP’s North Africa regional president, said: “By building on BP’s significant ?existing assets and infrastructure offshore Egypt, we were able to develop Qattameya ?efficiently and economically. Creating value through high quality, efficient oil and gas ?developments is a key part of BP’s strategy. We see this as a great example of resilient ?hydrocarbons development.

?“We are proud to have brought this project safely onstream through an extremely ?challenging period. Our team continues to work to support Egypt realising the potential of ?its energy resources, adding to our track-record of delivery and enabled by our established ?partnerships with the Egyptian petroleum sector.”

Qattameya, whose discovery was announced in 2017, is located approximately 45 km west ?of the Ha’py platform, in 108 m of water.

BP holds 100% equity in the North Damietta offshore concession in the East Nile Delta. ?Gas production from the field is directed to Egypt’s national grid.?

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