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(KR101951245) Method for making chocolate cookies containing admiral tea
KR10-1951245 / 2019-02-22
KR10-2018-0036639 / 2018-03-29
A23C-017/00 A23G-001/54 A23G-003/34 A23G-003/54
(KR10-1951245) The present invention relates to a method for making chocolate cookies containing admiral tea, and specifically, to a method for making chocolate cookies containing admiral tea, in which an upper layer, an intermediate layer and a lower layer are formed differently from each other and the admiral tea powder is contained in each layer. According to the present invention, the upper layer, the intermediate layer and the lower layer are produced by different manufacturing methods, and thus a user can taste various flavors by providing three layers of chocolate cookies with different tastes and textures. In addition, the admiral tea powder is contained in the chocolate cookies, so that nutritional ingredients of the admiral tea can be consumed. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2019
(KR101951245) JEONG, IN KYU
(KR10-1951245) 1. In which the egg white whipped egg white sugar intermediate dividing a plurality of times in the meringue prepared by mixing, in the prepared almond powder through a sieve to meringue, flour, dough per minute in the paste is made by mixing and drying a predetermined time after the top layer (S1) preparing an upper layer manufacturing step; mixed with fresh cream molindone trimethyl boiled mixture into a white chocolate, white chocolate or tea powder when dissolving the general, wherein the intermediate layer into the shuffling 말차분말을 intermediate layer (S2) producing a production step; whipped egg white portion of the milk produced by dissolving the meringue mixture was introduced after the butter, flour, almond powder, tea powder general, mixed 말차분말을, prepared by placing the remainder of the meringue shuffling 층반죽을 prepared and bottom, said bottom layer having a predetermined period of time in the lower curved 층반죽을 layer manufacturing step (S3) a bottom; layer manufacturing step (S3) made through the lower bottom (S2) on top of the intermediate layer through the production step after raising the production of the intermediate layer, the upper layer manufacturing step (S1) on the top layer is completed through the raised layer formation step of forming a layer in the form of three (S4); layer formation step (S4) through the top layer, intermediate layer, and a bottom layer of the melt in a three layer is formed on the outer surface of the predetermined time for causing the liquid chocolate and drying (S5) preparing a general general 차초코과자를 차초코과자완성단계; and, (S1) the upper layer manufacturing step in order to prepare 는상부층을 egg white, sugar, flour, almond powder, per minute, to prepare a general upper 층재료준비단계 tea powder (S1 field 1); upper 층재료준비단계 prepared via (S1 field 1) whipped egg white after all, whipped egg white through the upper 층재료준비단계 ready (S1 field 1) dividing a plurality of times in a mixed sugar producing meringue upper 층머랭제조단계 (S1 field 2); 층머랭제조단계 through the upper (S1 field 2) to meringue 층재료준비단계 produced through the upper (S1 field 1) almond powder prepared, per minute, the dough by mixing flour dough paste preparation step of preparing a paste (S1 field 3); wherein the dough paste preparation step through (S1 field 3) dough prepared paste is dried at room temperature and a predetermined shape after a fixed period of time in an oven preheated to a temperature in the upper layer is prepared by drying and baking step of baking (S1 field 4); and, wherein the intermediate layer (S2) production step 는생크림, white chocolate, tree molindone, general tea powder, at the step of preparing the intermediate layer material 말차분말을 (S2 field 1); wherein the intermediate layer material preparing step for preparing (S2 field 1) molindone the whipped cream and the tree through the mixed and heated second predetermined heating step 1 mixture (S2 field 2); heated in the heating step and a second (S2 field 2) white chocolate and white chocolate 1 adding to the mixture so that the first melt mixture in the stirring step 2 emulsion (S2 field 3); tea powder mixture of the general 2, wherein the intermediate layer was prepared by mixing 말차분말을 for a predetermined time after the step of mixing the first refrigerated (S2 field 4) 1; comprising, (S3) above 는우유버터 부층제조단계, powder sugar, flour, almond powder, tea powder general, horse tea powder, egg white bottom for preparing 층재료준비단계 (S3 field 1); (S3 field 1) lower 층재료준비단계 milk butter prepared via dissolved at room temperature, through the lower 층재료준비단계 (S3 field 1) is prepared by mixing the melted sugar powder milk butter milk butter milk and butter in the processing steps to produce a mixture (S3 field 2); 층재료준비단계 (S3 field 1) lower prepared via the preparation of whipped egg white meringue 층머랭제조단계 to lower (S3 field 3); lower 층머랭제조단계 manufactured through (S3 field 3) an amount of 1 and 3 min milk butter meringue processing steps are produced via (S3 field 2) mixing milk butter mixture prepared in the step of mixing the first intermediate mixture 2 (S3 field 4); wherein the mixing step 2 is prepared through (S3 field 4) 층재료준비단계 intermediate mixture through the bottom (S3 field 1) 쨘 prepared foil, almond powder, tea powder general, 말차분말을 after mixing, the lower 층머랭제조단계 manufactured through (S3 field 3) at the bottom of a meringue mixture prepared in the amount of 3 to 2 lower 층반죽제조단계 층반죽을 (S3 field 5); lower 층반죽제조단계 prepared via (S3 field 5) 층반죽을 filling the lower mold in a state in which the oven is preheated to 150 for producing a lower layer of the lower 9-10 층굽기단계 baked (S3 field 6); characterized in that it comprises a general method for preparing a 차초코과자. 2. Method according to claim 1, the top of the upper layer manufacturing step (S1) 20-30 weight % (S1 field 1) 는달걀흰자 층재료준비단계, 5-15 weight % of sugar, flour 0.5-5 weight %, 20-31% by weight of almond powder, 27-45 weight % per minute, 0.1-3 weight % tea powder ready for general features, wherein the intermediate layer (S2) preparation of the intermediate layer material preparation step 20-30% by weight (S2 field 1) 는생크림, 60-75 weight % white chocolate, 1-6 weight % tree molindone, 1-5 weight % tea powder general, 0.5-4 weight % of the horse tea powder to prepare and, at the bottom of the lower layer manufacturing step (S3) 20-35 weight % (S3 field 1) 는우유버터 층재료준비단계, 18-30 weight % of sugar powder, 10-25% by weight flour, 1-7 weight % of almond powder, tea powder 0.5-3 weight % general, 0.1-1 weight % horse tea powder, 17-30 weight % of the egg white preparation for producing the 차초코과자 general. 3. AMEND STATUS: Deleted