Industrially Inspired Gust Loads Analysis of Various-Aspect-Ratio Wings Featuring Geometric Nonlinearity 机翻标题: 具有几何非线性的不同展弦比机翼工业阵风载荷分析


This paper considers the effect of geometric nonlinearity on gust load analyses of high-aspect-ratio commercial aircraft. Three variants of a conceptual aircraft, featuring wing aspect ratios of 10, 18, and 26, are sized using an industrially inspired procedure to obtain realistic structures of existing and future designs. These aircraft are modeled in a nonlinear aeroelastic framework, featuring a geometrically exact beam formulation coupled with unsteady aerodynamics, and subjected to a gust loads process adapted for nonlinear systems. The gust analysis is also carried out using a linear approach (linearizing the equations of motion about an undeformed or trimmed geometry) to understand how nonlinearities influence the loads and dynamic behavior of aircraft as the aspect ratio increases. Load envelopes show that vertical shear and bending moments are predicted well by the linear analyses, even for the aspect-ratio-26 case, providing that the linearization is performed about the trimmed geometry. In contrast, the in-plane and axial loads are significantly underestimated using linear analyses. Torque behavior is problem specific and therefore difficult to generalize. Even on the aspect-ratio-10 case, which would traditionally be considered as a linear problem, it can be shown that the torque loads are considerably affected by nonlinearity.


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