PdMFS1 Transporter Contributes to Penicilliun digitatum Fungicide Resistance and Fungal Virulence during Citrus Fruit Infection 机翻标题: 暂无翻译,请尝试点击翻译按钮。

Journal of Fungi
Dec 2019 / 5 / 4
Article No.: 100
de Ramon-Carbonell, Marta; Lopez-Perez, Mario; Gonzalez-Candelas, Luis; Sanchez-Torres, Paloma
A new Penicillium digitatum major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transporter (PdMFS1) was identified and functionally characterized in order to shed more light on the mechanisms underlying fungicide resistance. PdMFS1 can play an important role in the intensification of resistance to fungicides normally used in P. digitatum postharvest treatments. In the PdMFS1 disrupted mutants, a slight effect in response to chemical fungicides was observed, but fungicide sensitivity was highly affected in the overexpression mutants which became resistant to wide range of chemical fungicides. Moreover, P. digitatum knock-out mutants exhibited a lower rate of fungal virulence when infected oranges were stored at 20 degrees C. Disease symptoms were higher in the PdMFS1 overexpression mutants coming from the low-virulent P. digitatum parental strain. In addition, the gene expression analysis showed an induction of PdMFS1 transcription in all overexpression mutants regardless from which progenitor came from, and four-time intensification of the parental wild type strain during citrus infection reinforcing PdMFS1 role in fungal virulence. The P. digitatum MFS transporter PdMFS1 contributes not only to the acquisition of wide range of fungicide resistance but also in fungal virulence during citrus infection.
citrus infection -- fungal disease;Escherichia coli -- species;Escherichia coli -- strain-DH-5-alpha;Escherichia coli -- Enterobacteriaceae [06702];Escherichia coli -- Facultatively Anaerobic Gram-Negative Rods;Escherichia coli -- Eubacteria;Escherichia coli -- Bacteria;Escherichia coli -- Microorganisms;Penicillium digitatum -- species;Penicillium digitatum -- Fungi Imperfecti or Deuteromycetes [15500];Penicillium digitatum -- Fungi;Penicillium digitatum -- Plantae;Penicillium digitatum -- Microorganisms;Penicillium digitatum -- Nonvascular Plants;Penicillium digitatum -- Plants;Agrobacterium tumefaciens -- species;Agrobacterium tumefaciens -- C-58-C-1;Agrobacterium tumefaciens -- Rhizobiaceae [06509];Agrobacterium tumefaciens -- Gram-Negative Aerobic Rods and Cocci;Agrobacterium tumefaciens -- Eubacteria;Agrobacterium tumefaciens -- Bacteria;Agrobacterium tumefaciens -- Microorganisms;progenitor cell -- immune system;progenitor cell -- blood and lymphatics;gene expression analysis -- laboratory techniques;gene expression analysis -- genetic techniques;postharvest treatment -- applied and field techniques;knockout technique -- laboratory techniques;knockout technique -- genetic techniques;Penicillium digitatum MFS-1 gene [Fungi Imperfecti or Deuteromycetes] -- Penicillium digitatum major facilitator superfamily-1 gene;Penicillium digitatum MFS-1 gene [Fungi Imperfecti or Deuteromycetes] -- expression;Penicillium digitatum MFS-1 gene [Fungi Imperfecti or Deuteromycetes] -- mutantion