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中国石化新闻网讯 据能源世界网10月26日新加坡报道,航运和贸易消息人士周一表示,由于预计北亚将迎来比预期更冷的冬季,对货物的需求增加,液化天然气(LNG)运输费已飙升至一年来的最高水平。


Spark Commodities董事总经理蒂姆·门德尔松(Tim Mendelssohn)表示,周五日租费上涨23,750美元,为去年10月以来的最大单日涨幅。 Mendlessohn列举了一些严重原因,使价格上涨了约29%。

他表示,货运价格走强,套利活动增加,没有计划取消美国墨西哥湾沿岸的货运,以及冬季市场更为看涨的情绪,都在推动租船商确保跨越两个盆地的液化天然气吨数。 这正转化为大西洋和太平洋地区现货和即月运费的显著增加。


根据Refinitiv Eikon的船舶追踪数据显示,主要受到韩国需求激增的推动,北亚的液化天然气月运输量将创下自1月以来的最高水平。


杰弗瑞航运周刊(Jefferies Shipping Weekly)的分析师表示,随着新冠疫情复苏的到来,及该地区需求的恢复,液化天然气的运输速度预计将在明年进一步提高。


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LNG tanker rates soar ahead of expected cold Asian winter

Shipping rates for liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers have soared to their highest in a year ahead as demand for cargoes rose on expectations of a colder than expected winter in North Asia, shipping and trade sources said on Monday.

The daily charter rate for shipping LNG on a 160,000 cubic metres tanker in Pacific and Atlantic basins are currently estimated to be about $85,000 to $105,000 a day, four shipbrokers told Reuters.

Rates rose by $23,750 a day on Friday, the biggest daily rise since last October, said Tim Mendelssohn, managing director at Spark Commodities. Mendlessohn listed severeal reasons for what would have been an increase of around 29 per cent.

"Strengthening cargo prices, an increasing arbitrage, no planned U.S. Gulf Coast cargo cancellations and a more bullish winter sentiment are driving charterers to secure LNG tonnage across both basins," he said.

"This is translating into significant increases in spot and front month freight rates in both the Atlantic and Pacific."

Asian spot LNG cargo prices rose to their highest since January on Friday on the back of firm demand from North Asian buyers ahead of a colder than expected winter, traders said.

Monthly LNG shipments into North Asia are set to rise to their highest since January, primarily driven by a jump in demand from South Korea, shiptracking data from Refinitiv Eikon showed.

There are also expected to be no cargo cancellations from the United States, after dozens of cancellations earlier this year, shipbrokers said.

LNG shipping rates are expected to improve further next year as demand recovers in the region once recovery from the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, said analysts from Jefferies Shipping Weekly.

"We believe the LNG shipping market will improve in 2021 relative to a weak 2020 as global demand for LNG recovers post-COVID, especially in Northeast Asian markets," they said in a note on Monday.

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