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(AU2015210432) According to the present invention new isolates of bacterial strains have been shown to possess unique properties.  These bacterial strains are plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium 5 (PGPR), posses an enhanced competitive advantage at colonizing leguminous plants, and enhance the overall performance of leguminous plant growth.  Further still, the present invention discloses a novel method for screening and selecting bacterial strains having the aforementioned beneficial characteristics.
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(AU2015210432) 1. A bioiogioaily pure culture of 3bi japrmicurn selected from the gmup consisting :the: straia having:the deposit oodeasiOn rturrit, or NRRL:B-5n5n2:'. the strain naving depest r-•.teoeeeroa nt.sithber. NR.fiL :the strein has,Ang, the ‹thonsit NRRL, B,••50536; the z-sirrz i..3:-.,.=vrrig the c.k:..ipcirsit nwiter NRRL :havisg the depc.i acce&ctiKerber NRR t, •80887; the ftie NRRL UI the dep,Ali Ei-50591; the streirttie*ing the deposit ee.,seion NRRL B-50500; the..-.:••trein gOving th6 Oepeet acceesion mober- t:i059ek Ole :. Siletrillevirgg the daposit arxtOkIsiOn qumbpt NRRI. B••5012.ii; the etre a hakArin the depoeit •-mx; eseiez.) iliEnter NRM. BO727; the etlein haviiv the deposit:accee&on.ilumbec N RRL a • b0723; Q10:13,treiri havirig the deposit accession otimb. NFL EC i2&. and the ;:thairl having the Z The Bratlyrbizobk, o1 :attains 01 c.item 1, Wherein: said :traiiis are otaOsbis o pmmetiog Nimgen:::riwip.n.: plank: 3. The Bradyntttkobturn strains any of claims -2, wherein said. strains are tolerant to qwth at a temperature olsubstargially 35 C. 4. The aadyttftoniern :strains:of any :.of:deow 1r3, wherein,eeid strains are selected from the group amsiOngef: :the: Wain4the depest.4(vieesion thestrein itte. Ving;:the ilepesit ameesicm-i nun.lbs the strea having:the depoeit NRRi. :E-5058&;• /16 girt. the..4epesit 4iceee4igrimbe 4JL nd ObtinatiPthbfet i000twoior.. Mora..0. 5. The E. Odythizctitert irairtsof e:ily:et dIc 14 wh d 81Tgir;8 C,4 • eitinettitelly resistant :10 giyomosets 6. The B. ladyMiZobium :s.s>trans of tisini 5., wtic:reir: saki strains are eciected from the group.42 consisting of: the strain having the deposit accession ii1,1ther B-50 5a0; 41 the strain •having the deposit accession number NRRL B-50594; and a combination of at least two or MOM of the strains, The Brat.yrhizobittr strains of any of claims 1-6, wherein said strains have enhanoed craapetitivaneseler *co:Ong:0 piaoh 8. The Bradyrhizotture strains of any of claims 1 wherein said strains have enhanced affectenee: at, r:t•growth. a The Bradyektobium strains of any of claims entnnoed cornOtitivanass Aqtaat 61% :1A at ea at leaa 70%. at ieest 70%, at least 80%, ti8 0%. at !caw. 80%, at ie.a.t 90%, at C. 91,y,, at least 92%, in least 93%, at ieast 94%;:at leaat:%, at ie.tot.:3%:, at. least 97%, at laag at least V", or 100 riodoia occupancy:, Th=t, Bradrtil:?Ohiton strains of any.:of. dainTS. 14.§-.. A.01**11.drinaddf.0: Oant growthaa at. PW-;.t oia ot ao.pant tf*asored ter;Tiof :bushels/acre, n e cited 'fruit nurnber, ooreaaed.. number, increased :mot gth, :met..f.pev„,„ ooeaad root vourrie, increased sa aa, ylgour, andlor riepnbty c..-. F3pacett W: a.ctaUy avaabe e, ust)P.,.t. Q2C, The $tedytOikoeiern streirte Of any: of tialiS.1„t0,. Ck4*z•fri enhanced effed!iveres: at :promoting Stlyberrt..greywth mdudes en naee n the tata y weht of soybean pnds.en said pieht when saki diy :,6$.::ien pos sdc, innert-3ti to the total dry wegnt of Soybeaa. pads on a ',soybean. pient.subjec..ted to :aooPernen.4atily: =eel: e.g.., oommerciastren USDA 2C. A comprzition comprising, a attain of Baldyrhizobia 9.eleeted from the group consisting. nf: the stain heVing.the.depcia:ecteesion.nernber NRRL. B-50892 the strain having the deposit accessiohnumber NRRL 6-50093; the sinn the t.iepl.-.3z-sit acoesscn noha NRRL. B••••.•.;06; the strain navity the deposit: a sion el be NRRL. E()&88 the strain 11 ;O the enoaf NRRL, • the san having. the NRRL the sak hang thedepaSil ;accession NRRL B4O05917i: the itaving ttie. deposit a •ion..rwte NR. R. L B-50090; the strn:' having the b.42 the nayiN, the doposk accession 31 umber NisRL:. B,5072t:t.• $2 the strain having the deposit accession number NRRi.., BO 727 the st;•‘,0 having the,...ieposit pt.s.aossien number NRRI„ 6-50128., the having the deposit arxeseionNRRL. B-50723; the strain having the decosil a=mession NRRL B•50130, and a combination of at leq,;ist or ti The composition of claim 12, wherein said corn sin lricludes one or more signal molecp!e% The mpoo of. Jfl 13, wherein the plant *•.oiedulp chitooligosacthande„ a chitinous compound, a ilav-onuio, c a &aaikin The The mm position of Claim 13, wherein the plant signal molecule is jasmoolo add, liodeir acid, acid or •a de; nativa 1.5 1$. The composon of any of claims 12-1 wherein the composition includes at least one • agronotnicaiiy berieficlai agent. Con:boaition of.clein, 16, the ac fr.ay bena nt s at feast One :photphate:eolt.itig moor 1& A Method Of enhancing plant grovs4h, comprising treating a seed, seed root, plant, soil, or combinations thereof with a compositionacoording to eIly 01: claims l.11. The method acilzonling to claim 1 wherein the seed. seedling, root, or plant is The metiiimi according to r.,,lairr: 19, wherein the seed, eedrq. root, or plant le a soybean seed, seedling, root, or plant. :2.1. The method Of any. of :claims 1940i Whettein'said,CoMOosition tr: added to the seil-in an amount of to.1 x.101.colony.fon7siog units:pr iletare. preferably, 2 xi 10tO e IV' r bot, orer7 form: 22, The method acmrding to any of claims 1S2 whemin said cerncosizion introduced as a seW matini4 CD;Tifirkilg x 102 to 1 x UP, pc*?raby 1 A. 104 to 1CP units per seed. 43
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