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(RU2621557) FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition of an non-aqueous liquid dispersion concentrate comprises (a) a continuous substantially water immiscible non-aqueous liquid phase; (b) a dispersed solid phase comprising polymer particles from polymerizable or curable thermosetting or thermoplastic resin, wherein the particles outer surface include colloidal solid material and wherein the particles have at least one cyclopropene complex distributed therein; wherein the continuous phase (a) comprises a liquid immiscible with water, selected from vegetable oils, silicone oils, methylated vegetable oils, refined paraffinic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, and mixtures thereof; wherein (b) comprises particles of bisphenol A cured epoxy resin; cured phenolic resin particles; cured polymer aminoplast resin particles; cured unsaturated polyester resin particles or vinyl ester resin particles; or cured polymer particles of biodegradable thermosetting resins.EFFECT: increased efficiency of composition.13 cl, 3 tbl, 6 ex
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(RU2621557)  1. Composition of nonaqueous liquid dispersion concentrate, which includes: 2. (a) the continuous, in effect immiscible with the water nonaqueous liquid phase;  3. (b) the dispersed solid phase, which includes the polymeric particles, prepared from solidified or polymerized thermosetting or thermoplastic resin, where the external areas of the particle include colloidal solid material, and where the particles have at least one tsiklopropenovyy complex, distributed in them;  4. Where the continuous phase (a) includes the liquid immiscible with the water, which is selected from vegetable oils, silicone oils, methylated vegetable oils, refined paraffin hydrocarbons, mineral oils and their mixtures;  5. Where (b) are included the hardened polymeric particles of the epoxy resin of bisphenol A;  the hardened polymeric particles of phenolic resin;  the hardened polymeric particles of aminoplastovoy resin;  the hardened polymeric particles of unsaturated polyester resin or resin of complex vinyl ethers;  or the hardened polymeric particles of biodegradable thermosetting resins. 6. 2. Composition according to claim 1, where the tsiklopropenovyy complex includes the complex of alkylcyclopropene and molecular encapsulating means.  7. 3. Composition according to claim 2, where the complex of alkylcyclopropene and molecular encapsulating means is the complex of .alpha.-tsiklodekstrina and 1-metiltsiklopropena (1-MSR).  8. 4. Composition according to claim 1, where the dispersed phase includes at least one mobile nesshivaemuyu mobile molecule, mixed up with nonhydrogenated or nepolimerizovannoy resin, used for the formation of the partial polymeric matrix of component (b).  9. 5. Composition according to claim 1, where the continuous phase (a) additionally includes at least one agrochemical active ingredient.  10. 6. Composition according to claim 1, where (b) is additionally included the inorganic material in the form of the particles, distributed in the polymeric particles.  11. 7. Composition according to claim 1, where (b) is included the polymeric matrix of the hardened epoxy resin, prepared from the solidified epoxy resin, selected from di- and polyepoxide monomers, prepolymers or their mixtures with the hardener, selected from primary and second amines and their additive products, cyanamide, dicyandiamide, polycarboxylic acid, anhydrides of polycarboxylic acid, polyamines, poliaminoamidov, poliadduktovv of amines and poliepoksidov, polyol and their mixtures.  12. 8. Methods of regulating the increase in the plant by breeding the effective quantity of concentrate of composition on any of the preceding points by the aqueous liquid carrier, which is selected from the water and the liquid fertilizer, and putting of the separated composition on the forms of plants or their position.  13. 9. Method of obtaining the nonaqueous liquid dispersion concentrates with any of paragraphs 1-7, which includes the stages: 14. A. dissolution or the suspension of tsiklopropenovogo complex in the nonaqueous liquid mixture, which includes at least one solidified thermosetting resin, facultatively at least one nesshivaemoe mobile chemical substance and at least one nonporous mineral in the form of particles;  15. B. the emulsification of the solution indicated or suspension in the immiscible with the water liquid, which includes the solid colloidal stabilizer of emulsion;  and 16. C. of the realization of the consolidation of at least one mixture of solidified thermosetting resin for obtaining the dispersion of the polymeric particles, which include tsiklopropenovyy complex in the liquid immiscible with the water. 17. 10. Method according to claim 9, where thermosetting resin is selected from the epoxy resin, poly-urea, polyurethane, aminoplast, phenolic resin and polyester resin.  18. 11. Method according to claim 9 or 10, where the nesshivaemoe mobile chemical substance is undissolved in the water, water-soluble polymer, by copolymer, surfactant, acid or by base.  19. 12. Method according to claim 10, where thermosetting resin is epoxy resin.  20. 13. Method according to claim 12, where the consolidation of epoxy resin is achieved with the application of an amino hardener.
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