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IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
012039 (9 pp.)
2019-11-17 - 2019-11-18
Al-Ziady, S. H. 1;Shati, R. K. 1 1 Dept. of Field Crop, Univ. of Baghdad, Baghdad, Univ. of Baghdad, Dept. of Field Crop, Baghdad, Iraq Saddnov1981@gmail.com
A field experiment was carried out in the fields of one of the farmers in the province of Wasit Al-Ahrar area during the agricultural season 2015-2016 to control the wild barley and other weeds accompanied with the wheat. The experiment included six herbicides (Sulfon using 50 g.h−1, Granysam with 15 g.h−1, Granysam at the rate of use of 25 g.h−1, Bonanza rate of use of 100 g.h−1, Bonanza rate of use of 125 g.h−1 and 2,4 - D use rate of 1320 ml. h−1) and the treatment of weedy. Sulfon, Bonanza 100 g.h−1and Bonanza 125 g.h−1 herbicides affected significantly in reduced of weeds number of narrow leaves and its decreasing dry weight. While Sulfon, Granysam at a rate of 15 g.h−1, Granysam at a rate of 25 g.h−1 and 2.4-D in reducing weeds number of broad leaves and Its decreasing dry weight. The effect of herbicides in reducing the number of weeds and inhibiting their growth was reflected in a significant increase in the characteristics of the biological yield and the harvest index. The herbicides treatmeants were gave average of grain yield values 6.10, 5.28, 5.60, 5.55, 5.63, and 5.17 ton.h−1. average of biological yield values 14.17, 13.37, 13.23, 13.27, 13.8 and 12.93 ton.h−1. harvest index 43%, 40%, 42%, 42%, 41% and 40% respectively. It is concluded that the increase in grain yield with Sulfon was higher than the increase in other herbicides, due to the effect of this herbicides on a certain percentage on the broad weeds as well as its effect on the narrow weeds. This shows that the two-effect herbicides have a more positive result in increasing the yield. The efficacy of Bonanza herbicide affects reducing of wheat hight by a small percentage. The efficacy of Bonanza herbicide and Sulfon herbicide in control wild barley the numbers of weeds and its dry weight as well as their effect on the leaves narrow weeds. Granysam and 2.4-D had an effective effect in reducing the number and dry weight of the broad-leaf weeds. Khaliq Abdul, Matloob A., Tanveer A., Areeb A., Aslam F. and Abbas N. 2011 Reduced doses of asulfonylurea herbicide for weed management in wheat fields of Punjab Pak. Chilean. J. Agric. Res.71 424-429 Abdul Khaliq M. H., Matloob A., Tanveer A., Ibni Zamir S., Afzal I. and Salma F. 2014 Weed growth, herbicide efficacy indices, crop growth and yield of wheat are modified by herbicide and cultivar Int. Pak. J. Weed Sci. Res.20 91-109 Aldrich R. and Kremer R. 1997 Principles in Weed Management 2 (Lowa University Press) 455 Ahmad R. and Shaikh A. S. 2003 Common weeds of wheat and their control Pak. J. of Water Resources7 73-76 Alvl S. M., Chaudhry S. U. and Ali M. A. 2004 Evaluation of some herbicides for the control of weeds in wheat crop Pak. J. life Soc. Sci.2 24-27 Al-Ziady S. H. A. 2014 Critical duration in weeds control of wheat J. Al-Furat. Agric. Sci.7 143-151 Al-Ziady S. H. A. 2017 The critical duration of managemant weeds and its effect on wheat yield Iraqi. J. Agric. Res. Special Issue22 176-183 Chalabi Faik Tawfiq 2003 Biological response to wheat 2, 4-D alternating with diclofop-methyl to fight wheat And so on in the biologicl Iraqi J. Agric. Sci.2 89-100 Al-Chalabi F. T. 2003 Bielogical response to wheat as control of the weeds diclofop-mathy herbicide alternating with the herbicide 2.4-D and the effect in the bio Iraqi Agric. Sci.24 84-110 Chalabi F. T. and Al-Agidi H S M 2010 Weed competition and its impact on growth charaters of some wheat cultivars The Iraqi J. Agric. Sci.41 53-67
agricultural engineering;agrochemicals;crops