2019 10th International Renewable Energy Congress: 10th International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC), 26-28 March 2019, Sousse, Tunisia

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  • [会议] Optimum operation planning for a PVG/Battery standalone installation
    摘要:The electrification of rural areas by autonomous renewable energy generators becomes attractive as it has good effect on people lifecycle. So far, the Photovoltaic Generator (PVG) associated to storage bank is widely used to cover loads' need during the whole day. Nevertheless, many energy supply issues may appear following weather perturbation. In this paper, an algorithm is proposed to plan the basic loads operation, via relays unit, of a PVG/battery based installation namely: cold room, light and water pump. Planification is mainly based on the PVG generation forecast. The algorithm ensures a continuous operation for the cold room then plans the rest of generated energy for lighting and pumping with respect to optimization criteria: maximum use of available energy and battery safety. Obtained results confirm the respect of the prefixed criteria: no lost energy and the battery protection.
  • [会议] A Comparative Study Between Jordanian Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (U-Value) and International Building Codes
    摘要:Depletion of fossil fuel and the environmental effect associated with the use of it have made the topic of "thermal insulation regulations" a major concern in Jordan and worldwide. This paper reviews the overall heat transfer coefficient U-value in Jordanian code for the building envelope, which represents how much the building envelope transfer heat to the outside environment. U-value was reviewed with respect to the following factors, heating degree-days, the heating load required to achieve thermal comfort. Based on the review a new U-value of 0.65 W/m 2 .K was proposed and it was found that this value reduces the energy demand by half.
  • [会议] Ramp-Rate Risk Characterization and Comparison using Survival Theory
    摘要:The increasing penetration levels of wind energy predicates informed assessment of power system risk. There is potential to alleviate the required post-hoc rectification of the demand/generation imbalances in the planning phase. This may be accomplished through the development of planning tools which assess the potential relative wind farm risk for loss of generation events. This paper describes the application of survival analysis techniques to specified ramp-rate exceedances in pursuit of the quantification of relative risk. The methodology is demonstrated on the measured wind speeds of two meteorological masts. The wind speed measurements are subsequently upscaled to aggregated wind farm power using existing techniques. Events are extracted from the power series for specified ramp-rate exceedances. Finally, the Cox proportional hazards model is applied to estimate relative temporal risk of the occurrence of events. This method may be applied, with minor adjustments, to generate relative risk maps to inform effective wind farm siting.
  • [会议] Sensorless Active Damping of LCL_Filter based on MRAS Estimator for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter
    摘要:To meet standards regarding grid-tied systems, LCL filters are used instead of L filters because they allow lower inductances while reducing cost and size. However, LCL filters present resonance that cause instability issues. In view of this, two damping methods were proposed in the literature: Passive and Active Damping. Active damping techniques are preferred to avoid additional losses with passive techniques and thereby increasing the inverter efficiency but need the use of an additional sensor to measure the capacitor filter current.This paper addresses a MRAS (Model Reference Adaptive System) based capacitor filter estimator with an active damping current control of a single phase grid connected inverter.In order to guarantee the robustness of the designed MRAS estimator, the inverter control operation is tested under a wide range of grid impedance variation.
  • [会议] Basics on Energy Economics of Renewable Power Generation Projects : A focus on utility-scale PV plants inclusion on national grid
    摘要:The objective of this work is to evaluate the solar photovoltaic power addressing the perspective of this kind of power generation and its barriers in the Brazilian Market, taking into consideration the economic perspective of the country and the initial phase of development of the technology in the country. To better address the economics behind the solar power generation a case study of a solar power plant in Northeast Brazil, with a capacity of 30MW is analyzed and discussed in detail from the investor's perspective. One of the main challenges faced for the case study is the lack of clear legislations based on the modal of power generation. Nevertheless, this article demonstrates successfully the financial and economic viability of the photovoltaic power plant in question and it the business plan could be extrapolated to other photovoltaic power plants.
  • [会议] Numerical Study on the Cathode Channel Width Ratio for Improving Performance of Air Cooled PEMFC
    摘要:In this study, we present the effects of bipolar plate design to control the temperature of the cell and ensure effective water management under an excessive amount of air flow and low humidification conditions in the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). The PEMFC model developed in our previous study is applied to consider a three type of bipolar plate that is defined by ratio of inlet channel width to outlet channel width. Simulation results show that the design which has narrow gas inlet channel and wide gas outlet channel width (wide coolant inlet channel and narrow coolant outlet channel width) make the relative humidity and water concentration increase in the channel and the catalyst layer. Therefore, this study clearly demonstrates that the dehydration phenomenon can be decreased by using design of bipolar plate with narrow gas inlet channel and wide gas outlet channel width(wide coolant inlet channel and narrow coolant outlet channel width)..
  • [会议] Modified Equation of State and Sublimation Pressure of Antibiotic Penicillin G
    摘要:Last years, many usual solvents in chemical industries were replaced by supercritical fluids (SCF) which are considered as green and efficient solvents. Much attention has been given to the different processes involving these environmentally benign solvents especially to extraction of different solid solutes. But the design and development of processes involving SCF depend on how easy the phase equilibrium can be accurately modeled and predicted. The modeling of fluid-solid equilibrium is associated with a number of drawbacks particularly when compressed gas models as equation of states (EOS) are considered. One of them is sublimation pressure which is considered as the predominant influencer on solubility in SCF and unavailability of its experimental values presents an obstacle to the thermodynamic modeling of solubility data from where its estimation is necessary. In this work, a modified equation of state is used for solubilities of antibiotic Penicillin G to discuss the effect of a non accurate estimation of sublimation pressure on the ability and capacity of the model.
  • [会议] Theoretical Study of the novel control strategy of Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning System
    摘要:In this paper, a theoretical study of the thermal performance for hybrid solar air conditioning system was presented to investigate the system performance and suitability for the hot climate with a new control system strategy. The system consists of a vapor compression unit combined with evacuated tubes solar collector and water storage tank. A three-way valve is controlled by a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller to regulate the 3-way valve opening towards the solar system to achieve the minimum temperature of refrigerant leaving the condenser (degree of subcooled), in order to enhance the overall COP of the unit. The governing thermal equations concerning the hybrid solar air conditioning system was applied and solved using engineering equation solver (EES) Software. The results showed that the compression ratio of the uncontrolled hybrid solar system is lower than the compression ratio of the conventional one by 5 %, and this ratio could be increased to 28 % when the control system has been used. Also, the minimum value of the power consumption is 830 W at R = 0.1 and T amb = 45 ° C, while the maximum value is 994 W at R = 1 for the same conditions. The power consumption of the uncontrolled system is lower than the power consumption of the conventional one by 7 % and increases to 23 % by using the control system. An acceptable agreement can be achieved when validating the theoretical model results with experimental results.
  • [会议] Olive mill wastewater controlled drying for material and water recovery
    摘要:This work aims to bring a sustainable solution for the management of the hazardous olive mill wastewaters (OMWW) which are produced in large amounts in Mediterranean countries. The proposed strategy allows not only an energetic valorization but also the recovery of the contained water for possible reuse in agriculture. More precisely, the OMWW were firstly impregnated onto different biomasses, namely sawdust and wood chips. These biomasses were then dried in a convective drier and the evaporated water was condensed and recovered. The physico-chemical characterization of the so-obtained waters showed that they can be used in irrigation after their mixing with natural waters. As for the dried biomasses, they presented interesting mechanical and thermal properties which suggested making pellets out of them in order to get biofuels for pyrolysis processes. The resulting solid residue, in turn, could be valorized in agriculture as biofertilizer.
  • [会议] Energy Source Planning for an Enterprise Renewable Energies
    摘要:This paper present a discussion about solar energy installed together with an energy storage (ES) in batteries, and these systems are connected to the distribution network. In addition to analyzing a way to mitigate one of a problem found in this source, the insecurity due to unpredictability of the weather. For that, the idea is to analyze and use a battery found in the market. In order to carry out a complete and objective analysis, it adopted the model found in the Integrated Resource Planning, computation and valuation, which analyzed four dimensions (Environmental, Political, Social and Technical / Economic) of the distribution network and the energy storage. For that, a shopping mall was adopted as a case study where, besides the supply of energy through the distribution network, a photovoltaic system and a battery were also adopted.