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  • [专利] High permeability composition and application thereof

    (JP2017036327) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To develop a novel compound which can be delivered effectively and efficiently to a site of action in a certain state (e.g., disease) for preventing, reducing, or treating the state in a biological subject while minimiz

  • [专利] Process for producing graphite film and graphite film produced thereby

    (US9745196) In order to obtain a graphite film having an excellent thermal diffusivity, a high density, and excellent flatness without flaws, recesses and wrinkles on the surface, the process for producing a graphite film according to the present invention

  • [专利] 一种​苯胺​功能​化氮​掺杂​石墨​烯​改性​钛​酸​锂​复合材料、其​制备​方法​及其​应用

    (CN106340635) 本​发明​提供​了​种​改性​钛​酸​锂​复合材料​的​制备​方法,包括​以下​步骤:A)将​氧化​石墨​烯​溶液、钛​酸​锂、水​与​氮源​混合​后​水​热​反应,得到​氮​掺杂​石墨​烯​改性​的​钛​酸​锂​复合材料,所​述​氮源​为​结构​中​存在​吡啶​氮、吡​咯​氮​和​石墨​化氮​中的​种​或​多种​的​氮源;B)将​步骤​A)得到​的​复合材料、胺​源​与​溶剂​混合​后​浸渍​反应,得到​改性​钛​酸​锂​复合材料;所​述​胺​源​为​可与​步骤​A)得到​的​

  • [专利] Gas analysis and pretreatment device for pre-treatment methods for gas analysis

    (JP2017106903) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Separating the high purity gas to be extracted, it is possible to extract gas analysis and pretreatment device for providing a sample pretreatment method for gas analysis. SOLUTION: Gas analytical pretreatment device 1

  • [专利] Method for prevention of colectomy

    (JP2017061508) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide drugs for the treatment of chronic active ulcerative colitis (UC) in a subject that is refractory or responds insufficiently or is intolerant to anti-inflammatory therapy.SOLUTION: An oligonucleotide, a drug,

  • [专利] Non-transgene transfection for therapeutic purposes

    (JP2017052781) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a composition and a method, which are involved in tumor suppression and prevention of pathogens from infecting cells.SOLUTION: The present invention provides a method that comprises: introducing into a cell a

  • [专利] Recording method

    (US20170072709) A recording method includes a first drying step of evaporating 50 to 85 wt % of ink adhering on a recording medium, the ink being ejected from a recording head onto a surface of the recording medium back side of which is supported on a medi

  • [专利] Polymer coated substrate

    (JP2017138577) The present invention relates to a polymeric substrate being coated with a reflective coating, particularly a chromium-based reflective coating. The polymeric substrate may be used in vehicle components, such as rear view devices. The coat

  • [专利] Excellent interlayer adhesive graphite sheet for composite sheet with EMI shield and heat radiation Composite sheet with EMI shield and heat radiation containing the same and Manufacturing method thereof

    (KR101760313) This invention between layer the adhesive force as for under the excellent graphite seat and this inclusion about the electromagnetic waves screening and heat dissipation complex seat and different meaning manufacturing method as the thing, i

  • [专利] Antibody - drug conjugate form and its (ADC) method

    (JP2017114848) A compound of formula (I) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof is provided. In formula (I), R1, R2 and R3 are each, independently, hydrogen, amino, nitro, halogen, hydroxyl, C1-C6 alkoxy, carboxylic acid, C1-C6 alkoxycar

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