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  • [专利] Semiconductor Device

    (KR20170069916) Performance of a semiconductor device is improved. Graphene particles are mixedly added in a sealing resin covering a semiconductor chip. The graphene particles are thus mixedly added in the sealing resin, thereby thermal conduction of th

  • [专利] Negative electrode active material, negative electrode and using the lithium ion secondary battery

    (JP2017107843) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Negative electrode active material having a high rate characteristics and provides a lithium ion secondary battery. SOLUTION: Negative electrode active material according to the present invention, a compound composed o

  • [专利] Apparatus and system for air-borne cleaning of surfaces

    (WO201791354) There is provided a system and method of cleaning surfaces of an interior cabin space of a contamination comprising a microbial and viral load. The method includes the steps of sealing the interior cabin space and placing water, and a solid

  • [专利] Algin oligosaccharides and the derivatives thereof as well as the manufacture and the use of the same

    (US20170112870) The invention provides an alginate oligosaccharide and its derivatives with the degree of polymerization ranging from 2 to 22. The alginate oligosaccharide is composed of β-D-mannuronic acid linked by 1,4 glycosidic bonds. The derivatives

  • [专利] Stabilized formulations containing anti-pcsk9 antibodies

    (JP2017071620) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide pharmaceutical formulations comprising a human antibody that specifically binds to human proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9).SOLUTION: Provided is a pre-filled syringe composition comprising

  • [专利] Complexes of rna and cationic peptides for transfection and for immunostimulation

    (US20170065727) The present invention relates to a complexed RNA, comprising at least one RNA complexed with one or more oligopeptides, wherein the oligopeptide, which has the function of cell-penetrating peptide (CPP), has a length of 8 to 15 amino acids

  • [专利] 低​熔点​金属​及其​制备​方法​和​应用

    (CN106702243) 本​发明​提供​了​种​低​熔点​金属​及其​制备​方法​和​应用,其​特征​在于,所​述​的​低​熔点​金属​包含​铟、锡​和​锌。所​述​铟、锡​和​锌​的​质量​分数​范围​分别为​铟​49%~52%、锡​45%~50%、锌​1.5%~2.3%。可​广泛​用于​航天​热​控、先进​能源、信息​电子​等​需​降低​接触​热​阻​或​电阻​的​导热、导电​及​散热​领域。

  • [专利] 一种​双​组​份​水溶性​喷​胶​及其​制备​方法

    (CN106700764) 本​发明​提供​种​双​组​份​水溶性​喷​胶​及其​制备​方法,该​喷​胶​包括​以下​重量​份​的​组分:A​组​份:醋酸​乙烯‑乙烯​共聚​乳液​70‑90​份;环氧树脂​8‑15​份;水性​松香​乳液​2‑10​份;消​泡​剂​0.1‑0.5​份;润湿​剂​1‑2​份;B​组分:环​氧​固化剂​2‑5​份;异​氰酸​酯​固化剂​2‑5​份;所​述​A​组​份​和​所​述​B​组分​的​质​量比​1‑3:1。本​发明​提供​的​双​组分​喷​胶​以​醋酸​乙烯‑乙烯​共聚​

  • [专利] 一种​核能​肥​及其​制备​方法​和​应用

    (CN106699292) 本​发明​涉及​种​核能​肥​及其​制备​方法​和​应用,包含​以下​重量​份数​的​原料:植物​蛋白粉:40‑70​份;黄​腐​酸​钾:20‑40​份;矿质​元素:2‑16.3​份;生物​酶:0.2‑1​份。本​发明​所​述​的​核能​肥,能够​提高​农作物​抗寒、抗旱、抗倒伏、抗病虫害​能力,并且​还可​缩短​果蔬​的​生长​周期,还​能够​促进​细胞分裂,保​花​保​果,提高​农作物​的​产量。

  • [专利] 一种​防水​胶​黏​剂

    (CN106700980) 种​防水​胶​黏​剂,包括​如下​重量​份数​的​配方​组分:氧​化二​锑​2‑4​份、脲醛​树脂​3‑8​份、六​氯​环​十二​烷​2‑8​份、石棉​粉​4‑9​份、硼砂​1‑2​份、聚丙烯​醇​11‑14​份、膨​润​土​3‑8​份。种​防水​胶​黏​剂​的​制备​方法,包括​以下​步骤:分别​按照​重量​称量​上述​原料,将​氧​化二​锑、脲醛​树脂​和​六​氯​环​十二​烷​放入​反应​罐中,加热​反应​罐,以​20℃/min​的​速度​升温​至​130℃,匀速​沿​同方

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