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  • [专利] Pyrazolyl-triazolyl-pyridines as pest-control agents

    (WO2015193216) The invention relates to novel pyrazolyl-triazolyl-pyridines of general formula (I), in which the radicals A1-A4, W, Q, R1, R5 and Z1-Z3 have the meaning cited in the description. The invention also relates to methods for producing the compounds of formula (I). The compounds according to the invention are in particular suitable for controlling insects, arachnids in agricultural applications and for controlling ectoparasites in veterinary medicine.

  • [专利] Method for thermal decomposition of plastic waste and/or biomass and apparatus for process management

    (WO2015194978) The invention relates to a method for thermal decomposition of plastic waste and/or biomass, characterised in that plastic waste and/or biomass are subjected to a thermal treatment in the reactor in the presence of loose, process temperature-resistant spatial elements having a distinct intrinsic surface area. The invention further relates to apparatus for process management.

  • [专利] Aryl fused lactams as ezh2 modulators

    (WO2015193768) This invention relates to compounds of Formula (I) in which R1, R2, R3, R4, X and Z are as defined herein, and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, to pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds and salts, and to methods of using such compounds, salts and compositions for the treatment of abnormal cell growth, including cancer.

  • [专利] Methods, reagents and cells for biosynthesizing compounds

    (WO2015195703) This document describes biochemical pathways for producing glutaric acid, 5 aminopentanoic acid, 5-hydroxypentanoic acid or 1,5-pentanediol by forming one or two terminal functional groups, comprised of carboxyl, amine or hydroxyl group, in a C5 backbone substrate such as cadaverine or 5-aminopentanamide.

  • [专利] Compound for organic electronic element, organic electronic element using same, and electronic device thereof

    (WO2015194791) A compound represented by chemical formula 1 is disclosed. In addition, an organic electronic element comprising a first electrode, a second electrode and an organic layer between the first electrode and the second electrode is disclosed, wherein the organic layer comprises the compound represented by chemical formula 1. Luminous efficiency, stability and lifetime can be improved when the compound represented by chemical formula 1 is contained in the organic layer.

  • [专利] Bet-protein inhibiting 3,4-dihydropyrido[2,3-b]pyrazinones with meta-substituted aromatic amino- or ether groups

    (WO2015193219) The invention relates to BET-protein-inhibiting, in particular BRD4-inhibiting 3,4-dihydropyrido[2,3-b]pyrazinones with meta-substituted aromatic amino or ether groups of general formula (I), in which A, X, Y, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, and n have the meanings indicated in the description, pharmaceutical agents containing the claimed compounds, and the prophylactic and therapeutic use of said pharmaceutical agents in the case of hyperproliferative diseases, in particular in the case of tumor diseases. The invention further relates to the use of BET protein inhibitors in the case of viral infections, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases, and atherosclerotic diseases and in male fertility control.

  • [专利] Methods and apparatuses for removing amines from extracted hydrocarbon streams

    (WO2015195402) Methods and apparatuses for processing hydrocarbons are provided. In one embodiment, a method for processing a hydrocarbon stream includes feeding a hydrocarbon stream including amine and mercaptan to an extraction zone. The method includes contacting the hydrocarbon stream with an alkaline stream in the extraction zone to convert the mercaptan to a mercaptide. Further, the method includes contacting the hydrocarbon stream with water in the extraction zone to remove the amine from the hydrocarbon stream.

  • [专利] 一种​球形​硒​化​银粒​子​的​制备​方法

    (CN105036092B) 本​发明​公开​了​种​球形​硒​化​银粒​子​的​制备​方法,以​硒​粉​和​银​氨​配合​物​为​原料,在​有机​溶剂​中、于​160~220℃温度​下​反应​4~24​小时​后​清洗、干燥​制成​球形​硒​化​银粒​子。本​发明​的​制备​方法​以​硒​粉​和​银​氨​配合​物​为​原料、乙二醇​作为​溶剂​和​还原剂,制备​过程中​毒性​小、对​环境污染​小;制备​出​的​AgSe​分散​性好、粒径​为​50~500nm,可用​于​工业化生产。

  • [专利] Powdery water-soluble cationic polymer composition

    (EP3186199) The invention relates to powdery, water-soluble, cationic polymer composition comprising at least two different cationic polymers, namely a first cationic polymer and a second cationic polymer, which differ in chemical nature and molecular weight, as well to a method for producing such powdery, water-soluble, cationic polymer composition, and to its use for promoting flocculation in solid-liquid separation, for example as a retention aid in paper manufacture, and in sludge dewatering/wastewater purification. (From US2017226696 A1)

  • [专利] 硬化​触媒、硬化​性​樹脂​組成​物​および​その​硬化​体

    (JP2016027471W) [Problem] To obtain a curing catalyst which has the excellent property of curing synthetic resins and is less apt to color the synthetic resins, a curable resin composition containing the curing catalyst, and a cured object obtained from the composition. [Solution] A curing catalyst functioning to cure synthetic resins, which comprises (A) a zirconium alkoxide and (B) at least one ligand selected from among hydroxycarboxylic acid esters and malonic acid diesters; a curable resin composition comprising the curing catalyst and (D) a crosslinkable silylated resin; and a cured object obtained by curing the composition. (From WO2016027471 A1)

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