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    (RU2015135443) A sustainable material suitable for three-dimensional printing is disclosed. The sustainable material comprises a resin derived from recycled polyethylene terephthalate oligomer and a bio-based glycol. The resulting sustainable material provides a robust 3-D printing material. (From US2016068693 A1)

  • [专利] Method for producing synthetic graphite

    (RU2620052) FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: at first coke crushed to a size less than 100 micron with a density of 1.38-2.02 g/cmis mixed with pitch with a melting point of 85-135°C taken in excess. The excess pitch is removed simultaneously with mixing the primary components in the mixing units during the thermopolycondensation reaction at the mixing time from 10 to 30 hours and at temperature of from 240 to 320°C under atmospheric pressure. The resulting composition is pulverized to powder with a particle size of 100% less than 500 microns from which semifinished products are pressed. The pressed semifinished products are heat treated in two stages with intercooling: in the first - at 1000±200°C, in the second - at 2600±300°C. The produced synthetic graphite has a density of 1.79-1.81 g/cmand a strength of 90 MPa. The range of density indicators of the produced synthetic graphite is ± 0.1 g/cm. The method is eco-friendly by reducing the amount of volatile matters.EFFECT: reduced number of process steps, less equipment units, reduced labor costs.2 cl, 1 tbl, 9 ex

  • [专利] Composition for heat-dissipation members heat-dissipation member electronic device and heat-dissipation member production method

    (KR20170046685) The invention of the present application provides: a composition capable of forming heat-dissipation members having high thermal conductivity; and a heat-dissipation member. The composition for heat-dissipation members includes: a first inorganic filler which is thermally conductive, and which is bonded to one terminal of a coupling agent; and a second inorganic filler which is thermally conductive, is bonded to one terminal of a coupling agent, and also has, bonded to another terminal of the coupling agent bonded thereto, a polymerizable compound that is at least bifunctional. In the composition for heat-dissipation members, curing is used to bond, to the polymerizable compound of the second inorganic filler, another terminal of the coupling agent bonded to the first inorganic filler. (From WO2016031888 A1)

  • [专利] Ink composition for plasma treatment detection, and plasma treatment detection indicator

    (US20170101548) The ink composition for detecting plasma treatment comprises an organic dye and at least one member selected from the group consisting of a photopolymerization initiator, silica, and hydrophobic alumina.

  • [专利] Catalyst activators, methods of preparation and use in polymerization processes

    (SG11201701469U) Catalyst activators and methods for their preparation and their use in processes for polymerizing olefins are described. In particular, catalyst activators derived from aluminum alkyls and their use with metallocene type catalyst systems and/or conventional-type transition metal catalyst systems are described. (From WO2016036559 A1)

  • [专利] 一种​聚​羧酸​盐​混凝土​高效​保​坍​剂​及其​制备​方法

    (CN105174775) 本​发明​提供​了​一种​聚​羧酸​盐​混凝土​高效​保​坍​剂​及其​制备​方法,该​保​坍​剂​对​水泥​的​适应​性好、高​保​塑,高度​保持​水泥​的​和易​性、可​泵​性,减少​坍落度​损失;所有​步骤​在​一个​反应器​内​完成,具有​简单​快速、工艺​可靠​的​优点,便于​工业化生产。

  • [专利] Extraction agent for precious metals and rhenium, and extraction method for precious metals and rhenium using same

    (PH12015501867) The present invention extracts precious metals from an acidic solution containing precious metals in an early and highly efficient manner. Provided is an extraction agent for precious metals that is represented by the general formula below. In the formula, R1 and R2 each represent the same alkyl group or different alkyl groups, R3 represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, and R4 represents a hydrogen atom or a discretionary group that is not an amino group and that bonds to a carbon as an amino acid. It is preferable that the general formula have a glycine unit, a histidine unit, a lysine unit, an aspartic acid unit, or an N-methylglycine unit. By subjecting an acidic solution containing precious metals to solvent extraction using the extraction agent for precious metals, a plurality of precious metals can be recovered all at once from a solution containing a large amount of various impurities. When recovering precious metals, it is preferable that the pH be set to 3.0 or less and further preferable that the pH be set to 2.5 or less. In addition, it is possible to separate palladium from other precious metals by performing reverse extraction using a second acidic solution having a lower pH than the original acidic solution.

  • [专利] Perfluoropolyvinyl modified aryl intermediates and monomers

    (US20150361030) A compound of formula (I) wherein Rf is —CF3, —C2F5, or —CF2CFXCF3; X is —F, or —OC3F7; Y is —H, —Cl, or —Br; R is —OH, —(CH2)nOH, —(OCH2CH2)mOH, —(CH2)n(OCH2CH2)mOH, —O—C(O)—R1, —(CH2)nO—C(O)—R1, —(OCH2CH2)mOC(O)—R1, —C(O)NHw(CH2CH2OH)2-w, —C≡N, —C≡CH, or —C(O)R2; n is 1 to 10; m is 1 to 10; R1 is C1 to C10 alkyl; R2 is —H, C1 to C10 alkyl, —Cl, or —OCH2CH2OH; a is 1 to 5; b is 1 to 5; and w is 0, 1 or 2.

  • [专利] Production of Higher Alcohols with Minimum Methanol Content from the Gasification of Carbonaceous Materials

    (US20150361015) Systems and methods for generating higher alcohols from synthesis gas produced from carbonaceous materials are described, which can include a reactor configured to produce an alcohol stream and CO2 from a syngas feed. The alcohol stream can be separated in one or more downstream separators to produce a net reactor product and a methanol stream that can recycled into the reactor. The net reactor product preferably comprises higher-order alcohols such as ethanol, propanol, and butanol.

  • [专利] 一种​炉​内​压制​二次​成型​装置

    (CN205011626U) 本​实用​新型​涉及​汽车​玻璃​弯曲​成型​领域,特别是​涉及​在​加热炉​内​直接​对​加热​软化​后的​玻璃板​进行​弯曲​成型​的​装置,具体​地​是​一种​炉​内​压制​二次​成型​装置。该​炉​内​压制​二次​成型​装置​包括​底座​支架​和​成型​凹​模,还包括​内​成型​环、两根​转动​连杆​和​两个​升降​摇杆,在​底座​支架​前​侧边​部​分别​设置​两个​导向​座;每​根​转动​连杆​包括​第一​拉杆​和​第二​拉杆;每个​升降​摇杆​包括​支撑​座​和​Z​字形​摇杆,支撑​座​的​顶部​开设​一个​通​孔,Z​字形​摇杆​的​顶部​横​臂​穿过​对应​的​支撑​座​的​通​孔。本​实用​新型​能够​在​加热炉​内​对​加热​软化​的​玻璃板​进行​二次​压制​成型,纠正​其​难以​完全​贴附​到​凸​模​上​的​弊端,能够​解决​玻璃板​边​部​波浪、模具​痕迹​以及​边​部​光​畸变​等​缺陷,达到​边​部​压制​均匀​效果,使​生产过程​更加​的​稳定。

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