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  • [会议] Thermodynamic Analysis on of Skid-Mounted Coal-bed Methane Liquefaction Device using Cryogenic Turbo-Expander
    Coal-bed methane (CBM) reserves are rich in Sinkiang of China, and liquefaction is a critical step for the CBM exploration and utilization. Different from other CBM gas fields in China, CBM distribution in Sinkiang is widespread but scattered, and the pressure, flow-rate and nitrogen content of CBM feed vary significantly. The skid-mounted liquefaction device is suggested as an efficient and economical way to recover methane. Turbo-expander is one of the most important parts which generates the cooling capacity for the cryogenic liquefaction system. Using turbo-expander, more cooling capacity and higher liquefied fraction can be achieved. In this study, skid-mounted CBM liquefaction processes based on Claude cycle are established. Cryogenic turbo-expander with high expansion ratio is employed to improve the efficiency of CBM liquefaction process. The unit power consumption per liquefaction mole flow-rate for CBM feed gas is used as the object function for process optimization, compressor discharge pressure, flow ratio of feed gas to turbo-expander and nitrogen friction are analyzed, and optimum operation range of the liquefaction processes are obtained.
    关键词: Coal liquefaction (major);Coal bed methane;Coal deposits;Cooling;Cryogenics;Gas compressors;Gas industry;Liquefaction;Methane;Natural gas fields;Nitrogen;Optimization;Proven reserves;Thermoanalysis;Turboexpanders
  • [会议] Study on the technology of compound enzymatic hydrolysis of whole passion fruit
    Fresh Whole Passion Fruit was used as raw material, The enzymatic hydrolysis technology of Passion Fruit by Complex enzyme were studied, The effects of enzyme dosage, Enzyme ratio(cellulose: pectinase), pH, temperature and time on the hydrolysis were investigated by single-Tests and orthogonal tests, the hydrolysis indicators of single-factor tests and orthogonal tests were juice yield. The optimal hydrolysis conditions of Passion Fruit by Complex enzyme were enzyme dosage 0.12%, Enzyme ratio 5:1, hydrolysis temperature 50 C, pH4.0 and time 3.5 h. Under such conditions, juice yield of Passion Fruit was 92.91%.
    关键词: Enzymatic hydrolysis (major);Enzymes;Fruits;Hydrolysis
  • [会议] Research and application of multi-hydrogen acidizing technology of low-permeability reservoirs for increasing water injection
    The physical characteristics of Xiliu 10 Block reservoir is poor, it has strong reservoir inhomogeneity between layers and high kaolinite content of the reservoir, the scaling trend of fluid is serious, causing high block injection well pressure and difficulty in achieving injection requirements. In the past acidizing process, the reaction speed with mineral is fast, the effective distance is shorter and It is also easier to lead to secondary sedimentation in conventional mud acid system. On this point, we raised multi-hydrogen acid technology, multi-hydrogen acid release hydrogen ions by multistage ionization which could react with pore blockage, fillings and skeletal effects with less secondary pollution. Multi-hydrogen acid system has advantages as moderate speed, deep penetration, clay low corrosion rate, wet water and restrains precipitation, etc. It can reach the goal of plug removal in deep stratum. The field application result shows that multi-hydrogen acid plug removal method has good effects on application in low permeability reservoir in Block Xiliu 10.
    关键词: Low permeability reservoirs (major);Acidization;Hydrogen;Injection (oil wells);Kaolinite;Oil well flooding;Petroleum reservoir engineering;Reservoirs (water);Water injection
  • [会议] A new submarine oil-water separation system
    In order to solve the oil field losses of environmental problems and economic benefit caused by the separation of lifting production liquid to offshore platforms in the current offshore oil production, from the most basic separation principle, a new oil-water separation system has been processed of adsorption and desorption on related materials, achieving high efficiency and separation of oil and water phases. And the submarine oil-water separation device has been designed. The main structure of the device consists of gas-solid phase separation device, period separating device and adsorption device that completed high efficiency separation of oil, gas and water under the adsorption and desorption principle, and the processing capacity of the device is calculated.
    关键词: Offshore oil well production (major);Adsorption;Desorption;Driers (materials);Drilling platforms;Offshore oil fields;Offshore structures;Oil fields;Phase separation;Separation;Submarines
  • [会议] Experimental Study on Treatment of Dyeing Wastewater by Activated Carbon Adsorption, Coagulation and Fenton Oxidation
    In this paper dyeing waste water was simulated by reactive brilliant blue XBR, activated carbon adsorption process, coagulation process and chemical oxidation process were used to treat dyeing waste water. In activated carbon adsorption process and coagulation process, the water absorbance values were measured. The CODcr value of water was determined in Fenton chemical oxidation process. Then, the decolorization rate and COD removal rate were calculated respectively. The results showed that the optimum conditions of activated carbon adsorption process were as follows: pH=2, the dosage of activated carbon was 1.2g/L, the adsorption reaction time was 60 min, and the average decolorization rate of the three parallel experiments was 85.30%. The optimum conditions of coagulation experiment were as follows: pH=8∼9, PAC dosage was 70mg/L, stirring time was 20min, standing time was 45min, the average decolorization rate of the three parallel experiments was 74.48%. The optimum conditions for Fenton oxidation were Fe2+ 0.05g/L, H2O2 (30%) 14mL/L, pH=3, reaction time 40min. The average CODcr removal rate was 69.35% in three parallel experiments. It can be seen that in the three methods the activated carbon adsorption treatment of dyeing wastewater was the best one.
    关键词: Activated carbon treatment (major);Activated carbon;Adsorption;Chemical oxygen demand;Chemical water treatment;Coagulation;Dyeing;Iron compounds;Oxidation;Oxidation resistance;pH;Wastewater treatment;Water treatment
  • [会议] Remote Sensing Studies of Suspended Sediment Concentration Variation in Barito Delta
    The dynamic of suspended sediment concentration in Barito Delta depend on the process in upstream. Agriculture, mining, and illegal logging in Barito River upstream has an effect for suspended sediment concentration in Barito Delta. The objective of research is to estimate the variation of suspended sediment concentration in Barito Delta. The data of research consist of Landsat 7 in year 2011 and measurement result data of suspended sediment concentration both in wet season and dry season in year 2011. Data analysis is regression analysis to estimates the variation of suspended sediment concentration in Barito Delta. The method of research compares three types of spectral transformation for suspended sediment that is Normalized Suspended Material Index (NSMI), Normalized Differences Suspended Sediment Index (NDSSI), and band ratio (green/blue). The result of the transformation is compared with the value of the field measurement. Based on the result of the comparison can be known the suitable type of transformation for the suspended sediment estimation in Barito Delta. The result of research explains that NSMI has the highest value to estimate the variation of suspended sediment concentration in Barito Delta.
    关键词: Suspended sediments (major);Regression analysis;Remote sensing;Sedimentation;Sediments
  • [会议] Thermodynamic analysis on the CO2 conversion processes of methane dry reforming for hydrogen production and CO2 hydrogenation to dimethyl ether
    Based on the principle of Gibbs free energy minimization, the thermodynamic analysis on the CO2 conversion processes of dry reforming of methane for H2 and CO2 hydrogenation to dimethyl ether was carried out. The composition of the reaction system was determined on the basis of reaction mechanism. The effects of reaction temperature, pressure and raw material composition on the equilibrium conversion and the selectivity of products were analyzed. The results show that high temperature, low pressure, CO2/CH4 molar ratio of 1.0-1.5 and appropriate amount of oxygen are beneficial to the dry reforming of methane. For CO2 hydrogenation to dimethyl ether, low temperature, high pressure, the appropriate H2/CO2 and the proper CO addition in feed are favorable. The calculated results are compared with the relevant studies, indicating that industrial catalytic technology needs further improvement.
    关键词: Temperature (major);Carbon dioxide;Ethers;Free energy;Fuels;Gibbs free energy;Hydrogen production;Hydrogenation;Methane;Thermoanalysis;Thermodynamic properties
  • [会议] Comparison of hydroxy naphthoquinone from North Qinglongyi with different storage times
    Objective: To determine the appropriate solvent for the extraction of hydroxy naphthoquinone, and to establish a method for the determination of the content of hydroxy naphthoquinone in the North Qinglongyi, and compare the changes of the content of hydroxy naphthoquinone in North Qinglongyi with different storage times. Methods: According to the nature of hydroxy naphthoquinone in alkaline solution will be discolored, so this experiment for Juglone as the standard reagent, 5% KOH solution as a developer, and the absorbance was measured by UV-spectrophotometry at the wavelength of 515 nm. The content of hydroxy naphthoquinone in North Qinglongyi was determined by colorimetric method, and the contents of hydroxy naphthoquinone in North Qinglongyi of different storage times were compared. Results: The optimum extraction solvent was ethyl acetate. The recoveries were 97.73%±1.11% and the RSD was 1.14% (n = 6). The contents of hydroxy naphthoquinone in the North Qinglunyi were 0.0141%, 0.0104% and 0.0073%, respectively, for one year, two years and three years. The content of hydroxy naphthoquinone decreased with the storage time prolonged. Conclusion This experimental method was stability, high recovery rate, simple and reliable. According to the results of this experiment, we can see that the storage time of North Qinglunyi should not be too long. Should try to choose this year's North Qinglunyi for experimental research.
    关键词: Ketones (major);Extraction;Potash;Potassium compounds;Solvent extraction
  • [会议] Study on Extraction, Isolation and Structure Identification of the Chemical Constituents of Hippeastrum vittatum
    The MTT assay results show that the four parts extraction of amaryllis leaves significantly and dose-dependently inhabit HepG2 cellular proliferation. After Separate and purify the compounds in n-butanol section by multiplex chromatography, two compounds were acquired. According to the date of 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, MS and other spectroscopic data along with the physical and chemical properties, two compounds structure are identified, namely 2S-7,3'-dihydroxy-4'-methoxy-flavan and (2S)-7-hydroxy-3",4'-dimethoxy-flavan. This two compounds is isolated from Hippeastrum.
    关键词: Chemical compounds (major);Cell proliferation;Chromatography;Extraction
  • [会议] Numerical investigation of cryogen re-gasification in a plate heat exchanger
    The efficient re-gasification of cryogen is a crucial process in many cryogenic installations. It is especially important in the case of LNG evaporators used in stationary and mobile applications (e.g. marine and land transport). Other gases, like nitrogen or argon can be obtained at highest purity after re-gasification from their liquid states. Plate heat exchangers (PHE) are characterized by a high efficiency. Application of PHE for liquid gas vaporization processes can be beneficial. PHE design and optimization can be significantly supported by numerical modelling. Such calculations are very challenging due to very high computational demands and complexity related to phase change modelling. In the present work, a simplified mathematical model of a two phase flow with phase change was introduced. To ensure fast calculations a simplified two-dimensional (2D) numerical model of a real PHE was developed. It was validated with experimental measurements and finally used for LNG re-gasification modelling. The proposed numerical model showed to be orders of magnitude faster than its full 3D original.
    关键词: Numerical models (major);Cryogenics;Gasification;Heat exchangers;Liquefied gases;Marine applications;Natural gas transportation;Nitrogen;Two phase flow