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  • [专利] Positive resist composition and patterning process
    (KR20160105762) Provided in the present invention is a positive resist material, comprising a polymer compound having a repeating unit represented by chemical formula 1 or 2. The material of the present invention has significantly high resolution, and is significantly useful for an accurate fine processing, in a fine processing technology, particularly an ArF lithography technology.
  • [专利] Method of combined cell digestion and extraction of oil-containing seeds
    (WO201741776) The invention relates to a method of combined cell digestion and extraction of oil-containing seeds having an oil content of > 30% by mass, wherein production of a slurry from the oilseeds and ethanol is followed by a combination of cell digestion with a subsequent ethanolic extraction, wherein the smaller portion of the oil present in the seed cells of the oilseed and the alcohol-soluble constituents present therein are transferred to the ethanol in accordance with the dissolution capacity of the ethanol for the oil and the alcohol-soluble constituents, and another, greater portion of the oil is displaced from the seed cells of the oilseed by the ethanol, forming a free oil phase in the ethanol. The free oil phase is removed and, according to the invention, has semi-raffinate quality. The complexity of refining that has been reduced thereby is a result and an advantage of the method of the invention.
  • [专利] Producing polyolefin products
    (IN201617030190) Catalyst systems and methods for making and using the same. A method of methylating a catalyst composition while substantially normalizing the entiomeric distribution is provided. The method includes slurrying the organometallic compound in dimethoxyethane (DME) and adding a solution of RMgBr in DME wherein R is a methyl group or a benzyl group and wherein the RMgBr is greater than about 2.3 equivalents relative to the organometallic compound. After the addition of the RMgBr the slurry is mixed for at least about four hours. An alkylated organometallic is isolated wherein the methylated species has a meso / rac ratio that is between about 0.9 and about 1.2.
  • [专利] Expedient synthesis of sitagliptin
    (IN201627030199) Novel intermediates are disclosed as intermediates for preparation of a Sitagliptin. A novel synthetic method to prepare Sitagliptin using the said intermediates is also disclosed. The process comprises the steps of: A1) providing an intermediate compound and A2) reacting the intermediate compound with a Michael donor to obtain the intermediate compound.
  • [专利] Compositions and methods for prevention and treatment of cancer
    (JP2017014255) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide compositions and methods related to immunotherapy and medicine which expand tumor-specific T cells that can efficiently attack cancerous cells.SOLUTION: The invention provides a method of treating a tumor or cancer in a subject comprising administering to the subject a conjugate, consisting of nanoparticles coated with a tumor specific antigen-presenting MHC class I and/or class II molecule and a costimulatory molecule, in an amount sufficient to expand a population of antigen-specific anti-tumorigenic T cells specific to the tumor or cancer. The antigen-specific anti-tumorigenic T cells include cytotoxic T cells, effector T cells, memory T cells, and helper T cells, which are necessary to initiate and maintain a substantial immune response against metastatic or non-metastatic cancerous, pre-cancerous, or neoplastic cells in vivo. The method comprises a systemic approach targeting cancerous or pre-cancerous cells that are circulating cells in lymphomas and the like, migratory metastatic cells, and solid tumors.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2
  • [专利] 固定化​白​腐​真菌​修复​克​百威​和​毒死​蜱​农药​污染​土壤​的​方法
    (CN106399126) 本​发明​涉及​种​固定化​白​腐​真菌​修复​克​百威​和​毒死​蜱​农药​污染​土壤​的​方法,即将​固定化​白​腐​真菌​分别​用于​克​百威​或​毒死​蜱​污染​的​土壤​进行​修复,其中​农药​的​浓度​100mg/kg,固定化​白​腐​真菌​投入​土壤​中的​量​为​3%,温度​为​15​~​35℃,pH​值​为​5​~​9,每隔​1d​进行​次​农药​降解​率​的​测定。本​发明​可以​在​较宽​的​pH、温度​及​浓度​范围内​处理​中、高浓度​的​污染物,在​环保​经济​的​情况下,使​克​百威​或​毒死​蜱​污染​的​土壤​得到​有效​的​修复。
  • [专利] Enhanced nvf copolymer process
    (JP2017025331) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a water soluble copolymer having a unimodal molecular weight distribution proved by practically one peak by a gel permeation slope elution chromatography analysis and a process of manufacturing method of the polymer.SOLUTION: There is provided a water soluble copolymer by copolymerizing N-vinylformamide of 99 to 1 mol% and one or more kind of vinyl C-Calkyl esters of 1 to 99 mol%, then hydrolyzing a formyl group from the copolymerized unit by 30 to 100 mol% to form an amino group and hydrolyzing a C-Calkylester group from the copolymerized unit by 30 to 100 mol% to form a hydroxyl group. There is provided a water soluble copolymer exhibiting a unimodal molecular weight in a gel permeation slope elution chromatography analysis.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
  • [专利] Murine anti-ny-eso-1 t cell receptors
    (US20170029483) The invention provides an isolated or purified T cell receptor (TCR) having antigenic specificity for NY-ESO-1. Also provided are related polypeptides, proteins, nucleic acids, recombinant expression vectors, isolated host cells, populations of cells, antibodies, or antigen binding portions thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions. The invention further provides a method of detecting the presence of cancer in a mammal and a method of treating or preventing cancer in a mammal using the inventive TCRs or related materials.
  • [专利] High temperature reforming process and catalyst for use therein
    (IN201617031694) A process for generating aromatics from a hydrocarbon feedstream is disclosed. The process includes the steps of (a) passing the hydrocarbon feedstream to a reformer wherein the reformer is operated at a temperature greater than 540°C; and (b) reforming the hydrocarbon feedstream to aromatics in the presence of a catalyst wherein the catalyst comprises (i) a refractory inorganic oxide support (ii) a platinum group metal (iii) a Group IVA metal (iv) a third metal selected from alkali metals and alkaline earth metals and (v) a halogen.
  • [专利] Composition of bitumen bases for the manufacture of bitumen containing a slurry residue
    (IN201617031599) The invention relates to a composition of bitumen bases comprising at least: a. 70 to 99 wt.% of at least one bitumen base having a penetrability at 25 °C less than or equal to 220 10 mm and a softening point greater than or equal to 35 °C; b. 1 to 30 wt.% of at least one slurry residue from a slurry phase hydroconversion process said slurry residue having a penetrability at 25 °C less than or equal to 50. 10 mm and a softening point greater than or equal to 50 °C. The present invention thus enables recycling of an ultimate slurry residue under vacuum for use in the manufacture of road bitumen.