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  • [专利] Anti-fog coating composition including functionalized silica nanoparticles and multifunctional (meth) acrylate monomers
    (WO2017113269) Coating compositions are described including silica nanoparticles functionalized with an alkenyl silane, a dispersing agent, and a compound including a polyethylene oxide segment containing at least one hydroxyl group, at least one silane, and optionally a hydrophobic group. The coating compositions further include at least two multifunctional (meth) acrylate monomers. Also described are articles including the dried and cured coating composition disposed on a substrate. The articles exhibit anti-fog characteristics and often also mechanical durability.
  • [专利] Particle removal method using an aqueous polyphosphate solution
    (USRE46454) A method and cleaning solution for cleaning electronic substrates, such as a semiconductor wafers, hard disks, photomasks or imprint molds. The method comprises the steps of contacting a surface of the substrate with a cleaning solution comprised of a polyphosphate, and then removing the cleaning solution from the surface. Additional optional steps include applying acoustic energy to the cleaning solution while the cleaning solution is in contact with the surface, and removing the cleaning solution from the surface by rinsing the surface with a rinsing solution with or without the application of acoustic energy. The cleaning solution comprises a polyphosphate, such as any of the water soluble polyphosphates. Depending on the application, the cleaning solution may also comprise a base and/or a quantity of suspended particles. Complexing agents, amines, biocides, surfactants and/or other substances, may also be added to the cleaning solution.
  • [专利] Compositions and methods for high efficiency in vivo genome editing
    (AU2015373893) The present invention provides cell lines for high efficiency genome editing using cas/CRISPR systems, methods of generating such cells lines, and methods of generating mutations in the genome of an organism using such cell lines.
  • [专利] Recombinant Yeast Having Improved Fatty Acid Producing Ability and Method for Producing Fatty Acid
    (KR101743210) The present invention relates to a recombinant microorganism having improved fatty acid productivity, and a method for producing fatty acids by using the same and, more specifically, to: a recombinant microorganism into which a gene coding for an acetyl-CoA carboxylase involved in the fatty acid biosynthesis process, a gene coding for a malic enzyme, and a gene coding for a thioesterase are introduced; and a method for producing fatty acids by culturing the same so as to synthesize fatty acids. The recombinant microorganism, according to the present invention, having improved fatty acid productivity can be industrially useful by being linked with conventional techniques for producing fuel or compounds derived from fatty acids. (From WO2017115993 A1)
  • [专利] 一种​蓝色​荧光​主体​物质、含有​此物​质的​有机​薄膜​及​有​机电​致​发光​器件
    (CN106631677) 本​发明​公开​了​阳极​和​阴极​之间,由​包含​发光​层​的​层​或​多层​有机​薄膜​构成​的​有​机电​致​发光​器件,其中​有机​薄膜​层​提供​了​包含​通式​1​的​发光​层​及​包含​通式​2​的​空穴​传输层。与​现有​技术​相比,本​发明​具有​以下​优点:本​发明​采用​的​蓝色​主体​物质,使得​有​机电​致​发光​器件​的​驱动​电压​降低、发光​效率​和​发光​寿命​提高;另外,本​发明​通过​组合​包含​上述​蓝色​主体​物质​并​结合​特定​的​空穴​传输层,提供​驱动​电压、发光​效率​和​发光​寿命​都​有所​改进​的​有​机电​致​发光​器件。[通式​1][通式​2]。
  • [专利] 胶带
    (CN206069758U) 本​公开​提供​种​胶带,包括​胶层​和​背​衬​层,其中,所​述​背​衬​层​包括​至少​两个​不​重合​的​第​图案;其中,所​述​第​图案​可以​选自​下列​组​的​离散​图案​中的​种:字母、数字、圆形、椭圆形、多边形、笑脸、和​卡通​人物。本​公开​提供​的​胶带,有助于​使用者​在​使用​胶带​时​方便​地​找到​胶带​起头​的​位置。
  • [专利] 一种​有机化合物,包含​该​化合物​的​有​机电​致​发光​器件​材​料及​包含​该​材料​的​有​机电​致​发光​器件
    (CN106397301) 本​发明​提供​了​种​新型​有机化合物,种​包含​所​述​新型​有机化合物​的​有​机电​致​发光​器件​材​料及​包含​所​述​材料​的​有​机电​致​发光​器件。本​发明​提供​的​有机化合物​作为​空穴​注入​层​材料,空穴​传输层​材料,电子​阻隔​层​材料,绿色​磷光​或是​红色​主体​材料​等​发光​层​材料,可以​用于​有​机电​致​发光​器件,能够​降低​驱动​电压,提高​发光​效率、辉​度、热​稳定性、色彩​纯度​及​器件​寿命。[通式​1]
  • [专利] 一种​碳化硅​晶体​生长​用​坩埚
    (WO2017113368) 本​发明​涉及​一种​碳化硅​晶体​生长​用​坩埚,包括:用于​盛放​SiC​晶体​生长​用​原料​的​原料​腔(2);相对​移动​地​嵌套​于​所​述​原料​腔(2)的​上​部内​以​形成​晶体​结晶​区域​的​生长​腔(1),所​述​生长​腔(1)具备​生长​室(4)、和​设于​所​述​生长​室(4)的​顶​壁上​的​籽​晶​托(3)。本​发明​的​坩埚​能够​在​生长​过程中​调节​晶体​表面​与​原料​表面的​距离,保持​温度场​的​稳定性,从而​生长出​高质量​碳化硅​晶体​的​碳化硅​晶体​生长​用​坩埚。
  • [专利] Method of manufacturing an artificial marble
    (JP2017105030) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: NMnO siliconoxynitride blowing a high-quality appearance, which complies with the molded product can be realized at low cost and stability to provide a manufacturing method of the artificial marble. SOLUTION: Reaction curable liquid and powder contained reaction curable compound composition after casting, is cured by heating the method of manufacturing the artificial marble, reaction curable compound composition, the composition having the dilatancy or negative and thixotropy, reaction curable composition after the casting compound, and decompressing, reaction curable compound and a defoaming composition, the de-foaming composition produced by the reaction curable compound while leaving the surface of the uneven, curing by heating characterized. SELECTED DRAWING: Undetected
  • [专利] Supply flow rate setting method of the catalyst, and the mixing device
    (JP2017104789) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Can improve the stability of the operation of a supply flow rate setting method of a catalyst. SOLUTION: SMPS catalyst to satisfy the equation (1) 30 by setting a flow rate of the catalyst, the mass flow transition flux according to the conditions below, or a transition metal in the vicinity of the flux of the pressure conditions can be suppressed and the balance, thereby moving bed-forming section 20 to promptly supplied to the catalyst, uniform outflow can be downwardly. 500 ≧Q / √ (gW). .. However (1), 0.4 ≦ W/D ≦ 0.9, Q (kg/m2 /s) :M per unit area of the mass flow of the mobile phase, g (m/s2) :gravitational acceleration, (m) W: moving bed-forming section 20 the outside diameter of the difference, (m) D: moving bed-forming section 20 portion extending in the vertical direction than the inner diameter of the downstream SELECTED DRAWING: Fig. 2