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  • [专利] Charging member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic device
    (JP2016110155) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a charging member capable of suppressing influence to an electrophotographic image due to a trace of an abut part even by abutting over a long period of time with other member.SOLUTION: A charging member includes a surface layer on a support medium, where the surface layer contains a polymer compound having a constituent unit represented by the following formula (1). In the formula (1), A represents an aromatic ring hydrocarbon group. Rrepresents a specific hydrocarbon group. L represents poly siloxane having at least SiO(T) unit or SiO(D) unit. U represents an integer of 1 or more.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Liquid crystal element, liquid crystal composition, screen and display using liquid crystal element
    (JP2016110148) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid crystal composition excellent in dissolution property of a polymerizable monomer in a host liquid crystal, a liquid crystal element excellent in high transparency when the power is off, high scattering property when the power is on, fast response, and electric reliability, and a screen and a display having the liquid crystal element.SOLUTION: The liquid crystal element includes: a pair of substrates with electrodes, at least one of which is a transparent substrate, disposed opposing to each other; and a liquid crystal dimming layer comprising a composite containing a chiral nematic liquid crystal phase and a polymer resin phase between the substrates. The polymer resin phase has a structure represented by general formula (1) below, and the chiral nematic liquid crystal phase has a positive dielectric anisotropy.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Sanitary product and treatment agent for sanitary product
    (JP6080236) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a sanitary product which can absorb menstrual blood quickly, by a large amount of menstrual blood.SOLUTION: A water soluble cationic polymer is applied to a sanitary product. The water soluble cationic polymer is formed of a structure comprising a main chain and a side chain connected to the main chain, and a molecular mass of it is 2000 or more. The water soluble cationic polymer is quaternary ammonium salt homopolymer or quaternary ammonium salt copolymer. The main chain and side chain of the water soluble cationic polymer are connected at one point and the side chain has a quaternary ammonium portion.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
  • [专利] A pedot coated flexible cellulose paper by interfacial polymerization
    (WO2016103282) The present invention discloses a highly conducting polyethylenedioxythiphene (PEDOT) flexible paper with a very low sheet resistance and high conductivity and process for preparation thereof, by inducing the polymerization at the interface of two immiscible liquids on a cellulose paper to trigger PEDOT growth along the fibers of the cellulose paper. The present invention discloses the use of the said conducting paper for the preparation of flexible supercapacitor and for the preparation of counter electrode in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC).
  • [专利] Alpha-cell re-generation combined with conversion to beta cells
    (WO2016102657) The present invention relates to methods of generating a population of beta cells from a population of alpha cells, by contacting said population of alpha cells with GABA or a GABA receptor agonist, in combination with a monoclonal glucagon neutralizing antibody or other alpha cell mass regulating compounds, for an improved diabetes therapy.
  • [专利] Modulation of yep6 gene expression to increase yield and other related traits in plants
    (WO201699918) Nucleotide sequences encoding YEP6 polypeptides are provided herein, along with plants and cells having reduced levels of YEP6 gene expression, reduced levels of YEP6 polypeptide activity, or both. Plants with reduced levels of gene expression of at least one YEP6 gene and/or reduced levels of YEP6 polypeptide activity that exhibit increased yield, increased staygreen, increased abiotic stress tolerance, or any combination of these, are provided. Methods for increasing yield, staygreen and abiotic stress tolerance in plants, by modulating YEP6 gene expression or activity, are also provided.
  • [专利] Regulatory nucleic acids and methods of use
    (WO201694366) The present invention relates generally to the field of molecular biology and describes nucleic acids encoding regulatory elements capable of affecting expression of a coding sequence. The regulatory elements described herein may be used to direct the expression of a heterologous coding region in the green tissues and upon exposure to light in plants. The invention may also be used to create transgenic plants having improved characteristics, such as yield.
  • [专利] 一种​立式​气​液​分离器
    (CN205287961U) 本​实用​新型​公开​了​种​立式​气​液​分离器,属于​化工​设备​领域。该​气​液​分离器​包括​筒​体、上​封​头、下​封​头、液位​计​接口、排​液​口​和​排污口、轴​流​式​旋流​器、伞形​捕​雾​器;伞形​捕​雾​器​包括​竖​管、设在​竖​管​上​的​多个​伞形​锥,竖​管​穿过​上​封​头​伸入​到​筒​体内​部,多个​伞形​锥​位于​筒​体内​部,且​设有​多个​第​出气​孔,竖​管​上​设置​多个​第二​出气​孔,竖​管​顶部​设有​出气口;轴​流​式​旋流​器​包括​水平​管、位于​水平​管​中心​处​的​中心柱、旋流​叶片,水平​管​水平​伸入​筒​体内​部,且​位于​伞形​捕​雾​器​下方,水平​管​前端​设有​进气口;旋流​叶片​外​周缘​两端​固定​在​水平​管内​壁上,内​周缘​固定​在​中心柱​的​外壁​上,且​水平​管​的​管壁​下方​沿​轴​向​设置​有多​个​开孔。本​实用​新型​的​气​液​分离器​具有​高​气​液​分离​速度​和​效率。
  • [专利] Method Of Producing Alloyed Metallic Products
    (US20160158844) A method of producing a finished essentially 100% dense homogenous alloyed metallic product. First, a metal powder is provided comprised of particles with each particle having a predetermined alloy content. Next, the metal powder is blended with a mixture of a lubricant and a binder to form a composite powder. That composite powder is then compacted in a compacting die at room temperature to form a green part. The lubricant and binder ate then removed by heating the green part to at least a first temperature profile in a confined atmosphere with a predetermined dew point profile. Next, the remaining green part is heated to a second temperature higher than the first temperature and with predetermined dew point and H2/H2O ratio in furnace atmosphere to remove surface oxides front the part. Finally, the part is densified into a finished or near net shape homogenous alloyed product.
  • [专利] 汽车​尾气​过滤​装置
    (CN106321196) 本​发明​公开​了​种​汽车​尾气​过滤​装置,包括​进气口、与​进气口​连通​的​过滤​腔、与​过滤​腔​相​连通​的​U​形​反应​管、与​U​形​反应​管​相​连通​的​喷淋​腔​以及​与​喷淋​腔​相​连通​的​排气口;过滤​腔​中​沿​进​气​方向​依次​设有​活性炭​过滤网、HEPA​过滤网​和​陶瓷​膜​过滤器;U​形​反应​管内​设有​氧​化性​溶液;喷淋​腔​侧​设有​尿素​箱;尿素​箱​通过​喷嘴​与​喷淋​腔​相​连通;尿素​箱内​设有​尿素;可通过​活性炭​过滤网、HEPA​过滤网​和​陶瓷​膜​过滤器、氧​化性​溶液​和​尿素​对​汽车​尾气​进行​多道​过滤​和​处理,有效​去除​汽车​尾气​中的​有害物质。