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  • [专利] Sealing material for threaded connections
    (KR20170077164) The invention relates to a flexible sealing material for threaded connections made from, in particular, a strip or threadlike PTFE-mono or multi-filament. The aim of the invention is to provide advantageous sealing conditions in which the filament is made from an undrawn PTFE which is strip or threadlike and which is modified with high pressure additives. (From WO2016065380 A1)
  • [专利] Assembly of a tintometric machine and a trolley
    (CA2965592) Assembly of a tintometric machine (2) and a trolley (6), said machine comprising an external frame (20) and a dispenser system (3). The dispenser system (3) can dispense a fluid into a vessel or container (C), when said vessel or container (C) is positioned in a dispensing station (24). The trolley (6) comprises: a supporting top (62), whereon the container (C) can be positioned; rotary elements (64) allowing said trolley (6) to move; a gripping element (66), through which the user can grip the trolley (6) and move it. The dispensing station (24) comprises a housing (H) into which said trolley (6) can be positioned. The assembly comprises a plug-socket system (5), wherein a first part of the system (5) is located on the trolley (6) and a second part is located in the dispensing station (24). The parts of the system (5) can be assembled together when said trolley (6) is placed into the housing (H) of the dispensing station (24), for the purpose of conducting an electric current. The trolley comprises an actuating device (63) that can move said supporting top (62).
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  • [专利] Capsule composition
    (KR20170072344) An encapsulated perfume composition for use in personal care products adapted to be applied to, and left on, the skin or hair of a human or animal subject, said encapsulated perfume composition comprising one or more polyurea capsules having a volume average diameter of 20 to 90 microns, and a capsule shell weight, which is 5 to 40 % based on the total weight of the capsules. (From WO2016071151 A1)
  • [专利] Methods and compositions for natural killer cells
    (AU2015339447) Disclosed herein are novel compositions and methods for stimulation of and the production or expansion of natural killer (NK) cells. Numbers of NK cells can be increased following contact with exosomes modified with one or more stimulatory peptides. Methods and compositions for the production of exosomes, wherein the exosomes comprises stimulatory peptides are also described. Also described are methods of treating cancer using the disclosed NK-stimulating exosomes or NK cells stimulated by the disclosed methods.
  • [专利] 用于​制备​太阳能电池​的​光​吸收​层​的​前体​及其​制备​方法
    (CN106796962) 本​发明​公开​了​用于​制备​太阳能电池​的​光​吸收​层​的​前体​及其​制造​方法,所​述​前体​包含:(a)聚集​相​复合体,其​包括​包含​铜(Cu)‑锡(Sn)双金属​的​第​相和​包含​含​锌(Zn)硫​属​化物​的​第二​相,或者​包括​包含​Cu‑Sn​双金属​的​第​相、包含​含​Zn​硫​属​化物​的​第二​相和​包含​含​Cu​硫​属​化物​的​第三​相;或者(b)核‑壳​结构​纳米​颗粒,其​包括​包含​Cu‑Sn​双金属​纳米​颗粒​的​核​和​包含​含​Zn​硫​属​化物​或​含​Zn​硫​属​化物​和​含​Cu​硫​属​化物​的​壳;或者(c)其​混合物。
  • [专利] Resin composition for circuit board, prepreg, metal-clad laminate sheet, circuit board, and semiconductor package
    (JP2017084949) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a resin composition for circuit board excellent in the impregnation property to a fiber base material, and to provide a prepreg using the same, a metal-clad laminate sheet, a circuit board, and a semiconductor package.SOLUTION: A resin composition for circuit board contains a thermosetting resin, a hardener, a silane coupling agent having a functional group having reactivity with thermosetting resin, and an inorganic filler. The functional group contains one kind or more selected from a group consisting of amino group, epoxy group and vinyl group. Assuming the number of the functional groups in the silane coupling agent is p, and the number of the Si atoms in the silane coupling agent is q, q is 2 or more, and p/q is 2 or more.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1