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  • [专利] Purifier and water purification machine of water purification machine
    (CN205222728U) The utility model discloses a purifier of water purification machine, including raw water intake pipe, distillation tube and heating the water tank, raw water intake pipe's water inlet and former water tank are connected, and the delivery port is connected with heating the water tank, the one end and the heating the water tank of distillation tube are connected, and the other end is connected with the pure water case, the distillation tube is established in the raw water intake pipe outside, and the distillation tube is established at the raw water intake pipe center, and the raw water passes through the reverse and distillation tube outside contact of raw water intake pipe, absorbs the heat of distillation tube, cools off the distillation tube, the raw water heats in flowing in heating the water tank through raw water intake pipe, and heating the water tank lasts the heating, and up to boiling formation steam, steam is through the quick cooling of the heat exchanger who comprises distillation tube and raw water intake pipe after the distillation tube flows in pure water case unit. The utility model also discloses an adopt aforementioned purifier's water purification machine.
  • [专利] Inhibidores cristalinos de bromodominios
    (CL3722201500) N-[4-(2,4-difluorophenoxy)-3-(6-methyl-7-oxo-6,7-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-c]pyridin-4-yl)phenyl]ethanesulfonamide and crystalline forms thereof are suitable pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical compositions useful in the treatment of disease, for example, cancer. (From US9321765 B2)
  • [专利] Concentrate drying method and concentrate drying apparatus using same
    (WO2016195186) The present invention relates to a concentrate drying method and a concentrate drying apparatus which pulverize mined rocks including mineral resources mined from a mine or the like to a certain size, remove impurities from the mined rocks through a wet sorting process, and separate water and concentrate from a concentrate in the form of sludge that has been upgraded in quality. According to the present invention, there are the effects in that high pressure dry air can be used to remove moisture from concentrate in the form of sludge containing a large amount of moisture to dehydrate and dry the concentrate to a low percentage of water content (below 6% to 8%), because there are no toxic gases emitted, environmentally friendly work is possible through an improved work environment, mechanical malfunctions due to dust, etc. are reduced so as to ensure durability, and because heating is unnecessary, the cost of mineral production can be significantly reduced.
  • [专利] 可​手​撕​片​材​及其​製造​方法
    (TW201641637) 一​主要​薄膜​包含​一第一​聚合​組分,其中​該​主要​薄膜​具有:(1)第一​及第​二​主​面;(2)一​區​帶(land)部分,其中​該​主要​薄膜​能夠​熱​誘發​自形成;以及(3)一​或​多個​改​質​區,各自​包含​一中​央​部分​及​一​環​緣​部分,該​環​緣​部分​環繞​該​中央​部分,且​係​由​該​區​帶​部分​環繞,其中​各​環​緣​部分​的​平均​厚度​大於​環繞​該​改​質​區​之​該​區​帶​部分​的​平均​厚度,各​中央​部分​的​平均​厚度​小於​環繞​該​改​質​區​之​該​區​帶​部分​的​平均​厚度,並​大於​零。 還有​用於​製造​此類​薄膜​及​包含​此類​薄膜​之​物品​的​方法。
  • [专利] Catalyst system for olefin oligomerization and method for olefin oligomerization using the same
    (KR20160134456) The present invention relates to a catalyst system for oligomerization reaction of olefin, and to an oligomerization method of olefin. More particularly, the catalyst system for oligomerization reaction of olefin exhibits high activity in oligomerization reaction of olefin with little amount of a catalyst composition and a promotor by increasing support efficiency using a ligand compound which is tethered to a support body, thereby enabling efficient preparation of alpha-olefin. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2016
  • [专利] Medium for culturing stem cells
    (IN2015CN07956) A medium for culturing stem cells containing albumin carrying a reduced amount of fatty acids due to fatty acid removal treatment or the like; a method for producing a medium for culturing stem cells characterized by preparing albumin carrying a reduced amount of fatty acids by subjecting albumin to fatty acid removal treatment and adding the prepared albumin to the medium; and the like.
  • [专利] Method for preparing alkali metal bicarbonate particles
    (IN2015CN07955) The invention relates to a method for preparing alkali metal bicarbonate particles by crystallisation from an alkali metal carbonate and/or bicarbonate solution with an additive present in the solution chosen from among sulphates sulfonates polysulfonates amines hydroysultaines polycarboxylates polysaccharides polyethers and ether phenols alkali metal hexametaphosphate phosphates sulfosuccinates amidosulfonates amine sulfonates preferably chosen from among polysaccharides and such that the additive is present in the solution at a concentration of at least 1 ppm and preferably at most 200 ppm.
  • [专利] Tmprss6 irna compositions and methods of use thereof
    (IN2015CN07523) The invention relates to RNAi agents e.g. double stranded RNAi agents targeting the TMPRSS6 gene and methods of using such RNAi agents to inhibit expression of TMPRSS6 and methods of treating subjects having a TMPRSS6 associated disorder e.g. an iron overload associated disorder such as ß thalassemia or hemochromatosis.
  • [专利] Systems for ethanol to fuels in a catalytic cracking unit stripper
    (US20160340594) Systems relating to the conversion of ethanol in a stripper unit of a fluidized catalytic cracking system. An ethanol stream mixes with a catalyst in the stripper unit under conditions of temperature that favor conversion of the ethanol to hydrocarbons, thereby increasing incorporation of ethanol into liquid transportation fuels without exceeding regulatory limits on fuel vapor pressure. Certain embodiments combine the ethanol stream with a hydrocarbon stream and react in the presence of a catalyst in the stripper to produce hydrocarbons that may have an increased boiling point, increased octane rating, decreased vapor pressure, decreased benzene content, or combinations thereof.
  • [专利] Pulsing apparatus
    (KR101676617) Disclosed is a pulsing device. The pulsing device comprises: a pulsing operation unit controlling an air flow for control; and a piston operation unit having a piston connected to a blow tube and the pulsing operation unit, opening and closing a passage of pulsing air to discharge and block the pulsing air to the blow tube while moving in accordance with the air flow for control. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2016