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  • [专利] 一种​导电​聚合物-金属​复合​杂​化​防腐​涂层​的​制备​方法
    (CN105586612) 本​发明​提供​一种​导电​聚合物-金属​复合​杂​化​防腐​涂层​的​制备​方法,是​通过​电​沉积​的​方法,制备​具有​导电​聚合物-金属-导电​聚合物-金属-……多层​结构​的​杂​化​涂层。本​发明​所​提供​的​方案​制备​工艺​简单、耗时​少,重复​性好,易于​实现​可控​批量生产。其​突出​优势​在于:在​电​沉积​过程中,金属​颗粒​可以​进入​导电​聚合物​层​的​内部​孔隙,降低​导电​聚合物​层​中的​孔隙​率,在​提高​涂层​的​防腐蚀​性能​的​同时​又能​提高​涂层​的​电导率。本​发明​所​制备​出​的​涂层​适合​防腐​领域,特别是​用于​质子​交换​膜​燃料电池​双极​板。
  • [专利] The gas barrier agent for the foamable resin particles containing a foamable resin particles
    (JP2017095532) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: NE_idle at 20 r.H. in a period of days or more effervescent foamable styrene can maintain high even reforming the thermoplastic resin particles, the pre-foamed particles and crack-resistance obtained therefrom is excellent in providing a foamed molded article. SOLUTION: (meth) acrylate/(meth) acrylamide groups and groups having the functionalized poly (A) 0.1-30 molar %, (B) a monomer having a styrene skeleton 20-60 molar %, the nitrile groups and/or vinyl monomer having a hydroxyl group (C) (excluding A) 15-70 molar % containing as constituent units, a weight average molecular 1,000-80,000, and, having a solubility in styrene 50g more acrylic resins (/ 100g, 25 °C) made of a foamable resin particles by using a foamable styrene-barrier agent for modifying thermoplastic resin particles, the pre-foamed particles and a foamed molded article obtained therefrom can be provided. SELECTED DRAWING: Undetected
  • [专利] Paraffinic compositions and heat storage material
    (JP2017095529) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Phase transition of the latent heat quantity, shape retention at high operating temperatures, excellent bleed resistance and paraffins as well, further excellent in fluidity at the processing temperature, and excellent balance of properties providing paraffinic composition. SOLUTION: (A) a paraffin compound and, having a hard segment and soft segment (B) an olefin-based block copolymer which comprises, the olefinic block copolymer (B) weight average molecular weight (Mw) is of 150,000 or more paraffinic composition characterized. Paraffinic composition is superior in thermal storage material. SELECTED DRAWING: Undetected
  • [专利] Acrylic resin and a curable resin composition
    (JP2017095528) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Provide excellent ultraviolet resistance of an acrylic resin. SOLUTION: Structural unit represented by the formula (Ia) and, (Ib) and a structural unit represented by formula, comprising, an acrylic resin. [Formula (Ia) (Ib) and during, R1 is, a monovalent group having an aromatic ring, R2 is a monovalent group of a non-aromatic, R is, independently a hydrogen atom or a 1-4 alkyl group. ] SELECTED DRAWING: Undetected
  • [专利] Sonde for blast furnace
    (JP2017095739) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Protective shell can be used reliably for a long period of time can be cooled to provide a blast furnace probe. SOLUTION: Cantilevered probe in the blast furnace for the sonde, into the blast furnace is inserted in the cantilevered probe body, a detection part which is mounted a sonde 12 and, detecting unit 12 furnace based on the detection result of the blast furnace is provided to measure a state. The probe body, a circulating cooling water inside the cooling water pipe 20 and, cooling pipes 20 protective outer shell 40 uH is double-structured by. Cantilevered probe in the tip, and the cooling pipe 20 is, protective shell 40 theclamp to fit. SELECTED DRAWING: Fig. 11
  • [专利] Using the new Trifluoromethyl agents and method of manufacturing the trifluoromethyl group-containing compound
    (JP2017095363) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Pulmonologists agrochemical intermediates and electronic materials and thereby useful as an intermediate trifluoromethyI Anent The using method of manufacturing a trifluoromethyl group-containing compound provided. SOLUTION: Trifluoromethyl group-containing borate salt represented by formula (1), in the presence of a copper salt catalyst and a diphosphine ligand, reacting an aromatic iodide, a method for producing trifluoromethyl-group-containing compound. (R1 Is methyl, ethyl or C3-10 linear/branched alkyl group of bicyclic /) SELECTED DRAWING: Undetected
  • [专利] Raw material for separating ethylene from the acetylene acetylene acetylene separation method and separation system
    (JP2017095365) This acetylene separation method for separating acetylene from raw-material ethylene includes: an acetylene separation step of dissolving the acetylene in the raw-material ethylene in an absorbent, so as to separate the acetylene from the raw-material ethylene; and a carbon monoxide removal step of removing carbon monoxide from the absorbent, in which the acetylene separation step separates the acetylene from the raw-material ethylene using the absorbent from which carbon monoxide has been removed in the carbon monoxide removal step. Furthermore, this acetylene separation system (1) includes an acetylene absorption column (11) that separates acetylene from the raw-material ethylene by dissolving the acetylene in the raw-material ethylene in an absorbent, and a carbon monoxide removal device (12) which removes carbon monoxide from the absorbent. According to the present invention, when separating acetylene from raw-material ethylene by contacting an absorbent with the raw-material ethylene, carbon monoxide, with which contamination was inevitable, can be removed. (From WO2017086307 A1)
  • [专利] Method of manufacturing a solvent composition
    (JP2017095364) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: The present invention, they are low cost, the solvent composition obtained by the solvent composition of excellent storage stability of an object to provide a manufacturing method. SOLUTION: Chlorine ion concentration 10 mass of PPM 1,1 - dichloro - 2, 3, 3, 3 composition comprising - tetrafluoropropene, phenols, amines, ethers and at least one selected from the group consisting of epoxide ethers 1 having a step of adding a stabilizer, a method of manufacturing a solvent composition. SELECTED DRAWING: Undetected
  • [专利] Recycle of process condensate impurities in tigas
    (AU2015348631) The present application relates to a plant and a hydrocarbon production process comprising the steps of (i) in a conversion step converting at least a feed stream thereby obtaining a conversion effluent stream comprising water, hydrocarbons such as raw gasoline, unreacted and/or partially reacted feed and/or inerts, (ii) In a separator separating the conversion effluent stream into at least a raw gasoline stream, a recycle stream and a process condensate stream comprising water and oxygenates, (iii) mixing the feed stream and the recycle stream upstream the conversion step, and (iv) adding at least part of the process condensate stream to the feed stream and/or the recycle stream and/or the mixed feed-recycle stream from step (iii).
  • [专利] Lysates of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of skeletal muscle injuries
    (AU2015341657) The invention relates to the use of the intracellular content of mesenchymal stem cells in individuals for stimulating the survival, regeneration and/or repair of the damaged organ and/or tissue. The invention also relates to the use of said lysate for producing a pharmaceutical composition comprising said intracellular content, and to the use thereof in the regeneration and/or repair of the damaged organ and/or tissue.