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  • [专利] Real-time detection of water contaminants
    (US20170234861) Provided herein is a field-effect transistor based sensor for real-time detection of water contaminants and methods of use thereof.
  • [专利] Infrared reflecting substrate
    (US20170227694) Infrared reflecting substrate includes, on a transparent film base, an infrared reflecting layer mainly made of silver and a light absorptive metal layer in this order. The light absorptive metal layer has a thickness of 15 nm or less, and a transparent protective layer has a thickness of 10 nm to 120 nm. The distance between the light absorptive metal layer and the transparent protective layer is 25 nm or less.
  • [专利] Surface-modified polyolefin fibers
    (CA2968705) The present invention relates to surface-modified polyolefin fibers, the use of these fibers in hydraulic binder compositions, hydraulic binder compositions containing these fibers and a method for reinforcing hydraulic binder compositions.
  • [专利] Functionalized silica with elastomer binder
    (EP3180200) A functionalized silica product includes particles of a hydrophobated silica having a coating of a polymer. A ratio of the hydrophobated silica to the polymer is from about 0.3/1 to about 100/1. The functionalized silica product may be in the form of a friable crumb or a powder, or in the form of a bale, that may be mixed into an elastomer formulation for a rubber article, such as a tire component. (From WO2016025365 A1)
  • [专利] Compounds for the treatment of hpv-induced carcinoma
    (EP3179998) A compound of Formula (I) wherein, X represents an alkyl, alkylene, alkenyl, alkenylene, alkynyl or alkynylene group, optionally having at least one substitutent selected from the group of -OR1 and -NR1R2, or Y represents -OTBS, -OR1, -NR1R2; Z represents –OR3 or =O; and R1, R2 and R3 each independently stand for H, alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, aryl, heteroaryl, or heterocyclyl, optionally in the form of enantiomers racemic mixtures, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, for use as a medicament, in particular for use in anti-viral cancer treatment in mammals and for use in treatment of benign or neoplastic genital Human Papilloma Virus associated diseases and for use in treatment of non-genital warts. (From WO2016027005 A1)
  • [专利] Ceramic for ignition device insulator with low relative permittivity
    (EP3178140) A ceramic insulator for surrounding an electrode of an ignition device, such as a corona igniter or spark plug, is provided. The insulator is formed of a ceramic material including alumina in an amount of 28 to 38 wt. %, silica in an amount of 57 to 67 wt. %, and calcium oxide in an amount of 3 to 7 wt. %, based on the total weight of the ceramic material. The ceramic insulator is typically formed by firing a mixture of Kaolin, calcium carbonate, and silica, wherein the calcium carbonate acts as a flux during firing. The ceramic material has a relative permittivity of about 5.5 to 6.5 and thus improves the electrical efficiency of the ignition device. The ceramic material is also capable of withstanding temperatures of 900 to 1000° C. and has excellent thermal shock resistance, making it suitable for use in internal combustion engines. (From US9054502 B1)
  • [专利] 非水​電解​質​二次電池負極用炭素質材料
    (JP2016021738W) An object of the present invention is to provide a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery which has a large charge/discharge capacity, has a small irreversible capacity, and is capable of effectively using an active material. This object can be achieved by a material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery anode; a specific surface area determined by a BET method being not greater than 30 m 2 /g; an atomic ratio (H/C) of hydrogen atoms to carbon atoms determined by elemental analysis being not greater than 0.1; an average particle size being not greater than 50 µm; and a diffraction intensity ratio (R-value) determined by Equation (1) being not greater than 1.25: (wherein I max is a maximum value of a 002 diffraction intensity of carbon measured at an angle of diffraction (2¸) within a range of from 20 to 25° as determined by powder X-ray diffraction measured using CuK± rays; I min is a minimum value of a diffraction intensity measured at an angle of diffraction (2¸) within a range of from 15 to 20° as determined by powder X-ray diffraction; and I 35 is a diffraction intensity at an angle of diffraction (2¸) of 35° as determined by powder X-ray diffraction). (From EP3179541 A1)
  • [专利] Influenza virus reassortment
    (IN2015KN02731) Improved methods for the production of re-assortant influenza viruses are provided.
  • [专利] Protein/oligonucleotide core-shell nanoparticle therapeutics
    (WO201628940) The present disclosure is directed to core-shell nanoparticles, compositions comprising core-shell nanoparticles, and methods of their use.
  • [专利] Photo-curable resin composition
    (JP2016014885) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a photo-curable resin composition that prevents a display failure caused by deformation of an image display unit and substantially prevents deposition of an unnecessary resin on a backlight side.SOLUTION: The photo-curable resin composition is used in a method of manufacturing an image display device including a step of forming a cured resin layer by interposing a photo-curable resin composition between protective part and a display panel having an image display part and a frame surrounding the image display part in such a manner that the resin composition is spread over the image display part and the frame. The composition has a viscosity of 3000 mPa s or more and 12000 mPa s or less (measured at 25°C by use of a cone-plate rotational viscometer with a cone-plate taper angle of C35/2° and at 10 rpm). The composition comprises at least one polymer selected from a polyurethane acrylate, a polyisoprene acrylate or its esterified product, a terpene-based hydrogenated resin and a butadiene polymer.