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  • [专利] 一种镀锌线退火炉快冷区
  • [专利] A composition containing a dispensible material,a method of dispensing a material onto a surface and a system for dispensing the composition
    (EP--18137) A water-in-air emuls;on or suspension containing a dispensible material is formed by stabilization of small droplets (48) of aqueous liquid with an interfacial barrier of very fine, hydrophobic metal oxide particles (42) such as silane modified silica. As the droplets (48) are subjected to shear such as during passage through an orifice (28), and/or on the surface of the target, the shear forces experienced at least partially destabilize the barrier allowing the droplets to coalesce to form particles of controlled density and increased size and eventually can be totally destabilized into an elegant cream or lotion. At least 10% of the droplets may coalesce into particles after leaving the orifice. Active ingredients such as antiperspirants may be added to either the aqueous liquid phase or to the powder phase as long as they do not destabilize the suspension. A non-pressurized system comprises a container (10) suitable for dispensing the suspension having a compartment (14) receiving the suspension, a valve means (18) having an outlet orifice (28) of a dimension adapted to impart a preselected shear and destabilization to the suspension and the container being adapted to enable the suspension to be propelled through the outlet orifice. Other dispensing systems include shaker-top containers and roll-on applicators.
  • [期刊] The oldest known co-occurrence of dinosaurs and their closest relatives: A new lagerpetid from a Carnian (Upper Triassic) bed of Brazil with implications for dinosauromorph biostratigraphy, early diversification and biogeography
    Late Triassic deposits from south Pangea (Argentina and Brazil) bear the oldest (so far) and most informative unequivocal records of dinosaurs worldwide. Herein we describe a new lagerpetid dinosauromorph from a classic dinosaur-bearing locality (Cerro da Alemoa site) from the Candelaria Sequence (Santa Maria Formation), southern Brazil, and report the oldest co-occurrence of dinosaurs, lagerpetids and silesaurids, in the same layer of a Triassic outcrop. Although tentatively regarded as a skeletally immature specimen, the new lagerpetid represents a new morphotype due to the occurrence of the following features: (1) distal condyles transversely wider than deep; (2) absence of flange in the craniomedial margin of the femur; (3) round shaped and medially deflected medial condyle; (4) round shaped crista tibiofibularis. This suit of traits differentiates the new specimen from Ixalerpeton polesinensis, (which was so far the only lagerpetid found in Brazilian strata) and from other known lagerpetids. As non-dinosaurian dinosauromorphs are still relatively scarce in Brazilian Triassic rocks, recent records from this region are gradually providing new data regarding faunal turnovers and biostratigraphy of south Pangean terrestrial deposits. Additionally, new insights on the oldest dinosauromorph-bearing sites throughout the Triassic, as well as regarding taxonomic diversity and geographic distribution of early dinosauromorphs reinforces previous hypotheses where dinosaurs and dinosaur-relatives consistently coexisted (for at least 21 Ma) before their extinction.
  • [专利] 显示装置用保护玻璃的制造方法
  • [期刊] The current state of software license renewals in the I.T. industry
    Context: The software industry has changed significantly in the 21st century; no longer is it dominated by organizations seeking to sell products directly to customers, instead most multinational organizations nowadays provide services via licensing agreements. These licenses are for a fixed-duration; and hence, the question of their renewal becomes of paramount importance for the selling organization's revenue.Objective: Despite its financial impact, the topic of license renewal strategies, processes, tools, and support receives very limited attention in the research literature. Hence, it is believed that an interesting research question is: What is the state of current industrial practice in this essential field?Method: To initially explore the topic of license renewals, this paper implements the Grounded theory method. To implement the method, semi-structured, cross-sectional, anonymous, selfreported interviews are carried out with 20 professionals from multiple organizations, later the Constant Comparative Method is used to analyse the collected data.Results: This paper presents a synthesized picture of the current industrial practice of the end-to-end software license renewal process. Alongside, it also identifies a set of challenges and risk factors that impact on renewal decisions of customers, hence on the overall revenue of seller organizations. Finally, using structured brainstorming techniques, this paper identifies 11 future research directions, that can help organizations with the mitigation of the risks in the license renewal process.Conclusion: It is concluded that lack of effective communication among stakeholders, the absence of customer trust, and scarcity of value generated from purchased licenses are among the primary drivers that influence renewal decisions. Also, there is a need to invest in intelligent automation along with artificial intelligence enabled analytics in order to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • [专利] 一种三电极体系双电解槽两步法电解水制氢的装置及方法
  • [期刊] 不同产地压榨山茶油挥发性风味成分顶空取样GC-MS分析
    采用顶空取样结合GC-MS技术比较分析不同产地压榨山茶油的挥发性风味成分。结果表明:在样品用量4 g、顶空平衡温度150℃、顶空平衡时间25 min、进样时间1 min条件下,分析效果最理想;从不同产地压榨山茶油样品中共鉴定出117种挥发性风味成分,共有成分20种,主要为醛类化合物,不同产地间挥发性风味成分含量有差异,且海南山茶油主要挥发性风味成分含量与内地(湖南、江西、广西)山茶油区别较大。
  • [专利] Electrochemical sensing and data analysis system, apparatus and method for metal plating
    (WO2007149813) An electrochemical sensing and data analysis system (and apparatus and methods) adapted for control of electroplating of various metal(s) on a wafer or other suitable substrate. Components of the system utilize multi-variate analysis (MVA) and galvanostatic, potentiodynamic or other electrical measurements (or combinations thereof) to predict, adjust or control plating parameters, e.g., to achieve improved yield of plated substrates with acceptable levels of defects (or lack thereof).
  • [专利] 一种酶法合成菊酯类杀虫剂中间体的方法
  • [期刊] Short‐course vs long‐course antibiotic treatment for community‐acquired pneumonia: A literature review
    Abstract Background It is well known that antibiotic use is the main driver for the increasing problems with resistant bacteria. Consequently, some countries have recommended shortening the duration of antibiotic treatment of community‐acquired pneumonia (CAP). The aim of this study was to investigate whether the effectiveness of a short‐course antibiotic is comparable to a longer course of antibiotics in adults with CAP and to assess whether the duration of an antibiotic course influences the development of resistant bacteria. Methods A literature search was performed in PubMed and EMBASE. We included randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) comparing clinical success, microbiological efficacy, patient safety and antibiotic resistance in a short‐course (5?days) vs a long‐course antibiotic treatment (7+?days) for CAP. Results Six RCTs were included. Clinical success rates were 87%‐95% in patients treated with short‐course antibiotics and 88%‐94% in patients treated with a longer course. Eradication of pathogenic bacteria was found to be 100% and 95%‐100% in patients treated with short‐course and long‐course antibiotics, respectively. No significant differences in adverse events were reported. However, none of the trials reported on the impact on the development of resistant bacteria. Conclusion Only few trials were included in this review and more RCTs are highly needed to be able to provide solid evidence for optimal treatment durations for patients diagnosed with CAP. Importantly, fluoroquinolones were often the drug of choice, and trials testing beta‐lactam antibiotics, which are the type of antibiotics most often used in many European countries, should be aimed for in near future.