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  • [专利] The inhibitor switch with excellent corrosion resistance
    (KR101776824) This invention about the inhibiter switch where the corronsion-resistance improves the fact that, in detail, the housing and the moving block, includes the inhibiter switch cover and shaft lever with zinc nickel plating the side food, the gap side food of the inhibiter switch cover and the moving block, the gap side food of the inhibiter switch cover and the housing, in order rust prevention efficiency and corronsion-resistant of the inhibiter switch at the time of improvement height, the Noda Ising (Anodazing) surface treatment will do the minute description inhibiter switch cover with, the minute description shaft lever with the surface treatment box, contact department of the inhibiter switch cover and the shaft lever will go suppresses suppresses suppresses with, Intercepts the influx of the moisture, and ssil deterioration of the ring rubber about under preventing about the inhibiter switch where the corronsion-resistance which has the effect which extends the use life of the inhibiter switch improves is a thing.
  • [专利] 一种​开​喉​润​咽​的​药酒
    (CN106852970) 本​发明​涉及​种​开​喉​润​咽​的​药酒,其中​红花​10​~​20​克、乌​梢​蛇​20​~​40​克、七​叶​莲​15​~​25​克、密​陀​僧​10​~​15​克、蛤蚧​30​~​50​克、地​肤​子​10​~​20​克、细辛​10​~​15​克、女贞子​10​~​18​克、独​活​10​~​17​克、肉桂​10​~​20​克、伏​龙​肝​20​~​35​克、辛夷​花​30​~​40​克、桑寄生​25​~​40​克、细辛​12​~​18​克、冬虫夏草​40​~​60​克、50​度​白酒​5​斤。
  • [专利] 一种​祛风​消​斑​的​药酒
    (CN106852978) 本​发明​涉及​种​祛风​消​斑​的​药酒,其中​红花​10​~​20​克、乌​梢​蛇​20​~​40​克、七​叶​莲​15​~​25​克、密​陀​僧​10​~​15​克、蛤蚧​30​~​50​克、地​肤​子​10​~​20​克、细辛​10​~​15​克、女贞子​10​~​18​克、独​活​10​~​17​克、肉桂​10​~​20​克、伏​龙​肝​20​~​35​克、辛夷​花​30​~​40​克、桑寄生​25​~​40​克、细辛​12​~​18​克、冬虫夏草​40​~​60​克、50​度​白酒​5​斤。
  • [专利] Cleaning product
    (KR20170095258) Goal of this invention, for example, expense - the soap (non-soap) despite use of the anion surfactant, in order for the bubble of high quality to can be formed, the tax administration product, and bubble discharge (foam dispenser) from uses the tax administration composition for as for under providing is the thing. Bubble discharge and as for under including the tax administration product, and uses the tax administration composition from bubble discharge the tax administration composition for to be provided, the tax administration composition includes expense - the soap anion surfactant and the Arabia sword (gum arabic), and in the tax administration composition expense - the content of the soap anion surfactant is 1 to 20 weight %, and the content of the Arabia sword in the tax administration composition is 0.1 to 10 weight %.
  • [专利] Method of manufacturing biodegradable polyester resin compound containing starch
    (KR20170076929) Following this invention manufacturing method of starch containing biodegradation polyester plastic com pound, the biodegradation polyester plastics, the starch and the plasticizer as for under including the materials ni more (kneader) with the low of supplying phase. Than fusion point of the minute description biodegradation polyester plastics 10~30 degree Celsius ni ting (kneading) will do the minute description materials from low temperature, ni ting soul lyen as for under manufacturing which will ask phase. And minute description ni ting soul lyen about under supplying the extrudate the low of manufacturing included a phase with the extruder which will ask.
  • [专利] Manufacturing method of neodymium magnet
    (KR20170076138) Following work conduct example of this invention the neodymium magnet manufacturing method Neo D yum from the melting furnace will dance the composition of the magnet in stipendiary tongue strip form with the phase which does, the minute description strip with the powder as for under pulverizing the soul about under adding to mix the lubricant to pulverization phase and the minute description powder lyen carbon content of phase and the minute description powder as for under measuring phase and the minute description powder from in the magnetic field as for under forming formation phase and the minute description formation body as for under sinterring to include a sinter phase, as for minute description sinter phase minute description according to content of the carbon which measured temperature or retention time with sinter as for under the fringe land variable phase as for under including Neodymium magnet manufacturing method.
  • [专利] Method for inhibiting germination of weed seed using mixed strain comprising Lactobacillus sp. strain and yeast strain
    (KR20170075965) This invention in Lactobacillus the mixed strain culture which became accomplished with strain and yeast strain about under using about the method which suppresses the seed germination of the weed that, from this invention in Lactobacillus of specific consistency (Lactobacillus sp.) the mixed strain culture culture fluid which became accomplished with strain and yeast strain suppresses the germination of the weed seed with weeding effect of the weed confirmed the excellent point. Consequently, mixed strain culture of this invention as for under containing the weed killer green style biotic pesticide zero usefully widely with the effectiveness person, could be used.
  • [专利] 一种​抗​降解​和​抗菌​性能​良好​的​二氧​化​铈​掺杂​硅酸钙​涂层​及其​制备​方法​和​应用
    (CN106913905) 本​发明​涉及​种​抗​降解​和​抗菌​性能​良好​的​二氧​化​铈​掺杂​硅酸钙​涂层​及其​制备​方法​和​应用,所​述​二氧​化​铈​掺杂​硅酸钙​涂层​由​二氧​化​铈​掺杂​的​硅酸钙​基​粉体​通过​等离子体​喷涂​技术​喷涂​在​基材​表面​形成。本​发明​通过​掺杂​适量​二氧​化​铈,能够​赋予​材料​较好​的​抗菌​活性。本​发明​提供​的​生物​涂层,不仅​具有​优良​的​生物​活性​和​生物​相容性,而且​具有​抗​降解​性​和​抗菌​性,解决​了​现有​技术​中​所存​在的​缺陷​问题,促进​了​硬​组织​的​修复​与​替换​材料​领域​的​发展。
  • [专利] Sulfide solid electrolyte, the sulfide glass, and a lithium ion battery electrode active material
    (JP2017117635) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Heat treatment for crystallization temperature can be lowered sulfide glass, and, the manufacture is easy, the ionic conductivity 1x10-5 S/cmto provide a sulfide solid electrolyte or more. SOLUTION: Lithium element, a sulfur element and phosphorous-containing the element, the diffraction line (CuK α: λ=1.5418 Å) in powder X, at least, 2 θ=19.9 ± 0.3deg and 26.8 ± 0.3deg has a diffraction peak, Si, Ge and Sn in the case of containing M is an element selected from, the element ratio of the elements and phosphorus M P (M/P) elements is 0.25 sulfide solid state electrolyte or less. SELECTED DRAWING: Without
  • [专利] Coating composition and the building board
    (JP2017115434) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Ink color and excellent in color reproduction of the ink-receiving layer to provide a building board. SOLUTION: Base 2 and, substrate 2 ink receiving layer formed on the 3 and, the ink-receptive layer 3 ink layer formed on the 4 and, at least the ink layer 4 formed so as to cover the clear layer 5 a building board 1 even, the ink-receptive layer 3 is, a coloring pigment, extender pigment at least one of the beads and a resin component composed of a (X), and a binder resin including, wherein the pigment and the components in the whole of the coloring pigment (X) dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate 10-65.0 volume % and, the ink layer 4 is, formed by the ink composition and the building board 1 in. SELECTED DRAWING: FlG 1