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  • [专利] Conductor connection structure, method for producing same, conductive composition, and electronic component module
    (US20170140847) Provided is a conductor connection structure (10) in which two conductors (21, 31) are electrically connected by a copper connection part (11). The connection part (11) comprises a material containing mainly copper. The connection part (11) also comprises a plurality of holes. An organosilicon compound is present within the holes. The connection part preferably has a structure in which a plurality of gathered particles are melted and bonded together and the particles have a necking section therebetween. In addition, the connection structure (10) preferably has a structure in which a plurality of large copper particles having a relatively large particle size and a plurality of small copper particles having a particle size smaller than that of the large copper particles are melted and bonded together such that the large copper particles and the small copper particles are bonded together, the small copper particles are bonded together, and a plurality of small copper particles are positioned around one large copper particle.
  • [专利] Dynamically vulcanized alloys
    (SG11201701314S) This invention relates to the preparation of a dynamically vulcanized alloy comprising at least one elastomer, at least one thermoplastic resin, a nanofiller, and an ethylene copolymer resin. (From US2017218190 A1)
  • [专利] Grain boundary engineering
    (KR20170049538) Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for creating magnetic material. One of the methods may make a compound that includes at least one of: i) an amount of Nd in a range of [6.1717, 11.8917] (at. %), inclusive, ii) an amount of Pr in a range of [1.5495, 4.821] (at. %), inclusive, or iii) an amount of Dy in a range of [0.2132, 5.3753] (at. %), inclusive, and an amount of Co in a range of [0, 4.0948] (at. %), inclusive, an amount of Cu in a range of [0.0545, 0.2445] (at. %), inclusive, and an amount of Fe in a range of [81.1749, 85.867] (at. %), inclusive. (From US9336932 B1)
  • [专利] Synthetic molded slabs, and systems and methods related thereto
    (KR20170048405) This specifications suitable life or work space (for example, the kitchen kitchen table and the table, in order to use to extend to bottom) from be, forms the slab which has become the synthetic moulding which is improved explained a system and the method for. The slab which has become synthetic moulding each other similar in order to have the exterior be, could be produced, this exterior is taken at the quarry, from the stone slab is different as part of repetitive possible production process advance is provided generally. But, the exterior of the slab which has become respectively synthetic moulding from such conduct example complex su tree A syen or will be able to provide a different stripes pattern.
  • [专利] 厚​鋼板​の​製造​設備​および​製造​方法
    (JP2016031168W) It is an object to provide a facility and a method for manufacturing a steel plate having excellent shapes and excellent mechanical properties, by performing uniform cooling in a cooling step by uniformizing scales that are generated on surfaces of the steel plate in a descaling step. A facility for manufacturing a steel plate includes a hot rolling apparatus, a shape correcting apparatus, a descaling apparatus, and an accelerated cooling apparatus which are set in this order from an upstream side in a conveyance direction, wherein jetting nozzles of the descaling apparatus are set in two rows with respect to a longitudinal direction of a steel plate, and wherein energy density E of descaling water that is jetted towards a surface of the steel plate from the two rows of jetting nozzles is greater than or equal to 0.08 J/mm 2 in total. (From EP3195946 A1)
  • [专利] Sealing composition, and the semiconductor device manufacturing method of
    (JP6161824) The invention provides a sealing composition including: polymer (A) containing a cationic functional group and having a weight average molecular weight of from 2,000 to 1,000,000; and a benzotriazole compound; in which the content of the polymer (A) is from 0.05 parts by mass to 0.20 parts by mass with respect to 100 parts by mass of the sealing composition; in which the content of the benzotriazole compound in the sealing composition is from 3 ppm by mass to 200 ppm by mass; and in which the sealing composition has a pH of from 3.0 to 6.5. (From EP3159917 A1)
  • [专利] 活化​人​CD40​的​抗体​和​针对​人​PD‑L1​的​抗体​的​组合​疗法
    (CN106659780) 本​发明​涉及​种​用于​治疗​增殖性​疾病​的​药物​产品,其​包含​特异性​结合​人​CD40​的​抗体​或​其​抗原​结合​部分;和​PD‑L1​抗体;和​任选​的​包含​作为​活性​组分​的​细胞因子​抑制剂​的​第三​成分​的​组合。
  • [专利] 用于​汽车​的​耐​冲击​金属​复合材料​及其​制备​方法
    (CN105154750) 本​发明​涉及​一种​用于​汽车​的​耐​冲击​金属​复合材料​及其​制备​方法,属于​金属​复合材料​技术​领域。该​用于​汽车​的​耐​冲击​金属​复合材料​包括​按照​质量​份数​计​的​如下​原料:铁粉​28-45​份、钴​10-22​份、碳化硅​5-8​份、碳化​锆​5-8​份、锰​3-6​份、氧化铝​2-6​份、镁粉​3-8​份、镍​粉​4-16​份、石墨​3-8​份、滑石粉​1-3​份。本​发明​所得​金属​复合材料​具有​优异​的​力学​性能,能​承受​较大​的​冲击力,在​车身​受到​撞击​时能​很大​程度​保证​车内​人员​的​安全;本​发明​制备​方法​条件​温和,对​设备​要求​较低。
  • [专利] 铝​镁​共​混​铜​基​粉末冶金​复合材料​及其​制备​方法
    (CN105154712) 本​发明​公开​了​一种​铝​镁​共​混​铜​基​粉末冶金​复合材料​及其​制备​方法,成分​及​各​成分​质量​百分​含量​为:铝​15%~​25%,镁​10%~​15%,银​0.25%~​1.35%,钨​0.6%~​1.8%,钼​0.18%~​0.48%,锡​0.05%~​0.46%,二氧化硅​1.2%~​3.8%,碳化硅​0.18%~​1.56%,五​氧​化二​磷​0.25%~​0.86%,余量​为​铜。在​冶金​粉末​材料​中​添加​二氧化硅、碳化硅​和​五​氧​化二​磷,能​有效​提高​制备​得到​的​复合材料​的​韧性,并且​可以​降低​材料​密度,电阻率​低,降低​输送​能耗,减少​损失。
  • [专利] 一种​耐​高压​PVC​管
    (CN105153622) 本​发明​公开​了​一种​耐​高压​PVC​管,包括有​内层​和​外层,其​特征​在于,包括​以下​重量​份数​的​组分:氨基​甲酸​酯​25-30​份,呋喃​树脂​14-26​份,甲基​丙烯酸​羟​乙​酯​9-14​份,丙烯酸​羟​丙​酯​12-20​份,硅藻土​2-6​份,开孔​膨胀​珍珠岩​4-9​份,SG-5​型​PVC?5-6​份,扩散​剂​EB-FF?15-23​份,粉末​丁​腈​1-3​份,稳定剂​3-5​份,四季​戊​四​醇​酯​15-20​份,增​韧​剂​1-2​份。本​发明​的​有益​效果​是:耐寒,耐压,成本​较低。