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  • [专利] Composite for lithium air battery, method of preparing the composite, and lithium air battery employing positive electrode including the composite
    (US20160043408) A composite for a lithium air battery, wherein the composite is represented by Formula 1: MCxN(1−x)   Formula 1 wherein M in Formula 1 is at least one selected from a metal element and a metalloid element, and 0
  • [专利] Fluoro copolymer coatings for overhead conductors
    (US9741467) A coating composition includes a fluoroethylene vinyl ether copolymer, a cross-linking agent, and water. The coating composition reduces the operating temperature of an overhead conductor by at least about 5° C. or more compared to a similar uncoated overhead conductor when the operating temperatures of each overhead conductor are measured at about 100° C. or higher and the coating composition is substantially free of solvent. Methods for making a coating composition and for making a coated overhead conductor are disclosed.
  • [专利] Panel edge enclosures
    (US20160039192) The present invention contemplates a method for enclosing a panel edge comprising forming a panel structure having at least one edge, applying a reformable epoxy resin material onto the at least one edge, and contacting the reformable epoxy resin material within about 10 minutes, or even about 5 minutes of applying the reformable epoxy resin material such that the reformable epoxy resin material is below its glass transition temperature and dry to the touch upon contact.
  • [专利] Compositions and methods for treating viral infections
    (US9539276) The present invention provides compositions methods for treating susceptible viral infections, especially hepatitis C viral (HCV) infections as well as co infections of HCV with other viruses such as HBV and/or HIV. In one embodiment, the present invention provides compositions having the formula (I) and their use in treating viral infections: or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, ester, stereoisomer, tautomers, solvate, prodrug, or combination thereof.
  • [专利] Combination of immunotherapies with activators of Tie-2
    (US9539245) The present invention relates to combination therapies comprising at least one activator of Tie-2 and immunotherapies that target immune checkpoints. Combination therapies of the disclosure can provide therapeutic effects not obtained with singly-administered immunotherapies. Combination therapies can be used to increase the therapeutic efficacy of an immunotherapy, to provide lower dosages of an immunotherapy being administered, to lower a toxicity of an immunotherapy, or to manage a side effect of an immunotherapy.
  • [专利] Device for providing a substrate with a material
    (DE102015010209) An apparatus (10) for providing a substrate (12) with a first material, with one of a non-metallic second material resulting guide (14) for guiding one of the first material resulting wire (16), with an at least a portion of the guide (14) surrounding induction heater (20), by which extends through the guide (14) moving wire (16) into a melt (24) of the first material infusible is therefore, and a Laval nozzle (28), which the melt (24) and a gas for release of molten particles (32) of the melt (24) and for transporting the melt the (32) particles on the (12) substrate can be delivered.
  • [专利] Pneumatic tire
    (EP2993059) The present invention provides a pneumatic tire that achieves a balanced improvement in wet grip performance, dry grip performance, and abrasion resistance. The present invention relates to a pneumatic tire including a tread formed from a rubber composition, the rubber composition containing a rubber component, a solventless acrylic resin, and a liquid xylene resin, and having a solventless acrylic resin content of 1 to 60 parts by mass and a liquid xylene resin content of 10 to 100 parts by mass, each per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component.
  • [专利] Filtering and treating material
    (WO201635557) [Problem] To provide a filtering and treating material which includes a regenerant that can be prevented from flying out and which renders the replacement of the regenerant, filter cloth, etc. easy. [Solution] A filtering and treating material that comprises: a granular regenerant S through which a spent edible oil L is passed to thereby regenerate the spent edible oil L; and a closed case R which has been formed in a certain thickness T so as to enable the spent edible oil L to pass over a constant distance and which contains the regenerant S packed thereinto and has been formed from nonwoven-fabric filter cloth P, Q, etc. so as to filter the spent edible oil L therewith. During the filtration and treatment, the regenerant S can be prevented from flying out. The regenerant S, filter cloth P, Q, etc. can be easily replaced as a unit.
  • [专利] Acidic gas removal using dry sorbent injection
    (EP2990089) A system (10, 210, 310) and method for desulfurization or acidic gas removal from a hot flue gas is provided that uses a dry sorbent injection technology with downstream sorbent reproduction based on a dual-alkali process. As such, lime and flue gas carbon dioxide are used in a process to produce the dry sorbent, sodium bicarbonate.
  • [专利] Benzoimidazol -2-yl pyrimidine modulators of the histamine h4 receptor
    (PH12015501731) Benzoimidazol-2-yl pyrimidines, purification methods for the same, and pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of disease states, disorders, and conditions mediated by H4 receptor activity, including allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and pruritus.