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  • [专利] 1,2,4-triazolo [4,3-A] pyridine derivatives and their use for the treatment of prevention of neurological and psychiatric disorders
    (US9737533) The present invention relates to methods of treating various central nervous system disorders using novel triazolo[4,3-a]pyridine derivatives of Formula (I) wherein all radicals are as defined in the claims. The compounds according to the invention are positive allosteric modulators of the metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 2 (“mGluR2”), which are useful for the treatment or prevention of neurological and psychiatric disorders associated with glutamate dysfunction and diseases in which the mGluR2 subtype of metabotropic receptors is involved. The invention is also directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds, to processes to prepare such compounds and compositions, and to the use of such compounds for the prevention or treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders and diseases in which mGluR2 is involved.
  • [专利] 一种​人参​皂​苷​提取物​及其​制备​方法
    (CN105343143) 本​发明​涉及​一种​人参​皂​苷​提取物​及其​制备​方法。提取物​中含有​Rb1、Rb2、Rc、Rd​人参​主​皂​苷​和​转化​得到​的​抗​肿瘤​活性​物质​原人​参​二醇(PPD)。其​制备​方法​采用​冻融​法​提取​人参​皂​苷,该​方法​包括​以下​步骤:a、取​鲜​人参,去除​异物​后​切成​片;b、放入​超低温​冰箱​中​冷冻,然后​解冻,反复​冻融;c、粉碎​后​加入​80%甲醇​水溶液​超声​提取,过滤,滤液​减压​浓缩;d、加入​去​离子水​溶解​后,用​乙醚、饱和​正​丁醇​溶液​萃取,减压​浓缩,得到​人参​皂​苷​提取物。本​发明​方法​操作​简单,与​传统​的​有机​溶剂​法​相比​提取​收率​高、成本​低,并且​能够​得到​抗​肿瘤​活性​物质​原人​参​二醇(PPD)。
  • [专利] 一种​水体​内源​磷​吸附​材料​的​制备​方法
    (CN105413623) 本​发明​提供​一种​水体​内源​磷​吸附​材料​的​制备​方法,步骤​如下:先​将​水体​疏浚​底泥​用​1-2mm​铁​筛网​过滤​后,在​110℃下​干燥​2-4h,再​碾碎​后​过​100​目​筛,得到​处理​后的​水体​疏浚​底泥;先​将​净​水厂​污泥​用​1-2mm​铁​筛网​过滤​后,在​110℃下​干燥​2-4h,再​碾碎​后​过​100​目​筛,得到​处理​后的​净​水厂​污泥;将​处理​后的​水体​疏浚​底泥​和​处理​后的​净​水厂​污泥​混合,再用​搅拌机​混合​均匀,得到​混合​材料,其中​处理​后的​水体​疏浚​底泥​与​处理​后的​净​水厂​污泥​的​重量​比为(2-3):1,搅拌机​的​搅拌​速度​为​100RPM,搅拌​时间​为​10min;将​混合​材料​在​550℃下​灼烧​2-4h,即得​水体​内源​磷​吸附​材料。本​发明​制备​得到​的​吸附​材料​对​磷​吸附​能​力强、吸附​容量大。
  • [专利] Integrated cast motorcycle chassis and motor housing
    (US9403574) This invention comprises a frame for an electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycles have vastly different component requirements compared to internal combustion engine motorcycles, and, therefore, require a radical redesign of the frame in order to maximize the efficiency of the system.
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  • [专利] Conjugados de anticuerpo-farmaco
    (CR20170200) This application discloses anti-P-cadherin antibodies, antigen binding fragments thereof, and antibody drug conjugates of said antibodies or antigen binding fragments. The invention also relates to methods of treating cancer using the antibodies, antigen binding fragments, and antibody drug conjugates. Also disclosed herein are methods of making the antibodies, antigen binding fragments, and antibody drug conjugates, and methods of using the antibodies and antigen binding fragments as diagnostic reagents. (From US2016137730 A1)
  • [专利] 一种​甲烷​化​反应器
    (CN204841618U) 本​实用​新型​公开​了​一种​甲烷​化​反应器,该​反应器​包括​壳体、进​气管、中心​筒、中心​管、套筒、出气​管​和​设置​在​中心​筒​和​套筒​的​微​反应​通道,在​该​微​反应​通道​内可​以​负载​催化​活性​组分。与​现有​技术​相比,本​实用​新型​的​甲烷​化​反应器​不仅​催化剂​使用量​少,而且​床​层压​降低,气体​停留时间​短,反应​床​空间​利用率​高、无气​体​偏流​和​短路​现象。
  • [专利] Method for producing bread kvass
    (RU2590009) FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production process for kvass beverage. Recipe ingredients are prepared. Further, lemon balm is extracted with liquid carbon dioxide to separate according miscella. Oyster plant is cut and dried in a microwave field to residual moisture content of about 20 % at microwave field power providing heating inside oyster plant pieces to temperature of 80-90 °C for at least 1 hour and roasted. Method then includes impregnation with separated miscella with simultaneous pressure increase, reducing pressure to atmospheric pressure value with simultaneous freezing of oyster plant. Method then includes crushing and mashing together with dry bread kvass and hot water. Then settling three times with separation of liquid phase from pulp to produce kvass wort. Thereto was added 25 % formula amount of sugar as a white syrup mixture is fermented with pure cultures of yeast kvass race M and lactobacilli strains 11 and 13, blended with remainder of sugar syrup as a white and dispensed.EFFECT: reduced duration of technological process and increased stability of kvass foam.1 cl
  • [专利] Method for producing kvass
    (RU2587880) FIELD: food industry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production process for kvass beverage. Method comprises preparation of recipe components, mashing dry kvass with hot water and settling three times with separation of liquid phase from pulp to produce kvass wort. Method then includes adding thereto 25 % of recipe amount of sugar in form of white syrup, fermenting with mixture of pure cultures of kvass yeast strain M and lactic acid bacteria strains 11 and 13, blending with remaining portion of sugar in form of white syrup and bottling. Prepared bird cherry is extracted with liquid carbon dioxide to separate corresponding miscella. Prepared yacon is cut, dried in microwave field till residual humidity about 20 % at microwave filed power providing warming inside yacon bits till temperature 80-90 °C for at least of 1 hour, fried, impregnated with separated miscella with simultaneous pressure boost. Pressure is then reduced to atmospheric value with simultaneous freezing of yacon, crushing and mashing in an amount of approximately 3.6 % of sugar consumption with dry bread kvass. EFFECT: method reduces duration of process and increases foam stability of end product. 1 cl
  • [专利] Electro-optic cell
    (WO201693731) The invention relates to optoelectronics and may be used in devices and systems for visualizing, displaying, storing and processing information in: two-dimensional and three-dimensional displays, for instance computer and television displays; light modulators, for instance spatial light modulators; and devices for processing and recognizing images. The aim of the present invention consists in developing an electro-optic cell which operates on both transmission and reflection. The technical result consists in providing a high speed of transition between states having different optical density. The technical result is achieved in that an electro-optic cell contains two dielectric plates, of which at least one is transparent; the inner surfaces of the dielectric plates have applied thereto current-conducting layers with outputs for connection to a power source; a suspension based on a particle-containing nonpolar liquid is provided between the plates; opposite portions of the particles have different electrical charge; according to the invention, the particles have an elongated shape, and different electrical charges are provided at locations at opposite ends of the particles.