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  • [专利] Soil and sediment remediation
    (US20170100755) A batch process of remediation of soil and sediment contaminated with toxic metals includes the steps of treating contaminated soil and sediment with a solution containing aminopolycarboxylic chelating agent, rinsing the soil/sediment solid phase to remove residues of mobilized toxic metals, treating the used process waters to recycle chelating agent and clean process solutions and placing the remediated soil/sediment on a permeable horizontal reactive barrier to prevent emission of contaminants. In the batch process, toxic metals are removed from process solutions by alkaline adsorption of polysaccharide adsorbents. By applying alkaline adsorption the efficiency of toxic metal removal from process solutions and alkaline and acidic recycling of chelating agent is significantly improved.
  • [专利] Deformable flap for closing and opening of an air duct and an air duct assembly
    (KR20170037847) The present invention relates to a deformable flap (12, 12″) to open/close an air duct (11) for a heating and air-conditioning system, allowing a cross section of the flap (12, 12″) to have a plurality of different egg shapes with a different main and sub axial direction setting, and an extension part as well as a circular shape, so as to allow the air duct (11) or an opening (14) formed in the air duct (11) to be completely closed by selection or opened in a different size by the flap (12, 12″). Moreover, the present invention relates to an air duct system for a heating and air-conditioning system including such flap (12, 12″). The present invention provides advantages of reducing an installation space, noise, weight, and expenses due to omission of an actuator. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2017
  • [专利] Dispersant for carbon fiber, carbon fiber dispersion composition, and method for producing carbon fiber sheet
    (JP2017064705) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a dispersant for carbon fiber which allows a comparatively long carbon fiber, for instance, a carbon fiber of 12.5 mm or more, particularly, of 10.0-100.0 mm, and further particularly, of 12.5-50.0 mm, to be uniformly dispersed in an aqueous medium.SOLUTION: A dispersant for carbon fiber uses in combination of (A) a random copolymer of phenylglycidyl ether and ethylene oxide or a random copolymer of phenylglycidyl ether and ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, and (B) a polyether type polyurethane resin based on bifunctional polyol which is a random copolymer of polyethylene glycol and/or ethylene oxide-propylene oxide, and hexamethylene diisocyanate.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Coating film forming method, and functional material provided with coating film
    (JP2017064706) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method which exhibits excellent workability and can easily form a coating film having an even or uniform, and good appearance on a surface of a base material.SOLUTION: A method of forming a coating film on a surface of a base material includes: at least a process of forming a liquid film by applying an aqueous coating composition on the surface of the base material; and a process of forming a coating film by drying the liquid film. The liquid film has a fine uneven shape including a plurality of protruded parts and a plurality of recessed parts. In the coating film forming process, the coating film, on which the fine uneven shape of the liquid film is maintained, is formed by drying the liquid film.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2
  • [专利] Carrier-substrate adhesive system
    (WO201762202) A system and method for creating three-dimensional nanostructures is disclosed. The system includes a substrate bonded to a carrier using a bonding agent. The bonding agent may be vaporizable or sublimable. The carrier may be a glass or glass-like substance. In some embodiments, the carrier may be permeable having one or a plurality of pores through which the bonding agent may escape when converted to a gaseous state with heat, pressure, light or other methods. A substrate is bonded to the carrier using the bonding agent. The substrate is then processed to form a membrane. This processing may include grinding, polishing, etching, patterning, or other steps. The processed membrane is then aligned and affixed to a receiving substrate, or a previously deposited membrane. Once properly attached, the bonding agent is then heated, depressurized or otherwise caused to sublimate or vaporize, thereby releasing the processed membrane from the carrier.
  • [专利] Cultured cell leaflet material
    (WO201762198) A prosthetic heart valve provided herein can include a cultured cell tissue leaflet. In some cases, a prosthetic heart valve can include a plurality of leaflets secured together and retained within the expandable tubular member. The cultured cell tissue can be obtained by culturing fibroblast cells, smooth muscle cells, or a combination thereof to form a sheet of cultured cells and chemically cross-linking the fibroblast cells while under tension. In some cases, the cultured cell tissue can be radially tensioned. In some cases, the cultured cell tissue can be bi-axially tensioned.
  • [专利] Chlorine-resistant dyed fabric and chlorine-resistant mixed dye composition
    (WO201761309) A chlorine-resistant dyed fabric which is a fabric dyed by a yellow disperse dye and a blue disperse dye and/or a red disperse dye, and wherein: a main component of the yellow disperse dye is a compound represented by formula (1) or formula (2); a main component of the blue disperse dye is a compound represented by formula (3); and a main component of the red disperse dye is a compound represented by formula (4).
  • [专利] Tire
    (WO201761291) A tire that comprises a tire framework member and a reinforcing layer. The tire framework member is made of resin and has a bead section and a side section. The side section is positioned to the tire-radial-direction outside of the bead section. The reinforcing layer includes organic fibers and a resin material that covers the organic fibers. The organic fibers have a cord member, an undercoat layer, and an adhesive layer. The cord member includes an aramid fiber material and/or a polyester fiber material. The undercoat layer is provided upon the cord member and is formed from a first composition that includes an epoxy compound and/or an isocyanate compound. The adhesive layer is provided upon the undercoat layer and is formed from a second composition that includes a resorcinol-formaldehyde resin.
  • [专利] 一种​蓄热​材料、制备​方法​及其​应用
    (CN106556255) 本​发明​公开​了​种​蓄热​材料、制备​方法​及其​应用,该​蓄热​材料​包括​氧化​硅、氧化​亚铁、氧化铁​和​氧化铜;该​蓄热​材料​是​利用​有色金属​冶炼​熔渣,控制​冶炼​熔渣​成分​及​矿物​组成,通过​定的​制备​工艺,制备​成​导热​性能​好、体积​密度​大、蓄热​量大、软化​点​高的​换​热材料,应用于​蓄热​室。包括​以下​步骤:步骤、冶炼​过程​及​矿物​组成​控制​和​预处理;步骤​二、冶炼​熔渣​的​冷却​处理;步骤​三、熔渣​的​破碎、细​磨​和​处理;步骤​四、高​导热​高​蓄热​材料​的​配料、成型​和​烧成。高​导热​高​蓄热​材料​的​制备​方法​简单,蓄热​量大、换​热​快、热风​温度​高、使用寿命​长,生产成本​低。可​综合利用​工业​废渣,环保​效果显著。
  • [专利] 一种​黄芪​种子​的​优质​育苗​方法
    (CN106550623) 本​发明​公开​了​种​黄芪​种子​的​优质​育苗​方法,属于​种植​技术​领域,具体​包括​如下​步骤:(1)种子​选择、(2)浸种​液​制备、(3)种子​处理、(4)种子​播种​及​管理。本​发明​各​步骤​搭配​合理,8​~​10​天​即可​实现​种子​全部​出芽,出芽​率​稳定​在​98%以上,幼苗​长势​旺盛、生长​整齐,体质​健壮,有​很好​的​抗病​抗逆性​能,耐寒​耐旱​性好,不需要​炼​苗​即可​进行​移栽​操作,简化​了​种植​工艺,且​移栽​成活率​高达​95%以上,有​很好​的​推广​价值。