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  • [专利] Benzoimidazol -2-yl pyrimidine modulators of the histamine h4 receptor
    (PH12015501731) Benzoimidazol-2-yl pyrimidines, purification methods for the same, and pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of disease states, disorders, and conditions mediated by H4 receptor activity, including allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and pruritus.
  • [专利] Halogen-substituted pyrazol derivatives as pest-control agents
    (PH12015501723) The invention relates to, inter alia, halogen-substituted compounds of the general formula (I) in which the groups A1-A4, T, n, W, Q, R1, and Z1-Z3 have the meanings specified in the description. The invention further relates to methods for producing the compounds of the formula (I) and to possible intermediates for producing said compounds. The compounds according to the invention are suitable in particular for combating insects, arachnids, and nematodes in the field of agriculture and for combating ectoparasites in the field of veterinary medicine.
  • [专利] Separator for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
    (KR20160020362) The present invention provides a separator for a lithium secondary battery with excellent flame-retardant, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and ventilation. Provided are the separator for a lithium secondary battery and a lithium secondary battery including the same. The separator for a lithium secondary battery comprises: a substrate; and a heat resistant porous layer which is located on at least one surface of the substrate, and has a structural unit represented by a chemical formula 1.
    (DE102015010352) A red phosphor is provided, comprising an inorganic luminescent compound represented by formula (1) having an emission spectrum resolvable into a first Gaussian emission curve and a second Gaussian emission curve; wherein the first Gaussian emission curve has a first Gaussian emission curve peak, P1; wherein the first Gaussian emission curve peak, P1, has a peak 1 height, HP1, a peak 1 peak wavelength, PλP1, and a peak 1 area, AP1; wherein the second Gaussian emission curve has a second Gaussian emission curve peak, P2; wherein the second Gaussian emission curve peak, P2, has a peak 2 height, HP2, a peak 2 peak wavelength, PλP2, a peak 2 full width at half max, FWHMP2, and a peak 2 area, AP2; wherein PλP1 (From US9200199 B1)
  • [专利] 3,5,n-trihydroxy-alkanamide or 3,5,n-trihydroxy-6-alkenamide derivative alone or in combination with chemotherapeutic agent for treating cancer
    (WO201632768) The present invention provides a novel method for treating cancer that comprises administering a compound represented by formula (I) and/or a chemotherapeutic agent to a subject. The present invention further provides a novel kit that comprises a compound represented by formula (I) and a chemotherapeutic agent for treating cancer.
  • [专利] Cleaning member
    (WO201631618) Provided is a cleaning member which is capable of sufficiently increasing the degree of cleanliness inside a vacuum-system device. This cleaning member is for removing contamination in a vacuum-system device, and includes a fibrous columnar structure. The fibrous columnar structure is provided with a plurality of fibrous columnar objects. The cleaning member has a shear adhesive strength with respect to a glass surface at room temperature of at least 10 N/cm2.
  • [专利] Wellhead gas conditioner methods and uses thereof
    (WO201629298) The embodiments described herein are directed a device for conditioning gas comprising an inlet for receiving fuel. The device includes an injector for injecting an oxygen source into the fuel, a heating component for heating the fuel, a conditioner unit, and a cooling component. The device further comprises an outlet for feeding conditioned gas into an engine. The embodiments are also directed to a method for conditioning gas.
  • [专利] Bifunctionalized polymer
    (EP2987647) A bifunctionalized elastomer comprising the reaction product of 1) a living anionic elastomeric polymer initiated with a functional initiator and 2) a functional polymerization terminator is disclosed. The living anionic elastomeric polymer initiated with the functional initiator is of formula AYLi where Y is a divalent polymer radical, Li is a lithium atom bonded to a carbon atom of Y, and A is an amine-containing radical.
  • [专利] Anisotropic heat spreading sheet and electronic device having the same
    (KR20160018421) The present invention relates to an anisotropic heat spreading sheet and an electronic device having the same. The anisotropic heat spreading sheet includes a heat dissipating layer which dissipates and spreads heat generated in the heating part of the electronic device; and an insulation attaching layer which is applied to the heat dissipating layer and has a function of attaching the heat dissipating layer to an object and an insulating function of preventing heat transmission from the heat dissipating layer to a vertical direction.
  • [专利] Enhanced water treatment system
    (WO201628975) Liquid treatment systems (e.g., water treatment systems) with enhanced components and systems are disclosed. For example, the water treatment system may be enhanced by incorporating a location determination component and one or more measurement components (e.g., to measure temperature, flow, pH, composition, etc.). A data store of location information may be created comprising current and/or historical location of the water treatment system. Using transmission capabilities, the water treatment system may transmit collected data to a remote server for, inter alia, storage, aggregation, filtering, and/or analysis. Collectively, the aggregate data from a plurality of networked water treatment systems may form a repository of information that offers synergistic benefits that improve numerous aspects of water treatment systems and the related systems and users to which those water treatment systems provide service.