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  • [专利] 一种​增强​蜜​胺​泡​绵​的​制备​方法
    (CN106633175) 本​发明​公开​种​增强​蜜​胺​泡​绵​的​制备​方法,包括​如下​步骤:步骤​1:热固性​树脂​处理:使用​热固性​树脂​溶液,对​已经​发泡​成型​的​蜜​胺​泡​绵​进行​浸渍​或者​喷淋​处理,然后​对​蜜​胺​泡​绵​干燥;步骤​2:固化剂​处理:将​步骤​1​中​干燥​后的​蜜​胺​泡​绵​采用​固化剂​溶液​进行​浸渍​或者​喷淋​处理,得到​待​热处理​的​蜜​胺​泡​绵​前体;步骤​3:热​固化​工艺:在​100~200℃温度​下,将​待​热处理​的​蜜​胺​泡​绵​前体​放入​热​烘干​装置​中​进行​热​固化​处理;步骤​4:热​熟化​工艺:将​步骤​3​中​处理​后的​蜜​胺​泡​绵​置于​60~150℃的​热处理​装置​中​进行​热​熟化。通过​本​发明​得到​的​增强型​蜜​胺​泡​绵​外观​优良,热​收缩率​极小,孔隙​率​高,无​塌陷,回弹​率​高,适于​大规模​生产​应用​和​推广。
  • [专利] 2、2′-亚​甲基-双[4-特​辛​基-6-(2H‑苯​并​三​唑​基-2)]苯酚​的​无​溶剂​合成
    (CN106632111) 本​发明​公开​了​种​通过​无​溶剂​缩合​合成​2、2′-亚​甲基-双[4-特​辛​基-6-(2H‑苯​并​三​唑​基-2)]苯酚(UV‑360)的​方法。其​过程​是:先以​二​正​丙基​胺​和​甲醛​或​多​聚​甲醛​为​原料,在​温度​约​120℃的​条件下​缩合​脱水​合成​二(正​丙基​氨基)甲烷,再​和​2‑(2′‑羟基‑5′‑特​辛​基​苯基)苯​并​三​唑​在​无​溶剂​和​氢氧化钠​的​催化作用​下于​约​160℃缩合​合成​UV‑360。由于​该​方法​不使​用​高沸点​溶剂,克服​了​现有​方法​存在​的​问题,即​二​正​丙基​氨​容易​回收​及​循环使用,且​产品​质量​高。
  • [专利] 冷却​装置
    (CN206089425U) 本​实用​新型​公开​了​种​冷却​装置,包括​箱体(1)和​水平​设置​于​该​箱​体内​的​多个​隔板(2),所​述​多个​隔板(2)用于​放置​待​冷却​零件,所​述​箱体(1)的​顶部​连接​有​进水​管(3),所​述​箱体​的​底部​连接​有​出水管(4),所​述​进水​管(3)和​所​述​出水管(4)通过​循环​水池(5)连通。通过​上述​技术​方案,方面,该​冷却​装置​结构​简单,易于​制作;另方面,将​待​冷却​零件​放置​于​该​箱​体内​的​隔板​上​进行​冷却,可以​缩短​冷却​时间,提高​冷却​效率。
  • [专利] Polarizer polarizing plate and image display apparatus
    (KR20170037855) Provided is a polarizer which can realize multi-functionalization and high-functionalization of an electronic device such as an image display apparatus. The polarizer according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises a fiber film containing iodine, and has a transparent part having a higher penetration ratio than penetration ratios of other parts, wherein the resin film contains polyvinyl alcohol fibers, and a degree of saponification of polyvinyl alcohol fibers in the transparent part is higher than degrees of saponification of polyvinyl alcohol fibers in the other parts. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2017
  • [专利] Tripentyl esters of trimellitic acid
    (KR20170037845) The present invention relates to a tripentyl ester of trimellitic acid and, more specifically, to a mixture of triisopentyl esters of trimellitic acid, comprising isomeric pentyl radicals in which more than 5 mol% of the isomeric pentyl radicals contained in the ester mixture are branched. In addition, the mixture has excellent compatibility with PVC and PVC-containing polymers and shows a lower migration tendency. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2017
  • [专利] Aqueous ink for inkjet recording and ink cartridge
    (JP2017066392) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an aqueous pigment ink for inkjet recording capable of enhancing discharge stability during continuous recording and excellent in dispersibility.SOLUTION: There is provided an aqueous ink for inkjet recording containing a pigment and water and further containing a resin for pigment dispersion containing an ethylene oxide chain and at least one of an anionic surfactant containing an ethylene oxide group and a nonionic surfactant containing an ethylene oxide group.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Ion exchange equipment and anion detection device
    (JP6108020) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: Being the sample water which includes the ammonia of high density, it offers the ion exchange equipment whose it is possible to remove the cation sufficiently, and the anion detection device which can detect the anion securely. SOLUTION: It had valve V13 and valve the cathode room 16 where the anode room 15 where the suffering processing liquid flows flows out and the water flows flows out and the aforementioned anode room the anode and are arranged in the aforementioned cathode room 16 the cathode and the aforementioned anode room the pressure of the cation exchange body and the aforementioned anode room 15 which fill up to the both of 15 which are arranged in the cation exchange membrane 40 which divides 15 and the cathode room 16 and the aforementioned anode room 15 and the aforementioned cathode room 16 as the pressure adjustment expedient which is made higher than pressure of the aforementioned cathode room 16 V15, in the ion exchange equipment and this ion exchange equipmentThe anion detection device which combines electric conductivity total 70.
  • [专利] Method of disinfection of drinking water using ozone and silver cations
    (WO201760794) Microbiologically safe and healthy drinking water is prepared from raw water by clarifying and disinfecting it with reactive oxygen derivatives and silver ions. Initially, the water is treated with ozone until a suitable concentration of 0.1-0.5 mg/l of ozone in the water is reached, after that the required amount of silver cations disinfectant solution is supplied into the water so that the silver concentration is 0.02-0.1 mg/l. A stable and safe silver disinfectant solution is used without the use of electrolysis equipment. The solution is stabilized with alkaline earth and/or alkali metal cations, which positively complement the overall intake of minerals. By using such a method, the water stored in the open is protected from secondary microbial contamination for a long time, particularly, longer than 3 months.
  • [专利] Novel pcr primers and methods thereof for the identification of bacillus coagulans
    (US20170096700) The present invention discloses novel oligonucleotide primer sequences BC1, BC2 and BC3 for the identification of Bacillus coagulans. The invention also discloses a PCR based method for the identification of Bacillus coagulants using the aforesaid primers, wherein positive amplification with primer sets BC1, BC2 and negative amplification with primer set BC3 confirms the presence of Bacillus coagulans.
  • [专利] Vulcanization composition for unsaturated polymers
    (US20170121500) The present invention relates to the field of vulcanization of unsaturated polymers, in particular halogenated, and more particularly chlorinated, unsaturated polymers, such as, for example, polychloroprene, using as vulcanization agent a mixture of bis(2,5-dimercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole) and at least one organic base. The present invention relates to the process for vulcanization of said polymers with said vulcanization mixture.