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  • [专利] Antibodies, compositions, and uses
    (US20170240637) The present disclosure describes anti-B7H3 antibody agents and uses relating thereto. Among other things, the present disclosure demonstrates particular immunomodulatory effectiveness of certain such antibodies. The present disclosure further describes particularly high-affinity or otherwise useful antibodies and antibody agents based thereon, including particularly certain humanized and/or affinity matured versions of an 8H9 antibody. In some embodiments, provided antibody agents are useful, for example, in the treatment of cancer. In some embodiments, provided antibody agents are useful in relieving immunosuppression, for example mediated by B7H3-positive cells.
  • [专利] High-strength steel sheet
    (EP3192888) Provided is a steel sheet with excellent abrasion resistance as well as excellent low-temperature toughness and ductility of a base material while having a high strength of a tensile strength of 1,100 MPa or more. The steel sheet is a high-strength steel sheet having a tensile strength of 1,100 MPa or more, wherein the components in the steel satisfy a defined composition, A-value represented by a defined formula (1) is 0.0015 or less, while E-value represented by a defined formula (3) is 0.95 or more, and a Brinell hardness HBW (10/3000) in a position at a depth of 2 mm from a surface of the steel sheet is 360 or more and 440 or less.
  • [专利] Curable silicone composition, curable hot-melt silicone, and optical device
    (EP3190156) A curable silicone composition comprises: (A) an organopolysiloxane represented by a specific average unit formula; (B) an organopolysiloxane represented by a specific average unit formula; (C) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane represented by a specific average composition formula; and (D) a hydrosilylation catalyst; and a curable hot-melt silicone that is obtained by subjecting this composition to a hydrosilylation reaction to a degree that does not form a cured product, that is non-flowable at 25°C, and that has a melt viscosity at 100°C of 5000 Pa·s or less. This curable silicone composition provides a cured product having excellent heat resistance and light resistance after being cured. This curable hot-melt silicone is non-flowable at room temperature, has low surface stickiness, and is readily melted by heating.
  • [专利] 一种​自动​溶解​加​药​系统
    (CN204865649U) 本​实用​新型​公开​了​一种​自动​溶解​加​药​系统,属于​废水​处理​技术​领域,解决​了​现有​技术​中​自动​加​药​系统​加​药效​率​低​的​问题。包括​溶​药​桶​及加​药​桶,所​述​溶​药​桶​高于​所​述​加​药​桶,所​述​溶​药​桶​上部​设有​出​药​管,所​述​出​药​管​上方​设有​溢流​管,所​述​出​药​管​与​所​述​溢流​管​的​一端​均与​所​述​溶​药​桶​连通,所​述​加​药​桶​顶端​设有​进​药​口,所​述​出​药​管​与​所​述​溢流​管​的​另一​端​均与​所​述​进​药​口​连通。本​实用​新型​一种​自动​溶解​加​药​系统,设有​溶​药​桶​和​加​药​桶,溶​药​桶​底部​设有​进水​管,开始​进水​时​即​开始​溶解​药剂,增加​了​药剂​溶解​效率;溶​药​桶​上部​与​加​药​桶​连通,溶​药​桶​与​加​药​桶​高低​布置,溶​药​桶内​搅拌​好的​药剂​可以​流入​加​药​桶​中​备用;本​实用​新型​结构​新颖,提高​了​加​药​系统​的​加​药效​率。
  • [专利] Improvements in frying technology
    (EP3182834) A method for preserving cooking oil comprises contacting the oil with oil-permeable cementious material in the form of either stand-alone blocks, pellets, granules, or balls and which has been hydraulically hardened from a paste comprising (a) > 50 wt% of (i) white OPC clinker, (ii) white OPC or (iii) a mixture of white OPC clinker and white OPC, and (b) optionally further ingredients selected from silica, titania, lime, calcium sulphate, hydrated alumina, natural feldspars, diatomaceous earth, Na and Ca forms of natural and synthetic zeolites, clays, pillared clays, activated clays/earths, silicate minerals selected from calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, aluminium silicate, agalmatolite, amphiboles, attapulgite, granite porphyry, kaolinite, porphyry, rhyolite, talc and wollastonite, wherein the porosity of the cementious material is 30- 55%. The oil-permeable cementious material has during manufacture been subjected to prolonged drying at elevated temperatures so as to reduce the amount of foaming occurring in the oil during treatment with the said cementious material. (From WO2016027108 A1)
  • [专利] - multi-well sample testing apparatus and methods of sample testing using the same
    (KR20170045280) A sample testing apparatus includes a sample tray defining a planar surface and a plurality of wells recessed relative to the planar surface, and a lid member configured to be sealed about the planar surface of the sample tray. The lid member includes an adhesive layer configured to be sealed to the planar surface of the sample tray, a breathable film layer disposed about the adhesive layer, and a backing layer disposed about the breathable film layer. Methods of using the sample testing apparatus for testing a sample and kits to facilitate such testing are also provided. (From US2016053293 A1)
  • [专利] Hydrosilylation iron catalyst
    (KR20170042681) A hydrosilylation iron catalyst prepared from a two-electron ligand (L) and a mononuclear, binuclear, or trinuclear complex of iron indicated by formula (1), Fe having bonds with carbon atoms included in X and the total number of Fe-carbon bonds being 2-10. As a result of using iron, the hydrosilylation iron catalyst is advantageous from a cost perspective as well as being easily synthesized. Hydrosilylation reactions can be promoted under mild conditions by using this catalyst. Fe (X)a (1) (in the formula, each X independently indicates a C2-30 ligand that may include an unsaturated group excluding carbonyl groups (CO groups) and cyclopentadienyl groups, however at least one X includes an unsaturated group. a indicates an integer of 2-4 per Fe atom.) (From WO2016027819 A1)
  • [专利] Manufacturing method of lead frame, and lead frame processing device
    (JP2017045740) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a technology capable of realizing a high cleaning quality without reducing effects of roughening processing when manufacturing a lead frame.SOLUTION: When manufacturing a lead frame successively through a roughening processing step S1 for applying roughening processing to a lead frame material, a press working step S2 for discharging an individual lead frame piece by applying press working to the lead frame material, a cleaning step S3 for cleaning the individual lead frame piece and a drying step S4 for drying the individual lead frame piece, the individual lead frame pieces discharged from the press working step S2 are successively conveyed to the cleaning step S3 and the drying step S4 without overlapping them with each other and while keeping an individual piece state, such that the press working step S2, the cleaning step S3 and the drying step S4 are continuously implemented.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
  • [专利] 一种​多级​孔​材料
    (CN106466493) 本​发明​涉及​种​多级​孔​材料。该​材料​由​多级​多孔材料​构成,包括​材料​本体,本体​是以​材料​孔径​大小​进行​分级​的​孔​腔,及​围绕​形成​孔​腔​的​腔壁​构成,其​孔​腔​呈​均匀性​分布,其​特征​在于:呈​三维空间​围绕​构成​上级​孔​腔​的​腔壁​上​设置​下级​孔​腔;各级​孔​腔​均​各自​相互​贯通​且​各级​孔​腔​相互间​也​彼此​贯通,孔​腔​呈​均匀性​分布​是指​各​孔​腔​在​该​多级​孔​材料​上​任意​单位​级​体积​下​均​呈​均匀性​分布。该​材料​孔​腔​的​分级​结构​形式​使其​能​满足​多种​功能​需求;是​小​单位​级​体积​的​尺度​下来​度量​多级​孔​材料​的​孔​分布​均匀性,这样​的​多级​孔​材料​是​高度​均匀​的,从而​保证​了​多级​孔​材料​的​各种​性能​的​均匀​致​性。
  • [专利] Device and method for substrate processing
    (JP2017041523) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a substrate processing device and a substrate processing method which can reduce a deviation in a processing amount in the plane of a substrate.SOLUTION: The substrate processing device includes: a processing unit which performs processing on a substrate, having a quadrangle planar shape, in an atmosphere decompressed than the atmospheric pressure; a feed unit which feeds the substrate in an environment of which pressure is higher than with the pressure at the processing; a load lock unit provided between the processing unit and the feed unit; and a transfer unit provided between the load lock unit and the processing unit. The load lock unit includes: a support unit which supports the substrate; and a drive unit which moves the position of the support unit in the rotation direction. The transfer unit transfers the substrate from the processing unit to the support unit during the processing by the processing unit. The drive unit moves the position of the transferred substrate in the rotation direction.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1