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  • [专利] Genetic analysis of commodities and raw materials
    (WO2016178895) Methods for genetic analysis of commodities and raw materials containing DNA, including components and ingredients of dietary supplements are disclosed. The method include extracting DNA from at least one component of a commodity, and the DNA is genetically analyzed by any process used in the art, such as next-generation sequencing methods, to identify at least one DNA sequence. The DNA sequence or a plurality of DNA sequences may then be used authenticate the commodity, or alternatively, to identify and or quantify one or more plant or animal species of the commodity and its components of a commodity or raw material. The one or more identified plant or animal species identified by the methods of the invention as components of a commodity or raw material may be used to verify security of supply chain by tracing a commodity throughout the chain and to compare the analyzed goods to specifications as purchased for compliance, standardization, expected monetary value, and/or accuracy.
  • [专利] Thin film and method for forming thin film
    (WO2016178406) The purpose of the present disclosure is to provide: a thin film that has high functionality (hardness, abrasion resistance, and the like) equivalent to or exceeding that of a thin film formed on a substrate surface through plasma CVD using a vacuum, and that has high adherence with respect to a substrate; and a method for forming the thin film. The thin film according to the present invention, when being provided on the surface of a substrate, has a gradient structure in which the grain boundary density becomes continuously or intermittently small from the inner surface of the thin film to the outer surface of the thin film. The innermost region of the thin film in contact with the surface of the substrate has a grain boundary structure in which the grain size of the grain boundary is 10-30 nm.
  • [专利] 一种​蒸​氨​废液​余热​回收​系统
    (CN205668946U) 本​实用​新型​涉及​制​碱​工业​领域,尤其​涉及​种​蒸​氨​废液​余热​回收​系统,包括​氨​法制​碱​单元​及​设于​氨​法制​碱​单元​的​蒸​氨​废液​出​液​管路​上​的​蒸​氨​废液​换热器,所​述​蒸​氨​废液​换热器​的​热源​媒介​通道​通过​蒸​氨​废液,并将​其​作为​热源,对​通入​的​蒸​氨​废液​换热器​冷​源​媒介​通道​的​热​媒​加热,有效​解决​了​颗粒物​的​堵塞​和​积垢​问题,将​氨​法制​碱​单元​排出​的​蒸​氨​废液​直接​通过​蒸​氨​废液​换热器​换​热,对​热​媒​升温,实现​对​蒸​氨​废液​余热​的​回收。
  • [专利] Lubricating oil for fluid dynamic bearing and spindle motor equipped with the lubricating oil
    (US20160319215) The invention provides a lubricating oil for fluid dynamic bearing including as a base oil a monoester oil free of unsaturated bond, and having an absolute viscosity of 2.0 to 3.0 mPa·s at 100° C. a viscosity index of 130 or more and a pour point of −20° C. or less.
  • [专利] Apparatus for molding glass substrate and method of molding glass substrate
    (US20160318788) There is provided an apparatus for molding a glass substrate, the aparatus including a pre-heating unit, a molding unit, and a cooling unit sequentially arranged, wherein the pre-heating unit includes a pre-heating body and a glass substrate holder, wherein the molding unit includes: a molding body having a vacuum port, a molding support on the molding body, the molding support being configured to support an edge of a glass substrate, and a heating element configured to heat the molding body, and wherein the cooling unit includes a cooling body and a cooling plate.
  • [专利] 一种​生猪​粪便​处理系统
    (CN205710311U) 本​实用​新型​公开​了​种​生猪​粪便​处理系统,包括:原水​箱、原水​进​管、原水​泵、原水​出​管、集​粪池、过滤网、粪便​出口​管、泵​进口​支管、污水​泵、泵​出口​支管、反应​釜​进​管、沼气​反应​釜、反应​釜​出​管、燃烧​炉、员工​宿舍楼、沼气​储罐、连接​管、手​阀,所​述​集​粪池​上​设置​有​粪便​出口​管,所​述​粪便​出口​管​通过​两条​泵​进口​支管​连接​两台​污水​泵,所​述​两台​污水​泵​通过​两条​泵​出口​支管​连接​到​反应​釜​进​管​上,所​述​沼气​反应​釜​通过​反应​釜​出​管​设置​有​三个​出口​分别​连接至​燃烧​炉、员工​宿舍楼​及​沼气​储罐,所​述​沼气​储罐​上​设置​个​连接​管,所​述​连接​管​与​连接至​员工​宿舍​楼的​反应​釜​出​管​连接。本​实用​新型​适用于​阴雨天气​较多​的​地域。
  • [专利] Methods for manufacturing induction cooking device and glass plate used in induction cooking device
    (JP2016193819) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an induction cooking device comprising at least one inductor positioned under a thermally or chemically strengthened glass plate.SOLUTION: An induction cooking device comprises a thermally or chemically strengthened glass plate. The glass has a composition of lithium aluminosilicate. The composition of the glass comprises the following constituents: SiOof 52-75%, AlOof 18-27%, LiO of 2.5-5.5%, KO of 0-3%, NaO of 0-3%, ZnO of 0-3.5%, MgO of 0-3%, CaO of 0-2.5%, BaO of 0-3.5%, SrO of 0-2%, TiOof 0-5.5%, ZrOof 0-3%, POof 0-8%, and BOof 0-3%. A portion of the surface of the glass plate comprises an opaque or substantially opaque coating, or an opaque material is positioned between the glass plate and internal elements of the device.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Autotaxin inhibitor compounds
    (IN201617014884) Described herein are compounds that are autotaxin inhibitors methods of making such compounds pharmaceutical compositions and medicaments comprising such compounds and methods of using such compounds in the treatment of conditions diseases or disorders associated with autotaxin activity.
  • [专利] Low density polyolefin resins with low molecular weight and high molecular weight components and films made therefrom
    (IN201617014783) Disclosed herein are ethylene based polymers produced using dual metallocene catalyst systems. These polymers have low densities high molecular weights and broad molecular weight distributions as well as having the majority of the long chain branches in the lower molecular weight component of the polymer and the majority of the short chain branches in the higher molecular weight component of the polymer. Films produced from these polymers have improved impact and puncture resistance.
  • [专利] A fuse molded three dimensional article and a method for making the same
    (IN201617014882) A fuse molded modeling three dimensional article having areas of dissimilar or different hardness is described wherein one of said areas is hard and is plastic metal glass wood concrete rock or mixtures thereof and another of said areas is a less hard area comprising a controlled distribution hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer composition. Although the metal glass wood concrete and rock are not fuse moldable material the plastic and the controlled distribution hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer composition are. Thus the scope of the invention is meant to include articles where only one area or layer of the article is fuse molded or wherein both the hard area/layer and the soft area/layer is formed via a fuse molded technique.