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  • [专利] Refractory and process of forming glass sheet using the refractory
    (JP2016188170) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide further improvement of a refractory block used to make a forming block and glass overflow trough.SOLUTION: There is provided a refractory containing at least approximately 10 wt.% of Al2O3, at least approximately 1 wt.% of SiO2, an additive, an aluminum phase and a silica phase, wherein the aluminum phase essentially consists of Al2O3, the silica phase is substantially uniformly dispersed throughout the aluminum phase within a body portion of the refractory, substantially all of the additive is outside the aluminum phase, substantially all of the additive is within the silica phase, the additive is within each of the aluminum phase and the silica phase or a combination thereof.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4
  • [专利] Laundry compositions
    (IN201627014755) The invention is directed to liquid laundry compositions containing (a) surfactant (b) a fabric softening anionic silicone and (c) a cationic polymer wherein the anionic group(s) on the fabric softening anionic silicone are not located on a terminal position on the longest linear silicone chain wherein the weight ratio of the silicone to the cationic polymer is from 5:1 to 1 :1 and wherein the liquid detergent composition has a pH of from 6 to 10; and to the use of said composition to soften fabrics.
  • [专利] Novel crystal of uracil compound
    (WO2016178416) The present invention provides a crystal that has excellent oral absorption and can be obtained with particularly good reproducibility. Provided is a (R)-N-(1-(3-(cyclopentyloxy)phenyl)ethyl)-3-((2,4-dioxo-3,4-dihydropyrimidine-1(2H)-yl)methoxy)propane-1-sulfonamide crystal.
  • [专利] Fibrous glass manufacturing method and article provided with fibrous glass
    (WO2016178408) In this fibrous glass manufacturing method, a fibrous glass Gf is produced by irradiating a plate glass Gb with laser light L, and the produced fibrous glass Gf is collected by a collection surface 21 that intersects the laser light L or that is parallel to the laser light L.
  • [专利] Process for aldehyde manufacture
    (WO2016177999) The process of the invention is a process for the production of an aldehyde from the corresponding alcohol comprising the steps of feeding to a reactor a feed stream comprising said alcohol and an oxygen-containing gas; reacting said alcohol in the gas phase with said oxygen-containing gas in said reactor in the presence of a catalyst comprising oxides of iron and molybdenum, wherein the process further comprises the step of adding water to said feed stream. The process is particularly useful for the production of formaldehyde by the oxidation of methanol.
  • [专利] Process for producing acyl amino acids employing lipases
    (WO2016177620) There is provided a microbial cell for producing at least one acyl amino acid, wherein the cell is genetically modified to comprise: - a first genetic mutation that increases the expression relative to a wild type cell of at least one lipase (EC 3.1.1 ) (E1) capable of hydrolysing at least one glyceride to at least one fatty acid wherein the glyceride is a triglyceride; and - a second and a third genetic mutation that increases the expression relative to a wild type cell of: (i) an amino acid-N-acyl-transferase (EC 2.3.1 ) (E2), and (ii) an acyl-CoA synthetase (EC (E3) respectively that enables the cell to convert the fatty acid to at least one acyl amino acid and wherein the cell has a reduced fatty acid degradation capacity.
  • [专利] Poly (Acrylic Acid) Modified Cellulose Fiber Materials
    (US20160319414) In one embodiment, PAA is immobilized on dry, solid, fibrous media, such as cellulose fiber paper (“PAA-CF”) to yield a robust, flexible material with substantial wicking and fluid uptake capabilities. PAA-CF materials demonstrate the ability for use as collection and storage devices for applications such as dried blood spot analysis, protein and DNA preservation and analysis, enzymatic assays, biomarker identification, and other processes used for biological materials. PAA-CF materials can readily take up whole blood, plasma, proteins, and solutions of molecules that can then be easily extracted and analyzed.
  • [专利] System for Monitoring Growth Media
    (US20160319235) A system for monitoring growth media within a controlled environment is provided and includes a well plate having a plate top and a plate side and defines at least one well cavity. The plate top includes a top opening and the plate side includes a side opening and the side opening is communicated with one of the at least one well cavity. The system includes a sensor assembly unit that includes a unit structure defining a reference material chamber containing a reference material, a sensor chamber having a chamber opening, and a base chamber. Additionally, the system includes a reference electrode communicated with the reference material and the base chamber. A media sensor is provided and is communicated with the chamber opening and a media sensor electrode communicated with the media sensor. The reference electrode and media sensor electrode are communicated with a processing device.
  • [专利] Adhesive tape
    (US20160319163) An adhesive tape includes: a sheet-like base; an undercoat layer that is laminated on the base and contains an acid modified compound; and an adhesive agent layer that is laminated on the undercoat layer and contains butyl rubber, an alicyclic saturated hydrocarbon resin and a multifunctional epoxy-based compound.
  • [专利] Process for making reverse transcriptase inhibitors
    (IN201617014824) The present invention is directed to a novel process for synthesizing 3 (substituted phenoxy) 1 [(5 oxo 4 5 dihydro 1H 1 2 4 triazol 3 yl)methyl]) pyridin 2(1H) one derivatives. The compounds synthesized by the processes of the invention are HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors useful for inhibiting reverse transcriptase and HIV replication and the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus infection in humans.