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  • [专利] Polysilicon transportation device and a reactor system and method of polycrycrystalline silicon production therewith
    (IN201617014818) A method and system for reduction or mitigation of metal contamination of polycrystalline silicon are disclosed. A conveyance device comprising a flexible synthetic resin tube having an inner surface at least partially coated with an inner layer comprising elastomeric microcellular polyurethane is disclosed for use in fluidized bed reactor operations associated with manufacture and product handling procedures for ultra pure granular polysilicon. Use of the conduit to effect passage of the polysilicon mitigates foreign metal contact contamination from sources otherwise typically present in such manufacturing units.
  • [专利] Glucagon glp 1 gip triple agonist compounds
    (IN201617014767) The present invention relates to compounds which have agonist activity at the glucagon GIP and GLP 1 receptors and to their use in the treatment of metabolic disorders.
  • [专利] Process for polymerizing olefins in a fluidized bed
    (IN201617014805) The present invention is directed to a process for polymerizing olefins in gas phase in a fluidized bed reactor having a vertical body a generally conical downwards tapering bottom zone a generally cylindrical middle zone above the bottom zone and a generally conical upwards tapering top zone above the middle zone. The fluidization gas is withdrawn from the top zone of the reactor compressed and cooled so that a part of the fluidization gas condenses and then introduced to the bottom zone of the reactor. The bed is thus cooled upon evaporation of the liquid. There is no fluidization grid in the reactor.
  • [专利] Casting wax
    (IN201617014763) A blended wax for lost wax casting comprises a blend of three or more paraffinic or similarly petrochemically derived wax cuts. Preferably each of the three or more wax cuts have a different melting point the melting point of each wax cut differing from the melting point of another wax cut by between 3 and 6 deg. C
  • [专利] Pyrazolopyrimidine compounds
    (IN201617014793) The present teachings provide a compound represented by the following structural formula: (Formula (I)); or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Also described are pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use thereof.
  • [专利] Thermal protection system
    (WO2016189268) Apparatus (10) comprises a first ("inner") container (12) and a second ("outer") container (14) configured to house the first container (12). The first container (12) is configured to house a data logging device (20) whilst connected to at least one external thermocouple (22). The first container (2) is sealed in use to prevent ingress of oil during an oil quench of a thermal treatment process. The second container (14) is intentionally unsealed to allow egress of air when the apparatus (10) is heated during the thermal treatment process. This means that oil will penetrate the second container (14) during the oil quench of the thermal treatment process. The second container (14) comprises at least one disposable insulation member (30) defining a chamber (32) for accommodating (10) the first container (12). The at least one disposable insulation member (30) is substantially non- absorbent to oil, meaning that oil retention and consequential fire risk will be minimised when the apparatus (10) is opened to access the data logging device (10) after the oil quench of the thermal treatment process.
  • [专利] 一种​吡​喃​葡萄糖​基​衍生物​及其​制备​方法​和​用途
    (CN106083943) 本​发明​涉及​种​作为​钠​依赖性​葡萄糖​转运​蛋白(SGLT)抑制剂​的​吡​喃​葡萄糖​基​衍生物​类化​合物、其​制备​方法​及其​在​医药​上​的​应用,或​含有​该​化合物​的​药物​组合​物​和​它们​作为​治疗​糖尿病​和​糖尿病​相关​疾病​的​药物​的​用途。本​发明​所​提供​的​化合物​的​制备​方法​操作​简单,所得​产物​光学​纯度​高,收率​高,后处理​简便,纯化​容易,适于​工业化生产。
  • [专利] 一种​检测​活​细胞​中​氧气​含量​的​比率​荧光​探针​的​合成​方法
    (CN105802612) 本​发明​公开​了​种​检测​活​细胞​中​氧气​含量​的​比率​荧光​探针​的​合成​方法。该​比率​荧光​探针​的​合成​方法​包括​以下​步骤:利用​2?硝基?4,4’?二​溴​联苯、4?甲基​羧基​苯基​硼酸、醋酸​钯、5,15?二(对?羧​苯基)卟啉、氯​铂​酸​钾​合成​Pt?MOF​正​八面体;将​罗丹​明?6G​用​硫​脲​将其​连接​到​Pt?MOF​上,制得​比率​荧光​探针​Pt?MOF/R?6G;本​发明​所​合成​的​探针​操作​简单、可​批量生产、可用​于​活​细胞​中​氧气​的​实时​监测。
  • [专利] 一种​利用​废弃​生物质​制备​木糖​并​得到​磷酸钙​副产品​的​方法
    (CN105803121) 本​发明​涉及​种​利用​废弃​生物质​制备​高品质​木糖​并​得到​磷酸钙​副产品​的​方法。将​废弃​生物质​干燥​粉碎,制备​固​液​比为​1:2​~​1:20​的​生物质​粉末​和​磷酸​水溶液​的​混合​体系,倒入​密闭​反应​釜​内;搅拌​并​升温​至​50​~​200℃并​保持​0​~​600min,迅速​冷却​至​室温,收集​反应​混合物;对​反应​混合物​进行​抽​滤,收集​水相,将其​pH​值​调节​至​3.0,放置​1​~​3h​后​过滤​得到​磷酸钙;使用​活性炭​对​水相​搅拌​脱色,并​通过​树脂​分别​除去​金属​离子​和​有机酸;经​减压蒸馏​得到​淡黄色​糖浆,将其​搅拌​溶解​无水​乙醇​中,再次​以​活性炭​脱色,将​水相​降温​后即​得到​白色​的​木糖​晶体。本​发明​中​使用​磷酸​作为​催化剂,并​经过​后续​氢氧化钙​中和,不​产生​水解​酸​污染,并可​得到​磷酸钙​副产品,工艺​操作​简便、产​率​高、成本​低,适于​工业化生产。
  • [专利] 利用​废弃​生物质​去除​废水​中​重金属​并​提高​生物​油质​量​的​方法
    (CN105800720) 本​发明​涉及​种​利用​废弃​生物质​去除​水中​重金属​并​提高​生物​油质​量​的​方法。首先​将​废弃​生物质​洗净​干燥​粉碎,得到​40​~​180​目​大小​的​生物质​粉末。将​固​液​比为​1:2​~​1:20​的​生物质​粉末​和​重金属​污染​的​水溶液​的​混合​体系,倒入​高压​反应​釜​内;搅拌​并​升温​至​100​~​450℃并​保持​5​~​120min,迅速​冷却​至​室温,收集​反应​混合物;用​有机​溶剂​对​混合物​进行​萃取​和​抽提,分离​并​过滤​有机​相,除去​有机​溶剂​即得​到​生物​油。所得​生物​油​产​率​达到​30.25%~​58.77%(占​干​生物质​重),热值​达到​23.15MJ/kg​~​30MJ/k。本​发明​具有​能量​利用率​高、操作​简单、产物​分离​方便、清洁​无毒害​等​优点,同时​也​合理​有效地​处理​重金属​污染​的​废水,充分​的​达到​了​以​废​制​废、变废为宝​的​效果。