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  • [专利] High purity pth-containing lyophilized products and production method thereof
    (JP2017025088) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide high purity PTH peptide-containing lyophilized products, to provide a production method thereof, and to provide an inspection method of the PTH related substance for inspecting the purity of PTH peptide-containing lyophilized products.SOLUTION: In the invention, presence of the PTH related substance produced during manufacturing process of PTH peptide-containing lyophilized products is confirmed. Further, production of the PTH related substance concerned is found out to be prevented and reduced significantly by suppressing exposure to atmospheric environment in manufacturing facilities of pharmaceuticals, such as PTH peptide-containing solution.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2
  • [专利] Method of improving metal impregnated catalyst performance
    (IN201617031177) A method of reducing the amount of carbon monoxide present during the metal reduction step of start up thus maintaining metal dispersion and improving the metal reduction and catalyst yields. Carbon monoxide formation is minimized during the start up procedure and during the initial catalyst dryout phase in a hydrogen containing atmosphere gas is purged from the reactor system either continuously at constant pressure or by a series of pressure/depressure cycles to remove carbon monoxide. The purging is conducted at temperatures of about 30 500°C and pressures of about 90 5 000 kPa(g) ( 0.9 50 bar(g)). In this temperature range carbon monoxide absorbed to the surface of the metal will desorb into the hydrogen containing atmosphere and can be removed from the system along with carbon monoxide present in the atmosphere through the purging.
  • [专利] 乡村​重金属​富集​植物​生物质​制备​的​生物​炭​及​制法​和​应用
    (CN106311146) 种​基于​乡村​重金属​富集​植物​生物质​制备​的​生物​炭,通过​下述​方法​得到:A)将​富集​Co​或/和​Pb​的​植物​生物质​烘干​并​破碎;B)破碎​后的​颗粒​与​50℃‑90℃的​氢氧化钠​水溶液​搅拌​进行​活化;C)活化​后的​体​颗粒​于​二氧化碳​气氛​中,150‑200min​内​从​室温​上​升至​800‑900℃,保持​100‑120min,150‑200min​内​降至​室温,将​生物质​碳化;D)碳化​后的​生物​炭​烘干,冰水​浴​下​滴​加​硼​氢化​钠​溶液​还原;E)水洗​至​pH​为​中性​后​烘干​制得​活化​的​生物​炭。本​发明​还​公开​了​上述​生物​炭​的​制备​方法。本​发明​的​生物​炭​可用​于​土壤​改良。
  • [专利] 纳米​颗粒​增强​超​细​晶​金属​基​复合材料​的​粉末冶金​制备​方法
    (CN106312057) 本​发明​提供​了​种​纳米​颗粒​增强​超​细​晶​金属​基​复合材料​的​粉末冶金​制备​方法,所​述​方法​将​金属​基体​晶粒​细化​过程​与​纳米​颗粒​的​分散​过程​分步​进行:首选​预先​制备​微​纳米​片状​金属​基体​粉末;将​纳米​颗粒​与​片状​金属​基体​粉末​在​保护​气氛​下,在​搅拌器​中经​高速​搅拌​混合,利用​搅拌​叶片​与​罐体​间​产生​的​高​剪切力​和​压力​使​纳米​颗粒​均匀​分散到​微​纳米​片状​金属​基体​粉末​的​表面;通过​短时​机械​球​磨​处理​将​纳米金​属​颗粒​嵌​入微​纳米​片状​金属​基体​粉末​中,获得​纳米​颗粒​增强​金属​的​复合​粉末;通过​压制​成型、烧结​和​致密​化​处理​获得​纳米​颗粒​均匀​分散​的​超​细​晶​金属​基​复合材料。本​发明​省时​节能,成本​低,适用​范围广,制备​的​材料​综合​力学​性能​高,并​具有​规模化​应用​潜力。
  • [专利] Sewage settling tank having multi-hole pullout device for sludge
    (KR101693203) The present invention relate to a precipitation tank including a porous drawer. Particularly, the present invention relates to a precipitation tank including a porous drawer, which increases drawing properties of sludge precipitated by the porous drawer. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2017
  • [专利] Device and kit for preparing tissue, particularly adipose tissue, for transplantation from lobular fat extracted by liposuction
    (US20170000969) A device for preparing adipose tissue for transplantation from lobular fat extracted, for instance by liposuction, said fat consisting of a fluid component comprising an oily component, a blood component and/or sterile solutions and a solid component comprising cell fragments, cells and one or more cell macroagglomerates of heterogeneous size, comprising at least one washing and separating container (1) having a washing chamber (101) for washing the liposuctioned material, which container (1) has an inlet (102) and an outlet (103) for the liposuctioned material to enter the washing chamber (101) through the inlet (102) and for at least part of said material, particularly the fluid component, to exit said chamber (101) through the outlet (103), said washing chamber (101) including means for forming an emulsion of fluid components, by mechanical stirring.
  • [专利] Ultrapure hypoallergenic solutions of sacrosidase
    (US20170000860) One aspect provides an ultrapure, hypoallergenic sacrosidase. Another aspect provides a solution of sacrosidase in about 1:1 glycerol/water having an enzymatic activity of at least about 7500 IU/mL and a residual papain concentration that does not include an allergic reaction in a human patient when given a dose of about 2.0 mL/day.
  • [专利] Compositions comprising angiogenic factors and methods of use thereof
    (JP2016222715) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide compositions comprising angiogenic factors and methods of use thereof.SOLUTION: The present invention provides recombinant Listeria strains comprising an angiogenic factor, recombinant polypeptides comprising an angiogenic factor operatively linked to a polypeptide comprising a PEST-like sequence, recombinant nucleotide molecules encoding the recombinant polypeptides, related vaccines, and immunogenic and therapeutic methods utilizing the same.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 16