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  • [期刊] A novel dynamic distraction external fixator for proximal interphalangeal joint fracture dislocation
    Objective To evaluate the efficacy of a novel dynamic distraction external fixator for proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPJ) fracture-dislocation. Methods From March 2005 to March 2014, 20 patients with PIPJ fracture-dislocation were treated with our technique. Function scores according to the Michigan Hand Outcome Questionnaire (MHQ) score, union time, grip strength, and range of motion (ROM) were recorded before and after treatment. Results All patients completed a mean follow-up of 22 months (range, 12-60 months). All patients achieved fracture union and joint reduction. The mean union time was 3 months (range, 2-6 months). The mean postoperative MHQ score was 88.00 +/- 3.42 (range, 84.00-92.00). Postoperative grip strength of the affected sides was 92% of the contralateral sides. X-rays showed that the fracture line disappeared completely with a good joint contour. The range of extension in the PIPJ was -5 degrees (range, -10 degrees-0 degrees). The range of flexion in the PIPJ was 89.40 degrees +/- 9.79 degrees (range, 75 degrees-100 degrees). Postoperatively, four patients had slight narrowing of the joint space and two had an uneven articular surface. Pin breakage, loosening, and tract infection were not observed. Conclusions The novel dynamic distraction external fixator is a promising option for PIPJ fracture-dislocation.
  • [期刊] A systematic pattern generation system for manufacturing customized seamless multi-layer female soft body armour through dome-formation (moulding) techniques using 3D warp interlock fabrics
    Female participants in different perilous tasks including law enforcement offices have been considerably increased in the last few decades. However, they mostly wear men's body armour with smaller sizes which brings a negative upshot not only in ballistic protection performance, comfort, fitness but also in a psychological point of view. Hence, manufacturing female soft body armour based on their unique morphological differences for better ballistic protection without conceding fitness and comfort are in great demand. This research work presented a novel method using a systematic 3D design approach through parametrization process to generate block patterns for manufacturing successive layer in the panels. The deformable mesh on the 3D virtual adaptive female model was developed with grading values of zero. Parametrization process based on the thickness of each layer in the 3D design database was applied to generate the different successive meshes on the virtual mannequin with appropriate coordinates. Later, the multi-layers mesh developed on the virtual 3D female body has been flattened to acquire the different layer's pattern. Due to its excellent mouldability behaviour, 3D warp interlock fabrics made of high-performance fibre has been designed and developed to manufacture the seamless female body armour with a dome-formation process. The manufactured multi-layer panels were draped on the standard female physical mannequin for experimental validations. The result shows that the new 3D design approach and its manufacturing system was found easy and precise to generate the different multi-layer panels pattern for developing seamless female soft body armour.
  • [期刊] Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Models for Teaching Assistant Assignment and Extensions
    In this paper, we develop mixed-integer linear programming models for assigning the most appropriate teaching assistants to the tutorials in a department. The objective is to maximize the number of tutorials that are taught by the most suitable teaching assistants, accounting for the fact that different teaching assistants have different capabilities and each teaching assistant's teaching load cannot exceed a maximum value. Moreover, with optimization models, the teaching load allocation, a time-consuming process, does not need to be carried out in a manual manner. We have further presented a number of extensions that capture more practical considerations. Extensive numerical experiments show that the optimization models can be solved by an off-the-shelf solver and used by departments in universities.
  • [期刊] 小区园林景观设计与植物配置分析探讨
  • [期刊] Impact of health consequences feedback on patients acceptance of advice about alcohol consumption.
    OBJECTIVES: To demonstrate the impact of health consequences feedback on patients willingness to accept advice about drinking. METHODS: 281 patients identified as hazardous drinkers were offered advice about alcohol consumption. During the experimental period patients' were given feedback as to the health consequences. RESULTS: Introduction of feedback led to a 23% increase in the proportion of patients who were willing to accept brief advice. CONCLUSIONS: Feedback provision should be included as part of Screening and Brief intervention programmes to increase the number of patients that may benefit from an intervention.
  • [专利] 一种替代化学电镀的多弧离子物理镀涂料
  • [专利] 钢构水压式沼气发生器
  • [期刊] 重组人甲状旁腺素1-34治疗绝经后骨质疏松症的临床研究
    目的 观察重组人甲状旁腺素 1-34 ( recombinant human parathyroid hormone 1-34 )应用于绝经后骨质疏松症(postmenopausal osteoporosis,PMOP)患者的临床疗效.方法 筛选出68例绝经后骨质疏松症患者,所有患者入组后均口服元素钙500 mg/d和维生素D 200 U/d,连续服用26周后加用皮下注射重组人甲状旁腺素1-34(特立帕肽)20 μg /d,再连续治疗26周,于应用特立帕肽治疗前及治疗后的13 和26 周测定腰椎(L1-4)和股骨近端骨密度(BMD),采静脉血测定血清骨钙素(OC)、碱性磷酸酶(AKP)水平,应用疼痛视觉模拟评分法(VAS 评分)评价患者的疼痛程度,并记录不良反应情况.结果 68位患者均完成全疗程治疗.应用特立帕肽治疗13周时,腰椎L1-4、股骨颈、大粗隆和股骨干骨密度改善不明显( P>0. 05),血清骨钙素和碱性磷酸酶较治疗前升高(P<0. 05),疼痛缓解明显(P<0. 05);治疗26周时,腰椎L1-4和股骨颈骨密度较治疗前明显增高(P <0. 05),而大粗隆和股骨干骨密度改善不明显(P>0. 05),血清骨钙素和碱性磷酸酶呈持续升高趋势(P<0. 05),疼痛明显减轻(P<0. 05).治疗期间不良反应的情况均较轻微,没有给予特殊处理即自行缓解.结论 连续26周使用重组人甲状旁腺素1-34能有效地促进患者骨形成,缓解骨质疏松症患者疼痛症状,提高患者腰椎、股骨骨密度.
  • [期刊] thyssenkrupp Elevator's biggest contract in Sweden featuring 53 elevators, 27 escalators and 15 platform lifts: thyssenkrupp delivers biggest ever Sweden contract at iconic Urban Escape project, in Stockholm
    thyssenkrupp Elevator ensures mobility at fashionable new city block, Urban Escape, in Stockholm and thus contributes to making urban transportation more efficient, comfortable and secure. The highly-anticipated site marks the biggest ever contract for thyssenkrupp Elevator in Sweden. Work commenced in 2015, all elevators were installed last month and tenants are welcome to move in from March onwards.
  • [期刊] Proteinase-activated receptor 2 distribution and expression in equine small intestine tracts following herniation through the epiploic foramen
    Proteinase-activated receptor 2 (PAR(2)) is a G-protein-coupled receptor for trypsin and mast cell tryptase; it is highly expressed at the intestinal level with multiple functions, such as epithelial permeability and intestinal motility. The aim of the study was to evaluate the distribution and expression of proteinase-activated receptor 2 in the small intestine during herniation through epiploic foramen. In this prospective clinical study, eight horses admitted for colic and which underwent exploratory laparotomy were considered. During surgery, the jejunum or the ileum was sampled by enterectomy. Morphological examination (histology, PAR(2) immunohistochemistry) and molecular biology analysis (western blot and quantitative polymerase chain reaction) were carried out on the resected intestinal samples. The Marginal Injured Tracts (MITs) and Central Injury Tracts (CITs) were defined as the oral and caudal marginal segments of the resected bowel tract and as the geometric centre of the intestinal ischaemic lesion length, respectively.