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  • [专利] Scr catalyst of transition metal/zeolite
    (JP2017060944) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitrogen oxide in gas having catalytic activity at a low temperature, high in selectivity to nitrogen, less in NO formation, good in thermal durability, and high in tolerance to carbohydrate suppression.SOLUTION: There is provided a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitrogen oxide in gas, contacts nitrogen oxide in the gas with a nitrogen-based reductant to convert it to nitrogen and is a zeolite catalyst containing at least one kind of transition metal, wherein the zeolite is small porous zeolite containing maximum ring size by 8 tetrahedral atoms, contains aluminosilicate zeolite having at least one skeleton selected from AFX and AFT and the at least one kind of transition metal contains copper and/or iron.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Identifying effective dosage regimens for tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase (tnsalp)-enzyme replacement therapy of hypophosphatasia
    (WO201758822) A method of treating a human having a condition or disease related to a bone defect characterized by at least one of: increased level of an alkaline phosphatase ligand, particularly PPi, PLP, or PEA; and decreased alkaline phosphatase activity, compared to a human without said condition or disease, comprising administering to the human a therapeutically effective amount of a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 1, wherein the polypeptide is administered through at least one subcutaneous injection to the human in a frequency of fewer than three times each week.
  • [专利] Combination of a pd-1 axis binding antagonist and an alk inhibitor for treating alk-negative cancer
    (WO201758780) The present disclosure describes combination therapies useful for the treatment of cancer. In particular, the invention relates to a combination therapy which comprises a PD-1 axis binding antagonist and an ALK inhibitor for treating cancer.
  • [专利] Use of acyl-homoserine lactone derivatives as anti-thrombotic agents
    (WO201758757) Uses of acyl-homoserine lactone compounds are described. In particular, uses of acyl-homoserine lactone compounds as anti-thrombotic agents, to inhibit platelets from becoming hypersensitive, and/or to prevent thrombosis, are described.
  • [专利] Powder for conductive material, ink for conductive material, conductive paste, and method of preparing powder for conductive material
    (WO201757341) A powder for conductive material according to an embodiment of the present invention is composed of a large number of particles containing copper as a main component and has an average primary particle diameter of 1-200 nm, wherein the particles contain titanium on the surface or inside thereof, and the content of titanium is 0.003-0.5 atomic%.
  • [专利] Color conversion film, and light source unit, display, and illumination device including same
    (WO201757287) A color conversion film of one embodiment of the present invention is a laminate film including at least the following (A) layer and (B) layer, wherein incident light is converted to light with a wavelength greater than that of the incident light. This color conversion film is used in a light source unit, a display, and an illumination device. (A) layer: A color conversion layer that is a continuous layer containing at least one type of organic light-emitting material and a binder resin. (B) layer: A transparent resin layer with an oxygen permeability of 1.0 cc/m2·day·atm or less.
  • [专利] Laminate, polarizing plate, and image display device
    (WO201757254) Provided are a laminate, a polarizing plate using this laminate, and an image display device using this polarizing plate. The laminate has a cellulose ester resin layer and an adhesive polymer layer provided directly upon the cellulose ester resin layer. An adhesive polymer constituting the adhesive polymer layer has a repeating unit [a] and a repeating unit [b]. [a]: A repeating unit derived from a specific compound and having a solubility parameter δt calculated by the Hoy method of 13.5-19.5. [b]: A repeating unit derived from a specific compound and having a solubility parameter δt calculated by the Hoy method of 20.0-26.0.
  • [专利] Polyarylene fiber with improved hydrolytic stability
    (WO201755247) A polyarylene fiber comprising 0.1 -15% based on the weight of the fiber of an aromatic compound or a combination of aromatic compounds wherein each aromatic compound comprises an aromatic core and at least one of the substituents A or B, where A is represented by formula 1 and B is represented by formula 2. The invention also pertains to a spin dope and a process for manufacturing a polyarylene fiber.
  • [专利] Neutralization system
    (WO201755197) The invention relates to a neutralization system (100) comprising at least one reaction chamber (102) with a first supply line (114) for an acid-containing product and at least one additional supply line (116) for a base-containing product. At least one of the supply lines (114, 116) has at least one a valve means (118, 120) for regulating the inflow quantity into the reaction chamber (102). The ion-regulating device (104, 204, 205) comprises at least one analysis device (106, 206) which is designed to determine at least one actual ion concentration value on the basis of an actual pH value of the mixture (122) located in the reaction chamber (102), and the ion-regulating device (104, 204) comprises at least one ion-regulating system (108, 208) which comprises at least one ion regulator (110, 210.1, 210.2, 211) designed to regulate the valve means (118, 120) on the basis of the actual ion concentration value and a target ion concentration value.
  • [专利] A method effective to modulate expression of t-box protein 4 (tbx4) for reducing progression of lung fibrosis after a lung injury
    (WO201753963) The described invention provides a method for reducing progression of lung fibrosis after a lung injury comprising administering a therapeutic amount of a therapeutic agent, wherein the therapeutic amount is effective: (a) to modulate expression of a T-box transcription factor in a population of cells in lung; and (b) to reduce proliferation of the population of cells in lung expressing the T-box transcription factor. According to some embodiments the T-box transcription factor is Tbx4.