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  • [专利] Barges for impeller replacement of the aeration tank and the method of using it
    (KR20160007453) Provided are a barge for the replacement of an impeller of an aeration tank and a replacement method of an impeller using the same, which reduces work time as an impeller is replaced without the exhaust of waste water received in an aeration tank, thereby improving work efficiency. The present invention easily connects the impeller to a drive part of a waste water treatment device as the floating height of the barge is controlled according to the receiving amount of ballast water by forming a ballast water receiving part for receiving the ballast water in the barge to facilitate a replacement work, and improves work efficiency by reducing work time.
  • [专利] Mutated acetohydroxyacid synthase genes in Brassica
    (AU2015275307) Provided are mutated acetohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS) nucleic acids and the proteins encoded by the mutated nucleic acids. Also provided are canola plants, cells, and seeds comprising the mutated genes.
  • [专利] Novel crystalline form of 5-fluoro-3-phenyl-2-[(1s)-1-(9h-purin-6-ylamino)propyl]quinazolin-4(3h)-one and its process thereof
    (IN2015CH07134) The present invention relates to novel crystalline form of 5-fluoro-3-phenyl-2-[(lS)-l-(9H-purin-6-ylamino)propyl]quinazolin-4(3H)-one compound of formula-1 and process for its preparation thereof, represented by the following structural formula
  • [专利] Catalyst systems, olefin polymerization catalyst components comprising at least an internal electron donor compound, and methods of making and using the same
    (CA2972803) An olefin polymerization catalyst component is includes an internal electron donor compound of formula (I). A catalyst system for polymerization of an olefin includes the olefin polymerization catalyst component of formula (I) further including a titanium halide and/or a magnesium halide; an organoaluminum compound; and optionally an external electron donor. A process for polymerizing or copolymerizing an olefin includes providing the above catalyst system polymerizing or copolymerizing the olefin in a presence of the catalyst system to form a polymer or a copolymer; and recovering the polymer or the copolymer.
  • [专利] Human serum for cell culture medium for clinical growth of human adipose stromal cells
    (AU2015373890) This invention details a cell culture medium for clinical growth of human adipose stromal cells for human clinical and therapeutic applications.
  • [专利] Conductive Coated Composition Comprising The Same Antistatic Film And Display Device Using The Same
    (KR20170081004) Provided is a display device having an antistatic film made of a conductive coating liquid composition. The conductive coating liquid composition includes 10 to 100 parts by weight of a silane sol based on 100 parts by weight of a carbon nanotube dispersion liquid composition, and 0.1 to 5 wt % of a polar solvent based on 100 wt % of the conductive coating liquid composition. (From US2017190922 A1)
  • [专利] Norbornene film capable of controling a high temperature photoelastic coefficient and moisture permeability
    (KR20170081016) This invention to do aromatic compounds in basic, the t-butyl and be, a de rock practical technique with the end organ to have, and according to structure 100 degree Celsius to has the melting point on 220 degree Celsius levels, and the molecular weight comes, 10 weight % 30 weight % between with to add the additive which has 500 ~ 1000 g/mol level Nord step where the high temperature photoelasticity coefficient which is manufactured and two humidity control were profitable neyn provided the total film.
  • [专利] Polyoxymethylene Resin Composition and Molding Product Including the Same
    (KR20170080914) About pulley jade methylene plastic (a) 100 weight department, the melamine (melamine) total chemical compound (b) 0.05 to 0.5 weight department and the D hydrazide (dihydrazide) total chemical compound (c) 0.05 to 0.5 weight department the low of including about the pulley jade methylene plastic composition to be a thing, and about the formation width which about under using manufactured the minute description plastics is the thing.
  • [专利] module of treating hydraulic fracturing produced water for shale gas and process for the same
    (KR20170080347) Following this invention shale gas hydraulic pressure break productive several control modules the number of shale gas hydraulic pressure break productions with the separation screen of external circulating form about under filtrating 1st filtrate water and the 1st enriched water as for under separation discharging the external circulating style filter, to be connected with the minute description external circulating style filter, minute description 1st filtrate water about under inspissation the 1st enriched water which creates and the 1st condensate the low of separation discharging the evaporation thickener and minute description 1st filtrate water about under filtrating to discharge a 2nd filtrate water and the 2nd enriched water with cough reverse osmosis system, the minute description 2nd enriched water with the minute description evaporation thickener re-At the time of obtainment as for height the cough reverse osmosis equipment and the minute description 1st condensate about under filtrating 3rd filtrate water and the 3rd enriched water as for under discharging the low of including to be connected the standard bearer reverse osmosis equipment with the filter department and the minute description filter department with standard bearer reverse osmosis system, according to minute description 1st filtrate water to which one consistency in minute description 3rd filtrate water, minute description filtrate water about under sorting the low of transferring at least more than one total zone solid sensor and at least more than one transfer valve as for under including will be able to include the total zone solid sensor department.