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  • [专利] Carrier-substrate adhesive system
    (WO201762202) A system and method for creating three-dimensional nanostructures is disclosed. The system includes a substrate bonded to a carrier using a bonding agent. The bonding agent may be vaporizable or sublimable. The carrier may be a glass or glass-like substance. In some embodiments, the carrier may be permeable having one or a plurality of pores through which the bonding agent may escape when converted to a gaseous state with heat, pressure, light or other methods. A substrate is bonded to the carrier using the bonding agent. The substrate is then processed to form a membrane. This processing may include grinding, polishing, etching, patterning, or other steps. The processed membrane is then aligned and affixed to a receiving substrate, or a previously deposited membrane. Once properly attached, the bonding agent is then heated, depressurized or otherwise caused to sublimate or vaporize, thereby releasing the processed membrane from the carrier.
  • [专利] Cultured cell leaflet material
    (WO201762198) A prosthetic heart valve provided herein can include a cultured cell tissue leaflet. In some cases, a prosthetic heart valve can include a plurality of leaflets secured together and retained within the expandable tubular member. The cultured cell tissue can be obtained by culturing fibroblast cells, smooth muscle cells, or a combination thereof to form a sheet of cultured cells and chemically cross-linking the fibroblast cells while under tension. In some cases, the cultured cell tissue can be radially tensioned. In some cases, the cultured cell tissue can be bi-axially tensioned.
  • [专利] Chlorine-resistant dyed fabric and chlorine-resistant mixed dye composition
    (WO201761309) A chlorine-resistant dyed fabric which is a fabric dyed by a yellow disperse dye and a blue disperse dye and/or a red disperse dye, and wherein: a main component of the yellow disperse dye is a compound represented by formula (1) or formula (2); a main component of the blue disperse dye is a compound represented by formula (3); and a main component of the red disperse dye is a compound represented by formula (4).
  • [专利] 一种​蓄热​材料、制备​方法​及其​应用
    (CN106556255) 本​发明​公开​了​种​蓄热​材料、制备​方法​及其​应用,该​蓄热​材料​包括​氧化​硅、氧化​亚铁、氧化铁​和​氧化铜;该​蓄热​材料​是​利用​有色金属​冶炼​熔渣,控制​冶炼​熔渣​成分​及​矿物​组成,通过​定的​制备​工艺,制备​成​导热​性能​好、体积​密度​大、蓄热​量大、软化​点​高的​换​热材料,应用于​蓄热​室。包括​以下​步骤:步骤、冶炼​过程​及​矿物​组成​控制​和​预处理;步骤​二、冶炼​熔渣​的​冷却​处理;步骤​三、熔渣​的​破碎、细​磨​和​处理;步骤​四、高​导热​高​蓄热​材料​的​配料、成型​和​烧成。高​导热​高​蓄热​材料​的​制备​方法​简单,蓄热​量大、换​热​快、热风​温度​高、使用寿命​长,生产成本​低。可​综合利用​工业​废渣,环保​效果显著。
  • [专利] 一种​黄芪​种子​的​优质​育苗​方法
    (CN106550623) 本​发明​公开​了​种​黄芪​种子​的​优质​育苗​方法,属于​种植​技术​领域,具体​包括​如下​步骤:(1)种子​选择、(2)浸种​液​制备、(3)种子​处理、(4)种子​播种​及​管理。本​发明​各​步骤​搭配​合理,8​~​10​天​即可​实现​种子​全部​出芽,出芽​率​稳定​在​98%以上,幼苗​长势​旺盛、生长​整齐,体质​健壮,有​很好​的​抗病​抗逆性​能,耐寒​耐旱​性好,不需要​炼​苗​即可​进行​移栽​操作,简化​了​种植​工艺,且​移栽​成活率​高达​95%以上,有​很好​的​推广​价值。
  • [专利] Scr catalyst of transition metal/zeolite
    (JP2017060944) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitrogen oxide in gas having catalytic activity at a low temperature, high in selectivity to nitrogen, less in NO formation, good in thermal durability, and high in tolerance to carbohydrate suppression.SOLUTION: There is provided a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitrogen oxide in gas, contacts nitrogen oxide in the gas with a nitrogen-based reductant to convert it to nitrogen and is a zeolite catalyst containing at least one kind of transition metal, wherein the zeolite is small porous zeolite containing maximum ring size by 8 tetrahedral atoms, contains aluminosilicate zeolite having at least one skeleton selected from AFX and AFT and the at least one kind of transition metal contains copper and/or iron.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Identifying effective dosage regimens for tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase (tnsalp)-enzyme replacement therapy of hypophosphatasia
    (WO201758822) A method of treating a human having a condition or disease related to a bone defect characterized by at least one of: increased level of an alkaline phosphatase ligand, particularly PPi, PLP, or PEA; and decreased alkaline phosphatase activity, compared to a human without said condition or disease, comprising administering to the human a therapeutically effective amount of a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 1, wherein the polypeptide is administered through at least one subcutaneous injection to the human in a frequency of fewer than three times each week.
  • [专利] Combination of a pd-1 axis binding antagonist and an alk inhibitor for treating alk-negative cancer
    (WO201758780) The present disclosure describes combination therapies useful for the treatment of cancer. In particular, the invention relates to a combination therapy which comprises a PD-1 axis binding antagonist and an ALK inhibitor for treating cancer.
  • [专利] Use of acyl-homoserine lactone derivatives as anti-thrombotic agents
    (WO201758757) Uses of acyl-homoserine lactone compounds are described. In particular, uses of acyl-homoserine lactone compounds as anti-thrombotic agents, to inhibit platelets from becoming hypersensitive, and/or to prevent thrombosis, are described.
  • [专利] Powder for conductive material, ink for conductive material, conductive paste, and method of preparing powder for conductive material
    (WO201757341) A powder for conductive material according to an embodiment of the present invention is composed of a large number of particles containing copper as a main component and has an average primary particle diameter of 1-200 nm, wherein the particles contain titanium on the surface or inside thereof, and the content of titanium is 0.003-0.5 atomic%.