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  • [专利] Preparation Method of Graphene Thin Film Layer without Transferring
    (KR20170035323) The present invention relates to a preparation method of a graphene thin film layer and an electric element having a graphene thin film layer formed thereby, which can easily form a high quality graphene thin film layer having excellent crystallizability without transferring in a large area at a low temperature. Therefore, the graphene thin film layer can be directly applied to a base substrate used for a transparent electrode or a semiconductor element without an additional transferring process. More specifically, the present invention relates to a preparation method of a graphene thin film layer without transferring, which comprises the following steps of: depositing a Ti layer having a thickness of 3-20 nm by sputtering on a substrate; and growing graphene by a chemical vapor deposition on the deposited Ti layer. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2017
  • [专利] 无机盐​提高​有机​双​水相​分离​多​壁​碳​纳米​管​分散​液​的​方法
    (CN106276855) 本​发明​公开​了​种​多​壁​碳​纳米​管​分散​悬浮液​的​分离​回收​方法,该​方法​采用​无机盐—醇​双​水相​体系​对​稳定​分散​的​碳​纳米​管​悬浮液​进行​分离​回收,本​方法​无需​使用​超声波​辅助,并且​该​体系​几乎不​使用​有毒​溶剂,具有​快速​分离、分离​环境​温和、避免​了​使用​超声波、微波​后​对​人体​造成​的​伤害,形​成双​水相​的​无机盐​和​醇类​可回收​利用,达到​快速​分离、经济​环保​的​分离​目的,是​种​快速、简便、环保​的​方法。
  • [专利] Packet header randomization
    (WO201791255) A system and method for the randomization of packet headers is disclosed. A controller is used to provide random values, also referred to as nonces, that replace the source and destination addresses that typically appear in a packet header. The controller also provides routing rules to the switches and routers in the network that allow these devices to properly route packets, even though the source and destination addresses are not present. In some embodiments, network devices that support software-defined networking (SDN) are employed. The number of times that a particular nonce is used may be variable. In some embodiments, a nonce is used for exactly one packet header. In this way, packets may traverse a network using nonces in place of actual source and destination addresses. Because the nonces are changed periodically, detection of traffic patterns is made significantly more difficult.
  • [专利] 一种​基于​物​联网​技术​的​频率​误差​校正​型​烟道​温度​监控​系统
    (CN106325152) 本​发明​公开​了​种​基于​物​联网​技术​的​频率​误差​校正​型​烟道​温度​监控​系统,其​特征​在于,主要​由​分站​系统,主​站​系统​组成。所​述​分站​系统​由​分站​单片机,均与​分站​单片机​相连​接​的​蜂鸣器、第​无线​传输​模块、信号处理​单元​和​抽风机​控制器,与​信号处理​单元​相连​接​的​温度​传感器​W,以及​与​抽风机​控制器​相连​接​的​抽风机​组成。所​述​信号处理​单元​由​处理​芯片​U,三极管​VT2,极性​电容​C4,频率​误差​校正​电路,信号​接收​电路,信​号脉​宽​调整​电路,以及​采样​信号​输出​电路​组成。本​发明​较好​的​实现​了​对​焙烧​炉​烟道​内​的​烟气​温度​的​网络化​管理,有效​的​节约​了​人力、物力,并且​提高​了​对​焙烧​炉​烟道​内​的​烟气​温度​监控​的​准确性​和​可靠性。
  • [专利] Composition for battery electrode and binder composition for battery electrode
    (JP2016213203) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a composition for a battery electrode whose viscosity is stable for a long period and to provide a battery excellent in battery characteristics by obtaining an electrode whose binding strength is stably excellent.SOLUTION: The electrode is so configured that viscosity is stable for a long period and binding strength is stably excellent by using a composition for a battery electrode containing at least one kind selected from a group consisting of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, and 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] Method and composition for treating complement-associated disorder
    (JP2016196513) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide methods and compositions for treating complement-associated disorders.SOLUTION: The disclosure relates to, inter alia, compositions comprising an inhibitor of human complement, and to the use of the compositions in methods for treating or preventing complement-associated disorders. In some embodiments, the inhibitor is chronically administered to patients. In some embodiments, the inhibitor is administered to a patient in the amount and with a frequency to maintain systemic complement inhibition and prevent breakthrough. In some embodiments, the compositions comprise an antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof that binds to a human complement component C5 protein or fragments of the protein such as C5a or C5b.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] 一种​含​一氧化碳​黄磷​尾气​净化​方法
    (CN106268255) 本​发明​公开​了​种​含氧​化​碳​黄磷​尾气​净化​方法,提供​种​净化​系统,该​净化​系统​包括​通过​管道​依次​连接​的​尾气​总​水​封、泵​前​洗​气​塔、水​环式​真空泵、级​洗​气​塔、二级​级​洗​气​塔、三级​洗​气​塔、洗​碱​塔​和​高压​水洗​塔;本​发明​方法​能够​有效​除​净​尾气​中​杂质,处理​效率高,处理​效果​较佳。
  • [专利] Organic thin film transistor
    (JP2017092453) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an organic thin film transistor having high carrier mobility.SOLUTION: An organic semiconductor layer has a polymer semiconductor compound containing a structural unit of the formula (1). A gate insulating layer contains a curable resin composition containing a polymer compound containing a structural unit of the formula (2), and a low molecular weight compound containing two or more active hydrogen groups in the molecule or a polymer compound.SELECTED DRAWING: None
  • [专利] 一种​碳​纳米​管​的​制备​装置​和​制备​方法
    (CN106185875) 本​发明​涉及​种​碳​纳米​管​的​制备​装置​和​制备​方法,其​包括:反应​室,所​述​反应​室​包括​进气口​及​出气口,生长​基底,所​述​生长​基底​设置​于​反应​室内,位于​所​述​进气口​及​出气口​之间,所​述​生长​基底​包括​圆柱​框架​和​包裹​在​圆柱​框架​上​的​碳​纳米​管​催化剂​复合​层,所​述​圆柱​框架​可​旋转​的​设置​于​反应​室内​部,所​述​圆柱​框架​的​中心​转轴​垂直​于​气流​方向,所​述​碳​纳米​管​催化剂​复合​层​上​具有​多个​微孔,所​述​微孔​在​碳​纳米​管​催化剂​复合​层​上​呈​螺旋​线状​排列,通过​所​述​碳​纳米​管​催化剂​复合​层​的​旋转​使​所​述​反应​气体​在​反应​室内​流动​过程中​穿过​所​述​碳​纳米​管​催化剂​复合​层​的​多个​微孔,通过​圆柱状​的​碳​纳米​管​催化剂​复合​层​和​螺旋状​布置​的​微孔​可以​使​碳​纳米​管​随着​旋转​过程中​得到​更好​的​生长​环境。
  • [专利] 热能​多级​回​用的​碳​纳米​管​纯化​系统
    (CN106185869) 热能​多级​回​用的​碳​纳米​管​纯化​系统,包括​流体​反应​床、夹套​式​换热器、板式​换热器、酸​储罐、搅拌​釜、研磨机​和​两​道​压​滤​机,所​述​流体​反应​床​排出​的​酸性​蒸汽​通入​夹套​式​换热器,所​述​夹套​式​换热器​排出​的​酸性​冷却​液​通入​酸​储罐,所​述​流体​反应​床​排出​的​碳​纳米​管​粗​品​溶液​经过​压​滤​机​压​滤​处理​后​输送​到​搅拌​釜,经​搅拌​釜​处理​后的​碳​纳米​管​粗​品​溶液​输送​到​研磨机,研磨机​得到​的​碳​纳米​管​经过​下道​压​滤​机​处理​得到​成品​碳​纳米​管。本​发明,夹套​换热器​中的​热水​通过​管道​输送​到​流体​反应​床,板式​换热器​中的​热水​通过​管道​输送​到​流体​反应​床、搅拌机​和​研磨机,供​其​使用,热能​和​物​能​循环​利用。