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  • [专利] Instrument and method for generating tool motion
    (JP6174616) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an instrument and a method for generating a tool motion for the work on biological cell material, such as ICSI.SOLUTION: An instrument 6 comprises: at least one actuator element 114, an actuated member 103, and a motion section at which the tool 101 can be arranged and which is linked to the actuated member 103. The actuated member 103 is elastically deformable, and the actuator element 114 is linked to the actuated member 103 such that an actuation by the actuator element 114 elastically deforms the actuated member 103 by a distance, which corresponds to a length change of the actuated member 103, wherein the length change causes the motion of the motion section. The method for generating a tool motion is also described. The instrument is a cell driller.
  • [专利] Formation of [2,2] paracyclophane and related compounds and methods for the formation of polymers from cyclophanes
    (IN2015DN01925) The present invention is an improved process and method for the formation of stable intermediate cyclophanes. The invention provides for a general method for the production of substituted and unsubstituted cyclophanes. The components of the invention are a pyrolysis reaction tube that may be electrically heated into which a flowing stream of nitrous oxide with xylene vapor in an optional inert carrier gas at atmospheric pressure. The exit gas is condensed resulting in the deposition of [2 2 ]paracyclophane. Additionally a process and method whereby the reactive intermediates of the reaction described above can be directly deposited and polymerized at atmospheric pressures or thereabout is disclosed.
  • [专利] Coated component of a cvd reactor and method for producing the same
    (EP2918702) The Invention concerns a Procedure for Coating a Component, as well as a Component, in particular [Suszeptor] of a CVD reactor, with a Base (1), which is manufactured from a first Material and is coated with a second Material, whereby the first Material is different from the second Material. In Order to simplify such a Coating Process, it is suggested that in at least one Recess of the Base (1) an Employment (2) from the second Material stands, which exhibits a free Surface Section to in Contact brings a Retaining Tool, with which the Component is held during Coating.
  • [专利] Vinyl chloride plastisol composition
    (EP2918647) A vinyl chloride plastisol composition contains a vinyl chloride resin and a plasticizer as main ingredients. A thermally expandable microcapsule is added in a range of 2 parts by weight to 12 parts by weight to 100 parts by weight of the vinyl chloride resin. A non-expandable hollow filler is added in a range of 10 parts by weight to 50 parts by weight to 100 parts by weight of the vinyl chloride resin. The vinyl chloride resin is contained in the vinyl chloride plastisol composition in a range of 15% by weight to 50% by weight.
  • [专利] Method for making a breathable film
    (EP2918629) A method for producing a breathable film based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), including the following steps. Preparing a paste-like compound including a first fraction composed of PVC, a second fraction composed of a foreign material, and a third fraction composed of adjuvants and/or additives that that are mixed together to form the paste-like compound, applying the paste-like compound to a base, and drying and gelling the paste-like compound, which has been applied to the base, through the addition of heat, thus forming the film in which pores extending from the one surface of the film to the other are formed, which give the film breathability. (From US2015259498 A1)
  • [专利] 一种​送​粉​器
    (CN204644446U) 本​实用​新型​提供​了​一种​等离子​喷焊​用的​送​粉​器,包括:箱体,所​述​箱体​上​设置​有​一​粉​筒​体,所​述​粉​筒​体内​中央​设置​有​一​摆针,且​该​粉​筒​体​的​底部​具有​一​漏嘴​且​所​述​漏嘴​位于​所​述​箱​体内,所​述​箱体​内设​置有​转盘​和​吸​嘴,所​述​吸​嘴​位于​所​述​转盘​之上;所​述​转盘​顶部​围绕​中心​旋转轴​设置​有​沟槽,所​述​沟槽​在​竖直​方向​上​对准​所​述​漏嘴​和​吸​嘴。本​实用​新型​结构​简单、紧凑​加工​容易、体积​小,大大​减小​了​送​粉​器​的​整体​体积,同时​送​粉​连续、均匀,提高​了​熔​覆​层​厚度​的​均匀性。
  • [专利] 磷光​体、其​制造​方法​以及​使用​其的​发光​装置
    (CN104910903) 本​公开​内容​的​实施​方案​提供​一种​磷光​体,其​在​峰​波长​范围​250nm​到​500nm​的​光​激发​下​展现​出在​500nm​到​600nm​波长​范围内​的​发射​峰。这种​磷光​体​呈​中​值​大小​是​包括​端点​的​5​μ​m​到​40​μ​m​的​颗粒​形式,具有​大于​70%的​发光​效率,并且​具有​由​下​式(1)表示​的​组成:((SrpM1-p)1-xCex)2yAlzSi10-zOuNw (1)。在​所​述​式​中,M​是​至少​一种​碱土金属,并且​p、x、y、z、u​和​w​分别​满足​以下​条件:0≤p≤1,0
  • [专利] 制备​达沙​替​尼​的​方法​和​中间体
    (CN104910143) 本​发明​涉及​合成​达沙​替​尼​的​方法​和​用于​其​制备​的​中间体。
  • [专利] 用于​风力​涡轮机​叶片​的​抗​冰​涂料
    (CN104910773) 一种​用于​风力​涡轮机​叶片​的​抗​冰​涂料,其​包括​基础​涂料,所​述​基础​涂料​包括​溶剂​和​疏水​成分,所​述​疏水​成分​包括​纳米​颗粒,其中,所​述​基础​涂料​是​聚氨酯​高​固体​分​涂料,而​所​述​纳米​颗粒​是​包括​硅​芯​以及​与​叶片​涂料​相容​的​疏水​有机​硅​涂层​的​大体​球形​化合物。
  • [专利] 水性​金属​基础​涂料​组合​物
    (CN104910788) 本​发明​提供​一种​水性​金属​基础​涂料​组合​物,其​适于​形成​相对于​汽车​车身​等​的​原设​的​金属​涂​膜​等​旧金​属​涂​膜​而言​没有​不适感​的​修补​涂​膜。一种​多​成分​系​的​水性​金属​基础​涂料​组合​物​以及​一种​以使​用了​该​组合​物​为特征​的​修补​涂装​方法,该​多​成分​系​的​水性​金属​基础​涂料​组合​物​为​将​主​剂​成分(I)以及​稀释剂​成分(II)进行​组合​而成​的​多​成分​系​的​水性​金属​基础​涂料​组合​物,其​特征​在于,主​剂​成分(I)包含​氨基​甲酸​酯​树脂​乳液(A)、丙烯​酸类​树脂​乳液(B)、光亮​性​颜料(C)以及​水,稀释剂​成分(II)包含​粘性​调整​剂​以及​水,在​组合​物中​包含​二氧化硅​颗粒(D),二氧化硅​颗粒(D)的​平均​粒径​处于​0.1~25.0​μ​m​的​范围内。