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  • [专利] 一种​用于​多台​多晶硅​炉​的​中央​真空​系统
    (CN206144790U) 本​实用​新型​提供​了​种​用于​多台​多晶硅​炉​的​中央​混合​真空​系统,所​述​中央​混合​真空​系统​包括​高​真空​子系统​和​低真空​子系统;所​述​高​真空​子系统​包括​高​真空​管道​和​至少​两组​并联​的​联合​泵​组,所​述​联合​泵​组​为​串联​的​罗茨​泵​和​1#滑阀​泵;所​述​低真空​子系统​包括​粗​真空​管道​和​至少​两台​并联​的​2#滑阀​泵;每​台​所​述​多晶硅​炉​分出​两条​均​装设​有​阀门​的​支路,其中​条​支路​直接​与​所​述​低真空​子系统​连接,另外​条​支路​上装​设有​管道​罗茨​泵​然后​与​所​述​高​真空​子系统​连接。进步​地,本​实用​新型​还​提供​了​种​用于​多台​多晶硅​炉​的​中央​低真空​系统​以及​种​用于​多台​多晶硅​炉​的​中央​高​真空​系统,从而​为​所有​投入​运行​的​多晶硅​炉​提供​相应​的​真空​要求。
  • [专利] Cathode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
    (JP2017069185) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a high capacity cathode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries superior in cycle characteristics, and a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery including the cathode active material for the nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries.SOLUTION: The cathode active material used for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries contains at least one metal element selected from the group constituting of Ta and Nb, and is composed of particles in which crystallites are gathered. The compression breaking strength of one particle is 500 MPa or more, and the crystallite diameter of the particle in the (110) vector direction is 100-300 nm.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 7
  • [专利] Poly-siloxane containing organic vehicle for electroconductive pastes
    (WO201752786) The invention relates to an electroconductive paste composition comprising conductive metallic particles comprising silver, at least one glass frit, and an organic vehicle comprising at least about 0.5 wt% and no more than about 50 wt% of at least one poly-siloxane compound, based upon 100% total weight of the organic vehicle.
  • [专利] EL Flexible Organic EL Display
    (KR20170026126) An objective of the present invention is to provide a flexible organic EL display device which has excellent flexibility and superior oxygen and moisture blocking properties without increasing the width of a non-display region (bezel portion), and can be manufactured through a relatively simple process at a relatively low cost. The flexible organic EL device includes: a flexible substrate; an inorganic film disposed on the flexible substrate; an organic EL element disposed on the inorganic film; an encapsulating layer covering the organic EL element; an encapsulating substrate disposed on the encapsulating layer; and a resin sealing layer formed on at least one of an end of the encapsulating layer and an end of the encapsulating substrate, wherein the resin sealing layer has a vapor transmissivity of 10 g/m^2/day or less. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2017
  • [专利] Retort-packaging polypropylene-based sealant film and laminate using same
    (WO201738349) Provided are: a polypropylene-based retort-packaging sealant film that is especially superior in low-temperature impact resistance and anti-orange peel effect, that simultaneously possesses blocking resistance and heat-sealing capability, etc., and that can also be widely used as a sealant film suitable for large-size retort packages for professional use; and a laminate using the sealant film. The retort-packaging polypropylene-based sealant film according to the present invention is obtained by melting and forming, into a film, a resin composition including 70-85 wt% of a propylene-ethylene block copolymer (a) and 15-30 wt% of a low-density polyethylene-based polymer (b), wherein the propylene-ethylene copolymer (a) has 75-85 wt% of a xylene-insoluble portion at 20°C with respect to 100 wt% of (a), and said insoluble portion has a limiting viscosity ([η]H) of 1.7-2.0 dl/g, while the soluble portion has a limiting viscosity ([η]EP) of 3.0-3.4 dl/g, and the low-density polyethylene polymer (b) has a density of 0.900-0.930 g/cm3 and a melt flow rate of 1-10 g/10 min.
  • [专利] Biodegradable composite material for the use of for bone fracture treatment
    (KR20170020229) The present invention relates to a biodegradable composite material for a prosthesis for fracture treatment, and to a method for producing the same. In particular, the present invention relates to a biodegradable material capable of using a composite material including a bio-glass fiber (BGF) and polylactic acid (PLA). The biodegradable composite material for a prosthesis for fracture treatment according to the present invention can actively and suitably transfer stress to a fraction part by adjusting a stress shielding effect. As the strength (or stiffness) of a fraction part is recovered according to a treatment period, the strength (or stiffness) of a prosthesis is reduced. Thus, stress can be actively and suitably transferred to the fracture part. As a result, a treatment period can be reduced, and an additional operation for removing the prosthesis is not needed. Moreover, a method for modifying the surface of a glass fiber suggested according to the present patent uses an open air plasma treatment. According to the method, a special chemical material is not used, but air is used, so biological stability is ensured. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2017
  • [专利] Binder resin composition for toners
    (WO201733682) A binder resin composition for toners, which contains a polyester resin that is a polycondensation product of a polyethylene terephthalate, a carboxylic acid component and an alcohol component, and wherein the polyethylene terephthalate is substantially composed of a polyethylene terephthalate having an IV value of from 0.40 to 0.75 (inclusive); a method for producing a polyester resin that is contained in this binder resin composition; and a toner for electrophotography, which contains this binder resin composition. A binder resin composition for toners according to the present invention is suitable, for example, for use as a toner for electrophotography, which is used for development of latent images that are formed in an electrostatic image developing method, an electrostatic recording method, an electrostatic printing method and the like.
  • [专利] Wavelength conversion member and light-emitting device
    (JP2017032995) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a light-emitting device capable of protecting semiconductor nanoparticle phosphor from external air and moisture, and a wavelength conversion member.SOLUTION: A light-emitting device comprises a wavelength conversion member 3 in which semiconductor nanoparticle phosphor 4 is dispersed in resin 5 including a constitutional unit derived from ionic liquid having a polymerizable functional group. The ionic liquid is represented by XY, where Xis cation selected from imidazolium ion, pyridinium ion, phosphonium ion, aliphatic quaternary ammonium ion, pyrrolidinium, and sulfonium, and Yis anion selected from tetrafluoroborate ion, hexafluoro-phosphoric acid ion, bistrifluoromethylsulfonyl imido acid ion, perchlorate ion, tris(trifluoromethylsulfonyl )carbon acid ion, trifluoromethanesulfonic acid ion, trifluoroacetic acid ion, carboxylic acid ion, and halogen ion.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
  • [专利] Choline salt and ammonium-free adjuvants for water conditioning and agricultural formulations
    (WO201727250) Agricultural compositions comprising a non-pesticide choline salt or a non-ammonium water conditioning agent, optionally, a polysaccharide, optionally, a dispersant or surfactant, and optionally, water, as well as methods of making and applications thereof.
  • [专利] Open-pore sintered glasses for use in electronic cigarettes
    (WO201725383) The invention relates to a sintered body (28) for use as a liquid reservoir (24) in an electronic cigarette (21) and/or in medication-administering devices and/or in thermally heated evaporators for fragrant substances. The sintered body (28) made of open-pore sintered glass has a porosity > 50 vol%, and the average pore size lies in the range of 1 to 450 μm. The glass of the sintered body has a transition temperature Tg of at least 450°C. The invention further relates to an evaporating unit (22) for hot applications, comprising the sintered body (28) as a liquid reservoir and a heating element, and to the use of the sintered body (28) in an electronic cigarette (21) and/or in medication-administering devices and/or in thermally heated evaporators for fragrant substances.