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  • [专利] Métodos para la preparación de profármacos de fosforamidato diastereoméricamente puros
    (CO6680607) Provided are methods and intermediates for preparing diastereomerically pure phosphoramidate prodrugs of nucleosides of Formulas Ia and Ib: The compounds of Formula Ia and Ib are useful for the treatment Hepatitis C infections. (From US2016016980 A1)
  • [专利] Emulsion of polyisobutene, substance and method
    (JP5823993) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a stable emulsion comprising a polyolefin, in particular, polyisobutene and water, and to provide a method to obtain the emulsion and also to provide the use of the emulsion.SOLUTION: An emulsion comprises, with respect to the total mass of the emulsion: (a) a polyolefin in an amount of 2 to 75 mass%; (b) a polymer Px in an amount of 0.05 to 40 mass%; (c) oil Ox in an amount of 0 to 25 mass%; (d) a surfactant Sx in an amount of 0 to 25 mass%; (e) an additive Ax in an amount of 0 to 20 mass%; and (f) water in an amount of 10 to 97.95 mass%. The emulsion can consist of components (a), (b) and (f).
  • [专利] Gas supply head and substrate processing apparatus
    (KR101656916) PURPOSE: A gas supplying head and a substrate processing apparatus are provided to suppress the generation of unnecessary sediments in the unintended region by sufficiently purging inside the gas expansion room. CONSTITUTION: A gas expansion room (101) is a linear shaped container. Multiple gas discharging holes (102) are arranged in a row corresponding to the gas expansion room. The first gas supplying inlet (103) is arranged at one end portion of the gas expansion room and is connected to the gas system which supplies gas within the gas expansion room. A gas exhausting port (104) is arranged at the other end portion of the gas expansion room and is connected to the gas ventilation system which exhausts the gas from the gas expansion room.
  • [专利] Microorganisms of escherichia coli having enhanced l-tryptophan production and method for producing l-tryptophan using same
    (EP2803720) The present invention relates to microorganisms of Escherichia coli having enhanced L-tryptophan productivity and to a method for producing L-tryptophan using the same. More particularly, the present invention relates to an Escherichia coli variant in which repression and attenuation control of the tryptophan operon is released and accumulation of anthranilate is reduced and thereby enhancing L-tryptophan productivity. The present invention also relates to a method for producing L-tryptophan using the Escherichia coli variant.
  • [专利] Device for forming amorphous film and method for forming same
    (EP2803752) PROBLEM: To provide a large device and a method which is advantageous for forming a large-area amorphous film. SOLUTION: A device of the invention sprays a flame including a particulate material with a spraying machine toward a substrate, melts the material with the flame, and cools the material and flame by cooling gas before they reach the substrate to form an amorphous film. The spraying machine has particulate material spraying ports and flame spraying ports such that the flame including the material has an oblong cross section. Inert gas spraying ports are successively placed on both sides across the ports of the material and flame. Mist spraying ports are successively placed on both sides across the ports for the material, flame and inert gas. A skirt is attached/detached depending on a combustion gas or a film width to restrain film width narrowing and increase of film thickness deviation.
  • [专利] Compositions, methods and uses for alpha-1 antitrypsin fusion molecules
    (EP2802653) Compositions of and methods for making and using alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) fusion molecules or peptide derivatives thereof are disclosed. The compositions and methods relate to generating an AAT fusion molecule of use in pharmaceutically acceptable compositions to treat a subject in need of AAT therapy or treatment. Compositions and methods disclosed herein concern linking AAT or derivative thereof to an immune fragment. (From US2014348859 A1)
  • [专利] Method for nitrogen recovery from an ammonium comprising fluid and bio-electrochemical system
    (EP2802684) A method is disclosed for nitrogen recovery from an ammonium including fluid and a bio-electrochemical system for the same. In an embodiment, the method includes providing an anode compartment including an anode; providing a cathode compartment including a cathode, wherein the compartments are separated by at least one ion exchange membrane; providing the ammonium comprising fluid in the anode compartment and a second fluid in the cathode compartment; applying a voltage between the anode and the cathode; and extracting nitrogen from the cathode compartment. (From US2015017089 A1)
  • [专利] Anti-hla class-ib antibodies mimic immunoreactivity and immunomodulatory functions of intravenous immunoglobulin (ivig) useful as therapeutic ivig mimetics and methods of their use
    (EP2802605) Provided herein are compositions comprising anti-HLA-Ib antibodies as IVIg mimetics and methods for using the same for the prevention, treatment, therapy and/or amelioration of inflammation induced diseases and allograft rejection. In certain embodiments, the anti-HLA-Ib antibodies (monoclonal antibodies or mixed monoclonal antibodies, recombinant or chimeric or humanized or human antibodies) strongly mimic IVIg in immunoreactivity to HLA class Ia (HLA-A, HLA-B and HLA-Cw) and Ib antigens (HLA-E, HLA-F and HLA-G). In certain embodiments, the anti-HLA-Ib antibodies (monoclonal or mixed monoclonal antibodies; recombinant, chimeric, humanized or human antibodies) strongly mimic IVIg in immunomodulatory or immunosuppressive activities. While anti-HLA-Ib mAbs can be used to restore anti-tumor activities of CD8+ T cells and Natural killer cells by passive therapy in cancer patients, methods are also provided herein to induce production of polyclonal anti-HLA-Ib antibodies in cancer patients for restoring anti-tumor activities of CD8+ T cells and NK cells, by active specific immunotherapy. (From US2013177574 A1)
  • [专利] Thermosetting silicone rubber composition
    (WO201420920) Provided is a silicone rubber composition which provides a silicone rubber that has sufficiently suppressed compression set in a high temperature range, especially in a high temperature range of 200°C or more. A thermosetting silicone rubber composition which contains: (A) 100 parts by mass of a polyorganosiloxane that contains two or more alkenyl groups in each molecule and has an average polymerization degree of 500-20,000; (B) 5-100 parts by mass of a filler; (C) an effective amount of an organic peroxide; and (D) 0.06-15 parts by mass of hydrated cerium oxide and/or hydrated zirconium oxide, each of which has one absorption band in the range of 3,300-3,500 cm-1 and two or more absorption bands in the range of 1,300-1,700 cm-1 in an infrared absorption spectrum measurement.
  • [专利] Vacuum distilled dao processing in fcc with recycle
    (IN2013KN00088) System and method for processing hydrocarbon. One or more embodiments of the method include combining a first hydrocarbon including a de- asphalted oil with a recycled hydrocarbon product to produce a combined hydrocarbon, cracking the combined hydrocarbon to produce a cracked hydrocarbon product, and recycling at least a portion of the cracked hydrocarbon product to provide the recycled hydrocarbon product, wherein the recycled hydrocarbon product comprises a cycle oil product, a naphtha product, or a combination thereof.